Avalon Waterways River Cruise Ship Tour. How Compare To Other River Cruise Ships?

Hi I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers.
I’m going to show you around an Avalon Waterways River cruise ship. They have
what they call “signature suite ships”, and they have a couple of features which
make them unique and different in river cruising on European rivers. I’m actually
on the Avalon Imagery II. This is a very typical ship for their whole fleet.
First of all, one of the most important areas on board is the lounge. This is a
pretty big room. In here you’ll meet for Port Talks, if there are briefings, if there’s
any entertainment. You have the bar, which is pretty much manned when people are up
and around, and then you have this complimentary 24-hour coffee
making option. It’s also important to know that in this lounge they have an “early
riser” and “late riser” breakfast. They have a light lunch served here, and also they
have a late night snack at about 10:30 at night. This is a
multi-purpose and important part of the ship. Leading off there, you
have the reception area where you have a manned 24-hour reception desk. You also
have the cruise directors desk here. So very handy. What else do you have?
Well, there is another lounge at the rear of the ship. It has windows on three
sides, so it’s a great place to sit when you’re cruising through scenic
parts. In here you have a 24-hour tea and coffee making facilities, and there’s
always snacks here. Biscuits, muffins and other little treats. There’s some
games. There’s daily quizzes and crosswords, and it’s a very popular place to just
sit and relax. Just outside is the smoking area. This is the only place that
you can smoke on board. It is right at the back of the ship on this little small
balcony. Another really important room is the dining room. This is on the lower level, and this is where you have a buffet breakfast,
buffet lunch and then you have a full served dinner. The meals are great.
At dinner, for example, you have a choice of up to three starters, you have two
soups, four main courses and normally four desserts. Wine, beer and soft drinks with
lunch and dinner are included in the fare. The river cruise boat, like most, has
three decks and then the top deck is a Sun Deck. This is a big open area that
basically stretches the whole length of the ship. Up here you have lots of space to sit and watch the scenery go by. There’s also a small jacuzzi. This space to eat outside when the weather’s particularly
good. There’s a couple of other little features on board. There’s a small hairdressers, so you can make appointments and have
your hair done. There’s also a small fitness centre,
which has a couple of machines and some free weights. So what about accommodation? The Avalon “signature suite ships”, like the Imagery II, there are three
decks which have accommodation. Two of the decks are given over to what are
known as their Panorama Suites. As you can see here, the rooms are pretty big. One of the things that Avalon talk about is that their rooms are up to 30% bigger than the standard size of most other river cruise ships. The beds in the Panorama Suites face outwards, and so they face towards the window. So you
get to see the scenery. One of the big features are the windows and the doors. They are extremely large and the great thing about them is they can open – and they
open to up to 7 feet. Bathrooms are a good size. To go on a river cruise you
need to be fairly fit and fairly mobile. The ship’s generally don’t cater
extensively for people with mobility issues, but there are some features which
cater for people with less mobility. For example, there is a lift which can be
used to go across all the different decks. And there will also be a gentle
walking tour as an option. The Imagery II is pretty standard for the Avalon
“signature suite” ships, so if you’re looking to go on an Avalon ship, this is
what it’s going to look like. The decor is pretty contemporary. Again like
all of the river cruise ships, it is relative limited in terms of facilities. You
have the lounge, you have the smaller lounge at the rear. You have the dining
room, hairdressers, a small fitness center and
the very big Sun Deck on top with the jacuzzi. Hopefully you found that
helpful and it’s given you a good sense of what to expect. What I’d really like you to
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