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say when did you put that in?
right after the last qinggang whole level it’s fireproof and only I
know the combination by turning around please come on in and have a look solid where’s
your man what you can’t go on no way Angela you are hopeless watch beautiful excuse me gentlemen but we’re
coming into Omaha od here is your shit you have to get off
here my childhood sweethearts wait and she’s been waiting for a long time
how many better hurry up oh you know where you’re going you won’t need this Kansas City why don’t you come with me
to Chicago angel I got big plans I got little ones house full of little ones I
think maybe I marry her now so you’re gonna blow all of that on one woman her
name is Annie she was made in heaven you look worried once no nanny in Kansas
City anytime any we forgive me I thought this was the
dining car nice car you must be a very important
man our West has pictures of me all over the place what business are you in mr. clean thank
you I transfer funds from one place to
another what do you want Maya most in a woman
well actually all pies what do you look for first in a man honesty
see how long have you been a widow Alicia uh
since the fourth of July that night we were sort of celebrating Charley and I
we could see the firecrackers going off from our bedroom window well Charlie got
it and it’ll too excited you might say and well he went out just like one of
those firecrackers goodbye Joe hello lady like you shouldn’t be traveling
alone I’m not so come my so you’re the lucky lad happy and we will if the gentleman would
please remove his hat there’s a lady present
Gerry below if you thought specific king has there ever been any insanity in your
family mr. King do this to me how long do you think you’d have to be committed
doctor six months yeah I want you to see that he has the best of the best of care bye-bye darling reason hello together
so we must say hello when the team each bringing with him small souvenir of
all the good times we lasted but now you’ve saved to be class
anyway I will
they all about pathways become critical the time has come to end the refrain and
we hope that we never say what will you have a beer a big one
thank you three I think he’s crazy bringing us back to this town we knock
that Bank over twice but three times maybe he ain’t coming maybe she never
sent for us maybe it’s a trap and we have no guns let’s go before they
recognize wait a minute go we’re always paying uh we’re waiting yeah we got an
appointment with a very important man yeah listen bums either you pay or this party’s upstairs boys you took your time
getting here how do you propose we finish a that for me and half for you
whoa there’s one of you there’s eight of us
that gives you one share and that makes it 11 percent or 2007 150 best for you
it’s my town I sent for you I won’t take less than $5,000 board
that’s my final offer friends with a dying day yes zombies
more to the end to the end I know what business are we in yeah I
can hardly wait to start working yeah it’s a new experience what business are
we in personal service first a note sounds great are we gonna start a
revolution the area she’ll be talking in about ten
minutes boys we’re gonna take a boat ride Oh give it right then everything’s arranged mr. King I
want him to hear right from you to see him on Terra come here
tomorrow night at this time mr. King please listen tomorrow night at this time the
both will have Carrodus to within 20 kilometers of Assam Joe submission
that’s the base that’s it that’s what hey King oh that Mexican
army shoots in the mission is an Arsenal while Senor Montero wants to do is blow
it up why does he want us to blow it up what the hell do we care for getting
paid to blow it up so we blow it up when we get paid Senor Montero says we get
paid when we get back to the boat and thousand dollars in gold how do we know
he’ll pay I know about your mom tato if he gives you what that’s good enough for
me Viking I’ve been expecting you I had hard day
at the office I did you dirty easy come easy go well you’re a big man to forgive
so easily you’re in need was greater than mine
my conscience still bothers me you do sensitive I couldn’t get you out of my
mind so you married Montero I had to forget
you we never did ever anymore I’m afraid
there wasn’t a very good wife what makes you say that I could have tried harder
true of course I get you this job I still think you owe me a little son I
even wanted what it would happen we had a snake on the chance we will undo getting familiar we’ve met
before my husband is right out there and don’t make a noise you’re looking for trouble I’ve come to
the right place there’s a shipper I am very thirsty can
I uh be quick about it and down
let’s go your pig I’ll buy you a drink I only drink with officers I have gold mobile man what’s your name okay
I am Conchita I think I like you that’s good you got all you want peace of God
maybe two maybe three or maybe even five how would you like me to get real
friendly maybe we could visit the church dot see Arsenal go in there you get you
her shuttle but we’ll find a place on jitta trying to feed the animals how are you fun come up let’s go
upstairs I’m sure not so fast you pay me now all the money
you’ve got or I’ll stream scream would you like to kiss first things first he came with the Earthship who are you
searching check the Arsenal make you talk talk my
friend give us a hand sergeant we need help here hold it yeah they’re gassing us by King we only got an hour’s start they’ll be
catching up with us this is no place to make a stand
they’d better pick us up violets on our payroll why don’t you pull the trigger we’re
still need him I can’t swing I oughta stay with it King I don’t think
that’ll be necessary will it gap you will cross to the American side yes
your excellency and we will chase them on both sides of the river if the
American cabinet catches you I will disown you completely what’d you say
agency even I may come useful to Mexico if the revolutionaries had gold you
would be working for them yes your excellency you are nothing but a bandit
Hey yes your excellency remember Canales when the revolution is
