100 thoughts on “Basic Eyebrows Tutorial

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  2. This tutorial is not good at all and yet, thousands of upvotes and even a mention on an aesthetician blog.

  3. You are destined to succeed. You do everything knowledgeably and calm. Thank you.

  4. It's 10 years since she uploaded this video. And she doesn't seem to age a bit ?

  5. I watched this video in seventh grade and afterwards I did my eyebrows for the first time. I had never felt so pretty. Even now, rewatching this video, remembering that day, I feel so confident in myself. I love your videos Michelle. Your makeup tutorials teach girls and women to bring out their most beautiful features and learn to love themselves, when a lot of makeup today tells them its trendy to cover up. You and Lisa Eldridge are my makeup idols. Thank you.

  6. watching this at 26 yrs old because I can't pluck my eyebrows and dont want to pay someone to do it

  7. Skip to 3:06 for her filling them in

  8. whoa watching in 2017 when she is done with her u tube career

  9. Lmfao I remember watching this when I was in like 7th grade and I was beyond amazed at how fast she could pluck haha

  10. It’s been over 11 years since this video came out, 5 years since I subscribed, and she is so amazing.

  11. Any watching this in 2018 except then me? She is still my Favourite. Her love for makeup was real. ????❤❤

  12. Ahh, my first brow tutorial. Always come back now and then to remember how amazing this video was for it's time. Nothing else compares. Love ya Michelle XO

  13. Wow major throwback!!!! ?? and I just noticed the music is Korean lol

  14. michelle I followed your videos all the time when I was 10, I only used your techniques back then ?

  15. Omg 2007… Way back then when i was in highschool n life was easy. Here I Am 2019 (12yrs from) adult hood you are seriously makup guru.???

  16. Just discovered this phenomenal life amd beauty guru from Promise's vids. omg so inspiring and honest ❤

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