Baton Rouge Disaster Relief: Dr. Christopher Wroten

Well, the weather forecast was calling for
11 to 12 inches of rain, which is a fair amount of rain even for
here in wet, south Louisiana, but certainly nothing we haven’t seen before. The current had been so strong going
through the building that actually our office chairs and furniture had been
thrown against the far wall. All of our equipment is a total loss. Retinal cameras, visual fields, OCTs,
furniture, fixtures, all of that. The majority of our patients in this area
have also been affected by the flood. Those that don’t need urgent care have
certainly been willing to hold off on appointments and reschedule down the road, but there are those obviously that
have lost glasses and contact lenses, those who lost their glaucoma medications. They’re those who have sustained
injuries while they’re cleaning and trying to repair and do demolition on
their own homes and businesses and things who’ve needed urgent care that have been seen there. So the faith, the family, the friends
in the community are certainly strong, and we know that we will be back. I know we’ve been personally overwhelmed
with the support that we’ve received from our colleagues here in Louisiana. The first Saturday that we were doing
demolition at my home, we had about 30 doctors of optometry
from across the state who came to my house and helped me
demolition. Another group of about 20 or 25 was at
another area colleague’s, as well, so we had about 50 optometrists
from across the state that came in and just gave of their time and their
resources to help us try to get back on our feet. And we’re just overwhelmed and can’t thank them enough for their support.

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