Babymoon in HAWAII | Everything to do on Hawaii’s Big Island

– It is so black. Look at that. – [Stephen] What have you got? – I found a man with coconuts. (laughing) – [Jessica] So cool. I definitely recommend, if
you’re coming to the Big Island, that is, that’s a must. Number one the list. – Yeah.
– It was amazing. – [Stephen] What, a view. To wake up to. Alrighty. I think we’ve officially
conquered this jet lag. – So, I think today’s goal is going to be all about the beach and we have heard that Hawaii has some
amazing black sand beaches. So we’re currently heading
down to the south of the island and on the way, we’ve just stopped off
at this really local cafe for some breakfast and
then before we know it, hopefully, we’ll be
snorkeling with some turtles. ♪ may all of your days shine brightly ♪ ♪ and your nights blessed with peace ♪ – [Stephen] All right guys, it took us maybe an hour
45 minutes to come up here. So, we technically we
could be at one of the most southernest tips in all of America. – And it’s such an
interesting drive as well because you just everything is black. It’s just dried lava. Like, we’re currently
standing on this black rock and right in front of us
is the famous black beach. – [Stephen] This is cool
and as you’ve noticed, the weather’s changed a bit
because here in Big Island, you can have all these
different micro-climates. So in Kona, beautiful, sunshine weather but you come up here. – It’s more like an eerie kind of feel. Which kind of goes with
the black sand though. – So, something super special about this black beach in particular, is that you have a high chance
of seeing green sea turtles. And, we’ve just come down to the beach and we’ve already spotted
one all by itself. Just over here. – [Stephen] How cool is that? I think he’s having a snooze to be honest. Look at this one. (laughing) – It is so black. Look at that. It’s so like, thicker than sand. – [Stephen] Yeah. – It’s like, still that
little bit almost like, little pebbles, like wow. – [Stephen] But not as
like, rough and thick as Brighton Beach like
that, it’s pretty soft. – Whoa. (folk music) – [Stephen] Alrighty. It is a little bit chilly but
I feel like I can’t come here and not go for a little dip. Whoa-ho-ho. ♪ I went the ways of wayward winds ♪ – [Stephen] Holy shit ♪ in a world of trouble and sin ♪ ♪ walked a long and crooked mile ♪ – [Stephen] There’s a sea turtle. ♪ behind a million rank and file ♪ ♪ forgot where I came from ♪ ♪ somewhere back when I was young ♪ – That is so cold. I seen a sea turtle out here. I mean, I literally was
just sticking my GoPro in and then I could see the screen, ’cause I just forgot my snorkel. ‘Cause we totally just
forgot to bring them. And there’s one here. Hope you guys enjoy the footage. I’m excited to look at it when I get back. ♪ at my table ♪ ♪ return to me ♪ – This is Big Island for you. We’ve driven five minutes
away from Black Sand, where it was pouring with rain, and we can see a beautiful
rainbow just behind us in the rear view mirror
as we drive back to Kona. And look, the sun is right in front of us. – [Stephen] What a view, to wake up to. (calm folk music) – [Stephen] Mornin’ bubs. I brought you. – It really does feel like camping. – [Stephen] Some coffee. – Good morning guys, and
welcome back to Hawaii. Last time you saw us, we
were swimming with turtles. But now, we’ve just woken
up on a Kona Coffee farm, inside our own little wooden cabin. So, before we show them
around, I feel like you need to taste the Kona coffee and
let us know what you think. – If you guys don’t know,
this area’s famous for the Kona coffee and as
we’re on a coffee farm. Gotta try how their brew taste. Mmmm. Perfect way to start the day. – [Jessica] I feel like
you like any coffee. – I do actually.
