Be More @ MCC-Blue River

>>Be more at Metropolitan
Community College, Blue River. Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Banks president
of MCC Blue River and I invite you to visit our campus located in
historic Independence, Missouri, and see why MCC Blue River is
more than a great place to start. Be more than a number, more than a face. Students of all ages and backgrounds come to
MCC Blue River to learn, work and achieve. They come for our high quality academic
transfer and career oriented experiences. They come for convenient day,
evening and weekend classes. Most of our students hold down
jobs and take classes part time. Our class schedules let them manage job and family responsibilities
as well as their course work. They come for our experience
and caring instructors. Student support goes more than the extra mile. Students come for exceptional
support for their success. In fact, this close interaction
with students is also one of the reasons our faculty and staff work here. Upon completion, our skilled
graduates are more than prepared to take that next step in their careers. More than academically strong, more
than convenient, we are affordable. MCC Blue River tuition is about
one-third that of other public colleges. The difference is even more dramatic when
compared to private colleges or universities. This provides our students a
high return on their investment. Students seeking financial aid can find
plenty of ways to pay for their education through grants, loans and scholarships. More than just the degree. Our students enjoy these advantages whether they
are planning to take classes through transfer or to pursue an immediate career. Since more than half our students
choose the transfer route, we have two-year degree programs. Our transfer programs give students
the basics to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree
at four-year colleges and universities without missing a beat. For those seeking immediate skills to land
high paying in demand jobs within a matter of months or just a couple of years. MCC Blue River offers several
career training programs. With these programs, students enter the
job market armed with in-demand skills and an associate’s degree
or program certificate. Career training includes police, fire, cyber
security, business and computer science. At our public safety institute
we provide critical training for police officers and fire fighters. The academies at the Institute train new police
officers and fire fighters each year as well as providing continuing education for
hundreds of public safety officials. Cadets are also trained in our precision driving
center located just east of the main campus. Whether it’s for a career, personal
interest or transfer, MCC Blue River’s art, music and theater programs give
students a way to express themselves. We offer courses in acting,
vocal and instrumental music, as well as visual and graphic arts. More than ready. We support our students in every way to
give our students what they need to succeed. While many of our students enroll
knowing exactly what they want to do, others look to our academic advisors
and career counselors for help in selecting courses and planning their futures. Our library and multi-media services give
students access to a wealth of information. For those who need extra
assistance with course work, the academic resource center offers a
variety of help including free tutoring. For students with special needs, our disability
support services office provides accommodations to participate in classes and school activities. Be more involved. For student athletes, we offer
men’s and women’s soccer. Students take part in events such as guest
lectures and cultural enrichment programs. They also have the opportunity to join
the college’s academic honor society and special interest clubs or just hang
out with friends in our Campus Center, a facility with full food
service and lounge areas. More than welcoming, this is a community. Excellent instructors and staff, small
classes, convenient class schedules, outstanding support programs and a wide variety of educational opportunities
at an affordable cost. It’s easy to see why thousands of students
each year choose to be more at MCC Blue River.  

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