Bandera Flood Early Warning System

[Music plays and sound of river water flowing] This kind of installment is becoming more and more common with the USGS streamgages. Especially ones that are in areas where the gage house has the potential to become inundated. Every gage is outfitted a little bit differently. This one has a rain gage and it’s got one stage sensor. And that works just off of simple pressure. So, for every foot the water rises, the pressure goes up and the gage responds to it. You look like you’ve done that before! It used to be outside of towers. It’s a pretty sophisticated data logger that sends transmissions. It transmits our data to satellites, and then, from the satellites, we receive it down back on earth. You’re kind of collecting all of this data so that if you’re trying to do… or to determine, from a trend standpoint, what you can do predictively. Well then, you’ve got that data and information available that you can draw from. Yup. It really is amazing.

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