(giggles) – Uh, still Australian coffee is the best. But this is pretty good,
this is pretty good. – [Jessica] P.s. This morning, we woke up inside this truss cabin and I cannot wait to show you guys around. – [Stephen] So as you can see, this truss cabin is two stories high and they’ve actually done it
really well with the space. ‘Cause if you have a look at it, it’s kind of like this
thin shotgun type design. All made out wood. – I like as well, before you even come in. They’ve actually given us
snorkel gear and beach chairs, and even like a beach
umbrella and an esky. So we can just take all this
down to the beach today. So we actually found this cabin on Airbnb and I feel like it might be a new listing because the place looks and
feels really, really new. But if you come in, we have
like a little coffee station, of course, and then down here we do have a little fridge so we can store some stuff. – [Stephen] Also, for and Airbnb, they’ve like, fully stocked us up. They’ve given us chips, they’ve even given us snacks. – Yeah they’ve even gave us beer. So if you guys are into
beer, they’ll hook you up. – [Stephen] Gotta try that a bit later. – Hawaiian beer. And then if you come through
here, the bathroom is so big. Like, look how big that shower is. – [Stephen] Yeah, and if
you come through here. And this is what we’re
saying about it being new. Like, look at this wood, it feels like it’s straight
out of the workshop. They’ve honestly raised the roof up. So even though it’s a tiny home, I don’t feel cramped at all. So there is the little lounge room and they put some little pillows, some super plush and
soft blankets just here so you can sit down and look out. – And up here is (laughing) – You need to come and see our bedroom and see the view from our room. – [Stephen] It looks like
a cubby house up there. – It actually does. It feels like a cubby house. – See and just up here
will be the second story. And wow. It honestly feels like, have
you guys seen those jeeps? And then on top of the jeeps, they’ll put the tent on top
of it and you sleep on top. That’s the vibe. – [Jessica] It does feel
like that because look, we have surrounding windows. So, this morning when we woke up, we woke up to the sunrise surrounding us. And then we’ve got a big bed here. But yeah, it kind of
feels like, last night, it felt like when I woke
up that I’d been camping. – Sole purpose of getting a ute. Always wanted to just shove
something in the back of it. (smooth guitar) ♪ it’s a new day ♪ ♪ things are gonna change ♪ ♪ it’s a new day ♪ ♪ things are gonna change ♪ ♪ it’s a new day ♪ ♪ things are going to change ♪ – So, this morning. We’ve decided to rent
out a couple of kayaks, just on a coast and we’ve
heard that there are resident dolphins that
come into this little bay. So, we got our snorkels
from our Airbnb, we’ve got got our kayaks, and fingers
crossed we see the dolphins. I dunno, we haven’t seen anything yet but we’re holding out. How
are you going there bubs? – Good! – [Stephen] And then look at the view, this is the bay we are currently in. There’s actually some
houses just over here, and it looks so nice with
the little palm trees. We came back from over there. And the water is so, look at that blue, guys. Like, that is like,
actual blue right there. ♪ you love me, I love you more ♪ ♪ one to the two to three and four ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ it’s a new day ♪ ♪ things are gonna change ♪ ♪ it’s a new day ♪ ♪ things are gonna change ♪ ♪ it’s a new day ♪ ♪ things are gonna change ♪ Okay, I have come into the water I am on the dolphin hunt
while Jess is kayaking. – Any Dolphins? – Not yet. – Any dolphins? – [Stephen] Not yet. – [Jessica] So, so far what
you have seen from us is actually the west coast of Hawaii. So, we’ve been staying in Kona and here is known as the
dry area of the island. So this is why we’ve decided to actually base ourselves here. But on the east coast,
because of the rain, we have heard that if
you can go on a good day, there is lush greenery
everywhere, amazing waterfalls and this is where you can
go to Volcano National Park. Where you can actually see
the steam from the volcano’s coming up from out of the ground and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can even see lava flowing. – [Stephen] Wow, this is
something I’ve never done before. Currently walking on hardened lava rock. So, as we’re currently
crossing the entire Big Island. We’re not just going straight through the middle from Kona to Hilo. This was supposed to be nearby
where the volcano has erupted and as you can see it’s
just hard molten rock lava. Wow. Definitely never been this close, to hard lava Kinda looks like you’re
on the moon, to be honest. (rock song) – [Jessica] So, we’ve just come down into the main town of Hilo, because today is a Wednesday. And we have heard that if you’re here on a Wednesday or a Saturday, there are amazing farmers
market’s that you need to come to full of crafts and
fresh fruits and veg and food. So, we have decided to
come and check it out. (Hawaiian music) – [Stephen] Kind of cool. So, they have like, a
bunch of food trucks here. They also have all of
these little handy crafts. Which are kind of cool. – I feel like we need to get
matching Hawaiian t-shirts. – [Stephen] Is that uh,
– Is that lame? – [Stephen] Is that a thing? – I think so. – [Stephen] I found mine. Ha-ho, these are so cool. Here’s a ten for it. – Awesome. Thank you so much. – [Stephen] Thank you so much. Cheers.