over I promise to hang you yes your excellency where’s our 10,000 fish there is no
10,000 it’s a million or nothing is that good King okay I leveled with you why do
you think we had to blow up to the Arsenal to win the revolution began to
destroyed they would have to be replaced by the Mexican government right right
right where’s the million dollars yeah I gave
it to us again the Mexican government is sending a million dollars through an
opossum to ban your guns the Mexican government is sending a million dollars
to El Paso to buy new guns and we grabbed me and we grabbed the million
that’s good Montero is a revolutionary but it’s also an agent for the Mexican
government by taking me check and cashing it for himself he serves the
revolution that even makes him patriotic exactly and then we split 50/50 50/50
fifty great hey where do we meet Montero what is landing so why do you need us
I don’t trust him that’s bad your own husband not for a million dollars she
doesn’t hurt her husband boys I’d think we’ve been suckered again mr. Montero here number three you long
there’s another man with him dream into $25,000 cut it oh he who’s he I guess he had the money nothing surround them during the check bring me Adelita this is a trap right muchachas you can go in now and
collect the bodies tomorrow
Louise go inside and you’ll find a check for a million dollars mr. King I don’t
wish to fight with you I can tell come on you didn’t have it on him you know about the Jack doe everyone
knows all these dead had no money I would like to make you a deal mr. king
I already got a deal look I’m back and you rob banks right get to the point so we both want the same thing other
people’s money right so you and I are on the same side
we are amigos there’s that money come from the Mexican government and to ease
the Mexican government the Mexican people I’m to ease the Mexican people
I am the Mexican person and who are you my friend me amigo so what can I do for
you amigo he’s that’s another one deal she’s not to be trusted a bad woman
you’ve given to me and I’ll find the money okay how will you do that you know
yeah I’d rather do it myself did you catch him we got him you see bad
your window again I’m just bad luck you mustn’t blame yourself I’ll never marry
again don’t punish yourself I’m better off dead you mustn’t give up paulien I
had one good reason to go on you’ve got billions of good reasons yeah but check
on him I’m not looking for a change of underwear you know damn well he never
had that check we figured if we kill Montero and the innocent kill us you
could blow with a whole million dead husband’s he never wanted me he wants
you to marry me no money says you have the money search me
I will you wouldn’t I never laughed before student Mary I
had reached the end of my rope hmm took it Ben if only I knew where to
find you chips the best night I hope he’s not we’ll have to start at the bottom I
scrub floors you’re all I I have I want we’ll make
history you stay here he gets shot
Isis plugged him he was staring us right in to that bandits arms slammed it
pretty hard stiff like a boy now don’t tell me you’re the chambermaid
all right I’m not the tremor me what are you looking for
I know you’ve been to better than that I’m looking for money a tow you’re
looking in the wrong place he’s dead he is alive
when he is on this boat honey if the Montero I saw wasn’t dead he was putting
on one hell of an act dead oh you saw was an impersonator what makes you say
that you didn’t find the bank threat then who did you what the hell are you
talking about does everyone know about the bank draft
you can keep a million dollars a secret I want to look at you why dan why what
is it this gun where did you hide the real Montero he’s back in Mexico you’re
lying again where is say from you say from me you’re
worried about him he got what he wanted then he stake you out as a hostage and
like you sweat it out you’re worried about him
hey bothers you doesn’t it and like that needs to be shot because
of the money or because it’s my husband Michael getting stuffy in here he popped up a
second too soon you’re gonna shoot me mr. king you’d killed the man that quaza
wanna take your turn now yeah I didn’t kill anybody common
acquaintance of ours must have killed that man you referred to politics
you’re still a killer man who kills for political reasons is not a killer he’s
an assassin I don’t like to associate with killers now I’ll trouble you with
that banquet I don’t have it where is it’s a little complicated
make it simple perhaps you noticed the Wells Fargo officer bodas land II saw
the place that’s where I cast the draft and the man is shipped to the raid now
gypte who vitami of course who else would I trust that’s a gun you’re
reaching for Montero go ahead it’s not it’s my receipt clearly states that the
receiver must be positively identified as Francisco Montero you see I told you
he was safe from you okay watch out for each other any beginner we are not going
to reach Lawrie though not by boat engine stop running while back we’re
just drifting with the current you had to hire your ex-husband when I married
him he was a pussy the engines wrecked somebody threw in a monkey wrench you know the river angle can we make it
to Laredo without steam will be drifting souls no the bandits can brighten and
take us till it is stiffer the Mexican side okay that’s a mistake
you’d rather go to the bandits on your Merrigan side that would be a fatal
error there’s a chance we’ll have to take sweetheart surrender amigo you are a prisoner of
the revolution you have all been beloved for what for
enemies of the revolution there is only one punishment UK mean this lady is my
wife she’s my wife a marital dispute unsettling shoot the lady lieutenant I
want to speak to the comment yet you know that common then Colonel Fierro was
my favorite at the academy well how times have changed
yes but for old times sake I think it’s less the colonel to have you shot well if you’re a friend of the colonel once more on the wrong star there you
have the prison I know you stopped the firing squad
maybe saw my face poster in America he’s a famous bandit how much your friends
25,000 not again I think you’re holding out how many times must I tell you to
