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*clapping to the beat* Kat and Dušan! Here they go again my, my You just can’t look away! Filmmakers welcome to another week’s video So as you can see Kat and me now have a theme song which is in no way inspired by a song by one of the best and brightest music bands in music history so talking about the BRIGHTEST band in music history Kat and me are going to talk to you today about Lighting! So when making a film you have to take into consideration that lighting is one of the most important aspects of making a film beautiful The most common technique with lighting that’s used is three point lighting obviously that’s not the case in every single scenario or every single film but it’s a good place to start at You don’t have to have too many lights or expensive lights but if you can try and get a 300 or 650 light and just try and make a scene look beautiful from different points Yeah and like Dušan said it’s no the case for every film but it’s definitely a good place to start to make your film look more cinematic so the three points would be your key light which is the main point of lighting for your scene your fill light, which fills in any shadows that you get and the back light which will help your actors stand out from the background and make it look more three dimensional As Kat said if that’s the style of film you’re going for that’s great, because as we know there’s many many different genres of film and you have to decide if it’s a comedy, a horror or an art film and you actually want to experiment with lights then great do that! Yeah and as you said different styles create different moods and different atmospheres so have a read of your script and try to visual how lighting would work to get the mood across for you A good director of photographer would advice you that if you’re shooting outside or even inside and want the light to come in naturally it’s better to shoot on a cloudy day rather than on a sunny day because the weather is more constant Yeah and a great trick that I learned this weekend we were shooting our film inside and we wanted to create our own lighting atmosphere that was going to be constant throughout the day and before I knew it there was foil on the windows if you just get some water and stick on aluminium foil it blocks out all of the light that is coming in so we had a great atmosphere all day even though the neighbours may have wondered why Another point we have to cover when talking about lighting is that it’s very important to handle lights with care So if you’re shooting in a room make sure your first assistant director checks all the power sockets that there’s enough electricity to hold all of your lights and if you’re shooting outside make sure you have a power generator because a lot of things can go wrong and you might not be able to finish your film We’ve had a couple of erm, I wouldn’t say complaints but like a couple of, er, comments that our lighting is sometimes not on point in our videos and that’s what usually happens when Harvey’s not here to do it, so, this time Harvey was here to do it and it looks AMAZING So our book of the WEEEEEEK is Visual Storytelling by Morgan Sandler How to speak to your audience without saying a word. not one word I did a review of this book and it’s on our blog and it’s a great book to tell you, not just about lighting, but also cinematography so framing, different camera lenses, and this book isn’t actually out until September so this is a sneak preview but definitely worth a read once it comes out Sure, absolutely! So we hope that this little video reminds you of some of the important things you should think about when you’re making your film and when you’re handling lighting and if you want to hear anymore about lighting you can have a read of our article and we’ve also got a class coming up called Basic Cinematography one of the popular ones so check out the website for that Do it! Do it now! Check it out, it’s really helpful Come on press that button But also no pressure [DO IT] Remember to use gloves and wait for them to calm – Hmmm calm down? GUYS calm down Jesus these two CHEsus

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