Thank you. That’s what we’re having but most people. (giggles) – [Stephen] If you guys
are staying on the island, make the trip out here and get
all your fresh fruit and veg. I mean, look at these
pineapples are humongous. – So, you can’t come to Hawaii
without trying shaved ice. And I hear you can get shaved ice while listening to some local music. It tastes like they make
it with real fruit juice. – [Stephen] Oh really? – Yeah, I was expecting
it to be like sugar syrup. This place does like, really good! – [Stephen] Like what is it? Just ice and some sauce on it, or? – Ice with fruit juice. – I’m going to give it a try. It sounds like the most
basic desert but I heard, in the heat here in Hawaii,
it just works so well. – [Jessica] Stephen is dying
right now because he can’t- he can’t handle brain freezes. – Oh my god. (laughing) – [Jessica] Guys, I think
he’s sellin’ the shaved ice. – [Stephen] So, if you
make it out to Hilo, on a fantastic day, that
we are having today. Which the- every minute out this side, we are so thankful that it is sunshine. But just about half an hour out, is a incredible falls we’ve heard. You guys recommended we go check it out. It’s called ‘Akaka Falls and it literally just feels
like we’ve come into a jungle. Look at this. I mean, because of the volcanic kind
of activity on the island, the drive over here it was like quite flat with not much trees. ‘Cause I assume like, it could be quite hard
to grow a lot of trees, but then you come here and it’s so different. Oh wow.
– [Jessica] It’s so pretty. – Ah, I can hear it. Are you ready? Let’s see. Oh whoa. Look how much it goes down to. – [Stephen] Oh wow. – How epic is that? – [Stephen] Look at that. – [Jessica] How cool would that be to be able to go down there? – [Stephen] This camera
is not doing any justice to this waterfall at all. That is so high. That is so cool. That looks like something
straight outta Jurassic Park. So after all these years
of being with Jess, I- I’m still working her out. And I think I’ve worked
this whole tropical kinda babymoon she’s been planning. Because she made me pull over, on the side of the road because she saw. (knocking) – [Stephen] What have you got? – I found a man with coconuts. (laughing) – [Stephen] To be honest
– Oh my gosh! It’s so good. – All right. I’ll give this one to ya. Mmm. – [Jessica] Best stop idea ever? – Oh yeah. (giggling) – All right. I’m not gonna lie. One of my favorite things
about this new Airbnb is that it’s only five minutes away from our favorite breakfast spot. We may have been here
every single day since we’ve arrived in the Big Island. – [Stephen] Does that make us regulars? – Yeah! We’re local regulars. – [Stephen] If you guys
were wondering what we get. We get the FLT. So, it’s Dijon mustard, lettuce, tomato, and smoked tofu on a bagel. It’s good. Kinda cool that the cafe is upstairs. Oh, amazing. Cheers. Thank you. – Finally got ourselves an acai bowl. I’ve been wanting to try it. – [Stephen] Is this the moment
you’ve been waiting for? – I’ve wanted to try it
since we’ve got here, ’cause there’s some
really good spots here. So if you’re looking for a good spot, you need to find Snorkel
Bob’s, and above Snorkel Bob’s is a little cafe called Basik Cafe. And they do about six or
seven different acai bowls. We’ve gone for the islander. I feel like, if you’re coming to Hawaii, or a tropical destination,
you kinda need to get one. And I can’t believe this is a – [Stephen] What did you drop? – I dropped some banana. – [Stephen] No! That’s the good stuff. – I just can’t believe it took us this long to finally get one. – [Stephen] I know!
