Ball And Chain Armbar – Tsunami BJJ

Hey whats up? I’m Tyler and this is my buddy Wes (“what’s up guys”) and we’re going to show you the “Ball and Chain” armbar from turtle Wes is in his turtle position Standard turtle (position) I’m gonna reach through with my near side arm for this quarter (1/4) Nelson grip right here It’s like a motorcycle revving grip and then on the back-side, I’m gonna reach through with my left hand and I’m gonna connect through his legs and connect my hands like this and then I’m gonna come up to a squat, like this and then deadlift his bodyweight and then I’m gonna squat into an armbar position so all together it looks like this So we’re here – Wes is in turtle connecting my hands underneath armbar! and that is the “Ball and Chain” armbar by Tsunami Jiu Jitsu Thanks for watching!

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