interrupt when I am interrogate I forget your excellency tell me again about the
1 million dollar bank paper you married yeah I delivered the chicken
don’t break the eggs smart girl look about merci Emily do I know you
not yet oh I’m starved I haven’t done any
breakfast what would you like Carol can I shoot him now
excuse me taco how much can I collect for you like
yourself I’m poor servants of the people poor it’s nothing to be ashamed of on
the other hand it’s nothing to be proud of taco to stay alive in these times you
must have some value like me you must step something important to say
mm-hmm I am the goose that lays golden eggs as Dolores that’s what I’ve been
trying to tell you Oh what did I say about that Sparkle my old friend Paco
I used to polish your boots at the academy didn’t I let him up with me
because senior remember Enrique no matter who wins this revolution you will
end up shining my shoes again Alaris how can we do business what do you admire most in a woman
Colonel fidelity and second don’t you think we’d all be better off
if we behaved in a more civilized manner what’s that mean what the hell does she
see in you I’m afraid you could never understand I think I’m gonna do it no no
way and you one month yeah you talk about the in civilized
you know proposition we shit we share what why do we share everything
including the one with all the money that we’re gonna give Diloreto we’re
planning to live in Paris parlez-vous francais you hear what he called you
you’re gonna stab see you two have a language problem
in Paris they don’t drink booze they drink wine to you that it tastes like
perfume the only excitement is an evening at the Opera Sanders is a stroll
in the voidable line the park to you where you live it up by feeding the
swans no I don’t think you’d be happy with us well I’d rather be dead see i won so home taro tells me that you know
something about explosives we’ve blown up a few things the federal camera I find it very annoying silence the Canon
and I’ll release you it’s a bill first tell your plan well I’m not gonna go
change it now that he’ll wave soy no I’m sure your devilish mind is better
equipped for treachery takes one to know one finger we are not bandits we respect the flag
of truce that are you the boss amigo
excellence a quorum excellency si si excellency wait excellency I know these
men but where who is your spokesman me excellency why
does he not speak yeah why don’t you speak
what kind of officers are you where do you come from he is my cousin we come
from the same village excellency now I remember sure I saw those faces a
little time back I am del caño Fierro that I will only
accept unconditional surrender no terms this time good that means unconditional
surrender oh no well anyway we didn’t come to talk
about surrender we came for something else what else what well excellency it’s
about the cannon it’s very annoying to the colonel so you came to ask me to
stop firing the cannon yeah see we want to fire the cannon you hear that our
friend wants to buy our cannon and what will you pay for a million dollars of
course on Darrow and million dollars you have
Montero in the fourth el Fiero that I’m not interested in his offer no with my
cannon I will pulverize your fault I will get the body I will get Montero I
will hide very low and suit you all remember the flag of truce excellency
one minute to get back to the fort we lost we lost do you think they’d mind going down
there again I remember very well excellency the qinggang the four gringos
who blew up the mission so what you doing this to me
I told you I told you I never forget a face Enrique huh
do you know the general way specie genus Duarte
we went to the Academy together is he rich his family owns half of Mexico is
he Mary why the battle is going bad you know
last night you said you loved me let’s be practical what you want me to
do surrender to Duarte da da I used to polish his boots at the
academy they’re taking cannon placements on the Southwest where’s the colonel
whoever built this fort so stupid it’s a prison for anybody inside I
promise you I promise a safe journey to Laredo where he’s booked there when I
told you to watch you why the hell didn’t you watch him yourself
worried about me gentlemen look what I found
what is it it’s what it looks like an old map of the fort what’s your foot on that car
you over there colonel if you please now what do you see looks like a tunnel
where does it lead to the river and where does it start in the church what
does that suggest he come now colonel even though you were at the foot of the
class that should mean something to you I’ve got it he’s got it the well runs
dry we can get water from the river it’s an escape route it’s an escape route that’s what I stayed are you afraid of the dark my dear you
only think she’s afraid of his poverty see anything so yeah I don’t know
excelencia they are very busy up there building something building what I can’t
really figure it out don’t you hear you tell em sure sounds
like sawing more than hammering nails of course they’re spending that last few
hours by by making their own coffins I dreamed of riding in that car down the
boulevard in Mexico City crowd cheering geography arrow Viva el
Presidente who did you steal it from it’s a dead come with us same rating but you already
have two husbands what would you do with me I’ll think of something what do you see again we’re watching odd goodbye and linking do you have any last
message for your wife remember Enrique a brave man dies only
once remember the Alamo the other and that’s already something now we’ll blast those gates open fire I’m a bandit but you how did you hit
here it wasn’t easy you two should be friends after all you have a lot in
common me Alfred shade where are you suggesting
a switch miles picnic Oh what do you think I am yeah we answer that in a few
minutes you’ll be rich you can have any girl you want I got to work on you while
you stupor first thing I’m gonna do is buy you a new velvet dress one that
comes off easy mr. Francisco Montero signed here signature checks you put the
identification I hear mr. Montero drinking Wow Wow oh my golly be right with you Jessie how am i doing other just like a dear

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