– They’re so good – [Stephen] I mean,
we’ve been on this little tropical getaway for awhile now and you’re finally
smashing acai bowl down. – It’s good.
– [Stephen] It’s good? What does it got?
Like coconut? – Coconut, strawberries,
banana, honey, goji berries, and then the acai mix. Very good. – [Stephen] And we come up,
well it’s not much of a beach, it’s more of a volcanic stone. But, the sun is out, the waves are going. I can see why people
come to Hawaii to surf. Like, the waves are, they’re big. (calm guitar) – [Jessica] Okay. I’m currently taking Stephen
on a bit of a, on a mission. – So because the dolphins were not home, we’ve actually found
this little hidden bay and apparently there are
resident turtles down here. I’ll put it up for you guys,
so you know how to find it. Fingers crossed they’re there, ’cause apparently between noon and five they like to come out because they like the heat. So they come off onto the land to like, warm up and then go for a swim. So that’s the goal. – [Jessica] The only thing
I didn’t realize that we were going to be really uh,
this is off-roading for us. This is like a big adventure. – [Stephen] That’s why we got the ute. (laughing) (laughing) – [Jessica] Don’t go down the ditch! Stop! So, we’ve read that once you park your car and come down to the ocean, you need to turn right and
walk for about 30 minutes and that’s when you’ll
find the little lagoon, that supposedly has a
bunch of sea turtles. So, hopefully we get lucky this time. – [Stephen] Oh, we’ve just
found a little dude just here and looks like he’s feeding
and apparently that’s why they love this new volcanic spot
because there’s a lot more like, food for them to eat. You can see him just going for it. So, you can see on the walk. I mean, we’ve literally been
on the walk for five minutes and there’s all these tide pools. They’re eating. There’s one just there,
there’s one just over there. There was his friend that swum out. – [Jessica] And he’s just
chowing down on his dinner – [Stephen] How cool is this
– There’s so many! – [Stephen] And five
minutes from the car parked. – Wow. – We just had the funniest
snorkeling experience. You think you’re going to go up there, black sand and you’re gonna go snorkeling, be one with the sea turtles. Uh-uh. It was either low-tide because
I’m just swimming in there, dodging sea urchins. It was just a whole experience,
waves crashing me down. And then we had a moment, where a sea turtle just
popped out of nowhere and saved the day. It was actually really good. And second of all, no judging, we’re back at our favorite spot. – Okay. Is it on, video? Yup. Okay so, we have now changed to
GoPro mode because tonight we are about to go and
swim with some manta rays. So, it’s going to be a
night dive with Manta rays! – So excited because this is so, I wouldn’t say like rare but
like we’ve been traveling lengthily full-time for like, four, five years now and
the only time I’ve swam with manta rays is four years ago. I was in the South Africa,
getting my scuba license. And I think Jess just felt
too sick to do this one dive. – [Jessica] The one dive I didn’t do. – [Stephen] The best dive I’ve ever done, two six meter winged manta
rays and I cannot forget that. And I’m so glad you can finally see it. – [Both] Whoa! (mumbling) (excitement sounds) – [Both] Whoa! (excitement sounds) (calm folk music) – [Jessica] That was seriously, unreal. Like, that is up there for when we went and swam with the whale sharks. – [Stephen] That is an un-
honestly, unmissable experience. I’m not like over hyping this. If you come here, do that. – [Jessica] They’re so
big, like in person. They feel like they’re
gonna like, gobble you up. – Oh yeah. – And one of them got so close to me, that it’s little flipper hit my belly! – It was kind of a little belly tap. – I was like,
– Baby good luck. – Oh my gosh. It was- it was so, so cool! I definitely recommend if
you’re coming to the Big Island. That is, that’s a must. Number one on the list. – Yeah.
– It was amazing. – I hope you guys enjoyed
this first Hawaii vlog. – We’ve had such an amazing time and we’ve been here for basically a day. – Yeah. If we’ve missed anything, make sure you leave a comment below, so we know what to go and see. But if you enjoyed it hit subscribe, give the video a thumbs up.
Share it with someone. And we’ll see you guys next time -Bye!

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