Back to the Future Filming Locations: Start Line and River Road Tunnel

My name is Thomie and I’m visiting the filming locations from ‘Back to the Future’. Part X: Start Line and River Road Tunnel We’re heading towards Griffith Observatory in the hills above Los Angeles. We’re looking for a piece of road from which we only know three features. That could be anywhere. Oh, wait, here it is! Let’s turn around and head back. The bench, the street lamp, and the tree. It’s really here. This is where the start line to Hill Valley was located. On the street behind me. Or rather on the parking spaces. Hard to believe that it takes that long to accelerate to 88 miles per hour to get to the Clock Tower miles from here! But I guess that was necessary in the film. Now, we’re driving a bit further up the road. That way, we’ll get to the tunnel from BTTF II. The tunnel also appeared in Roger Rabbit, a film that also starred Christopher Lloyd. We drive in! In reality, the tunnel isn’t as long as it looked in the film. They’ve added additional lamps in the tunnel and even after the tunnel’s exit to make it look longer. We’re leaving the tunnel already. Let’s turn around and drive through it again. There’s really someone running through the tunnel! Now where did I see something like that before? We could chase him for a bit! But he’s in luck. He’s not Marty and we’re not Biff. He’ll live, even withouth Doc who saves him at the tunnel exit. This is where Doc lowered the rope. And about here, Biff crashed into the manure truck. We won’t do that. Let’s take a quick photo before we drive back. The start line is located opposite the Greek Theatre at 2700 North Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles. For the tunnel, just continue further up the road. Visit my fansite at, subscribe to my channel or click here to watch the next video. In it, I’ll visit Hill Valley 1885 and the steam engine. Thanks for your ‘Thumbs up’ if you liked the video.

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  1. Sadly, the tree is no longer there. Looking on streetview imagery, it appears to have been removed sometime between July 2014 and January 2018, although for what reason I'm not sure 🙁

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