BBC Weather: Europe braces for ‘heavy snow’ and thunderstorms in brutal winter bite – News 247

 BBC meteorologist Helen Willetts warned of “heavy snow” and “quite intense” showers and thunderstorms in the next week The weather presenter told viewers that orange warnings are in force once again. An orange, or amber, warning is placed when there is an increased likelihood of impacts from severe weather, which could potentially disrupt plans This means there is the possibility of travel delays, road and rail closures, power cuts and the potential risk to life and property  Ms Willetts said: “It looks as if parts of the Balkans and Greece will once again see some real downpours through Thursday into Friday  “Then we’ve got the next area of low pressure coming in across the bay of Biscay and down into Iberia  “Flooding is anticipated for some parts of Iberia, but also the south and west of France  “Heavy snow will settle over the mountains and more of that pushing up into the Alpine regions ”  She continued: “You can see those showers pushing further eastwards as well, moving into Turkey  “They are really quite intense those showers and those thunderstorms, fed by the heat coming from the Mediterranean  “Clearly it’s the same areas getting hit by bouts of rain and strong winds. “Areas already saturated where we’ve already seen well in excess of the snowfall over the mountains that we’d normally see this time of year ”  The BBC presenter said: “More rain also is coming back into the north west of Europe, where we’ve seen significant flooding as well  “Now through the weekend, that low pressure comes into the Mediterranean so again the flood risk heightens for Venice  “Later in the weekend, there will be more snow for the Alpine regions.”  Trending  The meteorologist added: “Gales through the Mediterranean through Biscay and the potential for more flooding  “Hence the fact that there are orange and amber warnings in force at the moment. “An unsettled picture for London and for Paris  “A shower risk in Rome, certainly some rain around this part of the world. “Heavy showers still for Athens and it still remains cold further north, particularly across Scandinavia ”

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