1 thought on “Barr’s stunning Trump rebuke sparks debate over his true motives

  1. Not doing your job is what's making your job impossible to do. Roger Stone is a travesty of justice and everyone knows it and f..k you if you disagree. This is a pleasure case so you left wing a..holes can jerk off. Why were 4 high powered attorney's put on this non-criminal case? Why was a swat team sent to his house at 6 am in front of CNN cameras for his arrest? Why was a rapid anti-Trump lawyer allowed to serve as a jurist and the foreman to boot? He is fruit of a poison tree, the result of a treasonous coup attempt and anyone caught in this grotesque abuse of the legal system should be pardoned and made whole with a huge apology from the American government. The traitors at the heart of this should have been indicted and perp walked by now. None of this is happening, that's why your job is "so impossible to do" AG Barr. Do your f…ing job.

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