Bassmaster Elite St. Johns River Preview with Davy Hite

So if you recognize that bridge right
there you know exactly where I’m at Palatka Florida, St. Johns River.
Historic St. Johns River because we’ve had a lot of Bassmaster tournaments here through the
years I think this is the sixth elite event here on the st. John’s seems like
we fish here a year or two and then we go other places for a few years but this
is a great place to start the 2020 elite season. Super super excited about
it. So, the st. Johns River is the longest
river in Florida it’s like over 300 miles so a lot of decisions to be
made when they leave this boat dock tomorrow morning.
Do I go south? Do I go north? Here’s what I think is going to be a
player this year and I’m just guessing here but it’s long overdue someone going
north and winning us winning this event Lake George is where everyone knows a
lot of big fish are caught you’re in you’re out but there will be guys going
north and 50 miles south and that big decision
tomorrow morning when you take off because when you’ve got this much area
to cover there’s no way you can do it all in one day if you try you end up
spending your time running around and not fishing like you need to but it’s
gonna be very interesting to watch this tournament unfold. It very seldom is won
in the same area twice where Rick Clunn won last year on the north end of Lake
George is a good area but it seems to always be something different so I think
this year you better keep your eyes on someone going 20-30 miles north rather
than going 40 and 50 miles south like tournaments have been won here in the past. The
day the tournament of starts, you guessed it a storms coming in. Winds are supposed to blow
10 to 20 miles an hour would be a great day to use your Spot-Lot no doubt about
it there’ll be guys that run long distances to Lake George there’s no
secret there’ll be guys going there there’ll be some guys going north but
here’s what I think will happen here at this particular event once they make
those long runs they’re gonna hunker down in areas and really use their
Talons a lot if you spot a bedding fish or if you found one little small patch
of grass and walk in with your Talons fish one area for a long time. Heck, a few years back I guess it’s been more than a few years maybe five years
ago I started on a little over 10 pounder certainly have my talons down
luckily caught that fish that’s a great way to start the season somebody will do
that tomorrow we saw 11 pound here caught last year multiple nine
pounders double-digit fish is definitely going to be caught here this week so so
one thing once those guys hunker down in the area like Lake George I think the
majority of the field will probably be spending quite a bit of time Lake George
it’s a long run down there you know 35 miles or so once they get there
put a trolling motor down put the Ultrex in the water and just pick apart
these areas of these fishery and whether you’re in lily pads or some other kind
of vegetation a lot of lot of lily pads down on the south end no doubt about it
and it takes a trolling motor like the Ultrex to plow through that stuff
cuz there’s thick areas that you literally have to plow through and that
trouble motor will absolutely do it once you get where you want to be Spot-Lock
or Talon down one or the other but those tools that these guys absolutely
have to have to use and need to compete here on the Elites have changed the game.
People asked all the time or the fishermen better than they were 20 years
ago, Davy? Well, yes but you know what’s really better no doubt about it the
tools that we get to used from the boats of the motors the Ultrex, the
Talons, the LakeMaster, using your Spot-Lock, using all that stuff that
helps those fishermen be better there’s no doubt about it it has changed
our sport, no doubt about it.

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