Beach Fishing Set Up: Don’t waste your money

I’m not sure people are going to trust this face… *huhn* Haha, you look like you’re— haha– trying to poop! Haha, stop it! Your face is getting…. *laughing* so… red… *laughing, shrieking * STOP! Hey guys, so today we’re going to be talking about how to pick our first beach fishing set up! This is for anyone who is just starting to get into beach fishing, or for anyone who is wondering what I use in my videos. Here’s my set up: This is my– this is one of my first surf rods and it’s it has held up for years. It has held up for me for years! I paid $150- $200 but it has been worth it. Okay? You can see in all my other videos that I’m using this rod when I’m salt water fishing, whether it be snook, whether it be stripers, whether it be bluefish, whether it be just- just bait fishing on the beach it works for a lot of different scenarios, and I really suggest you to get this rod. Now let’s talk about the reel that I’m using. This is a Shimano Saragosa. Um, these are Shimano’s midrange reels. I like how big the handle is because it fits real well in my hand, and um, this has lasted me for a long time too! Listen to me, guys when you spend a little bit of extra money on buying a good reel the warranty will pay for itself! I have broken this 3 times! and they ship me brand new ones every time! You know? That’s like, I got two, three free reels from them because I ordered from them. I’m serious, if you are serious about this, get yourself– invest a little bit more money, either a Saragosa, a Stratic, Twin Power, any of those, any of those reels have very good warranty. M’kay? So, the line that I typically use is… I really like braid. It casts very far, um, it’s very sensitive, and um, and it works really well for me! I like feeling the hookset with the braid because it goes, “doonk.” Now, I’m using 20 lb. braid, I usually go 20- 40 lb. braid, and it has been working out really good for me because I can cast it really frikkin far. *sneezing* The first time I ever went surf fishing I was, uhm… probably seven, with my Dad… Uhh, we go vacationing in a place called Cabo San Lucas, it’s on the very tip of Baja California, um, it is a wonderful place to surf fish. There are just plentiful fish, lady fish, rooster fish, jacks, those are all my favorite kinds of fish to catch, and I didn”t really realize, but that was a really… awesome experience… When I was like, that young, you know, you can’t really comprehend… I feel like it was all a blur to me… and I didn’t really get to fully appreciate it… um… but now I have refound my love of fishing. And I’ve kind of rediscovered it on my own, without my Dad. And that’s, that’s a big difference. When you find something and you learn something on your own, versus when someone is guiding you the whole time… it’s a little different. So… I’ve really found that… surf fishing is… something that everyone should experience. You’re staring out into the ocean, you’re staring out into what seems to be the end of the land, and it really humbles you… and that’s why I really like surf fishing! It’s–it’s just… It’s a crazy phenomenon, it’s… It’s a way I really like to connect with nature. What are some reasons you guys like surf fishing? What is your favorite part about surf fishing? I’d like to hear it below! I’d like to tell you, uh, my favorite part about surf fishing, which is, um… When the fish run through, you can really see… a huge change in everything. And, um, you see the birds flying and diving, you see even, you know, as the sun rises, usually, is when these fish come through, and it’s just kind of like everything around you comes alive… That bird has a fish! (It’s got a fish!) I don’t have my lense! So, in conclusion, if you wanna start really getting into beach fishing, this is the setup I recommend: a Shimano Saragosa, a St. Croix Mojo Surf 9 foot rod, if you want a nice, versatile setup that you can do bait fishing and plug fishing, this is the setup to get. Now, I haven’t really done a video like this before, and I’m wondering if you guys find this helpful, and if you do find it helpful it would be very helpful for me uh, if you let me know that it was helpful! That’s all I’m asking, just let me know if this was helpful or not, um, and… and also you should subscribe!

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  1. What are the rod tubes i seen yous useing repeatedly in your videos please love ya videos very helpful for me getting my set ups for traveling around the world but I am struggling to find any thing like um as yous use them on beach and work well in rock where as a tripod wouldn't iv even got to point of looking at tree protectors can u please help me as I love the simplicity of them and look light to put in rod bag hope to here back from u

  2. I can’t afford a set up like that can any one give me tips on how I can find stuff like this for cheap

  3. I just re-found my love for fishing as well. My grandpa taught me how to fish when I was a kid. I haven’t picked up a rod in over 20 years. Now that my kids are able to fish, we are getting back into it. Thanks for the awesome information. We love watching your videos!

  4. I just love the Outdoors , I Hunt and Fish , thank you so much for your great Videos . Yes it was a helpful Video

  5. You guys should definitely keep updating us on which gear and rigs that you use. Also, when are you coming to Baltimore and where are you fishing and what time of day? I would love to cast a few lines! Please let me know!! Tight lines

  6. Yes, this was helpful. I bought a Shakespeare Alpha rig for an intro to surf fishing on the Jersey shore. Had a blast trying to figure it out. Caught a few small fluke, a couple snappers, and a beautiful Stargazer. After 5 days of fishing and gentle fresh water rinses the reel got hard to crank. I took it apart and found extensive corrosion. No surprise, you get what you pay for and this served the purpose. Your idea of what to buy to get long time service is very welcome. It's pretty much retired, but my well cared for Shakespeare 2062 I bought when I was about 12 for $26 is still running smooth. Thanks! DWC

  7. will a shimano Trinidad 30A be OK to go surfishing with and if so which rod would you recommend if I want to cast very far maybe an economical and a top of the line rod.

  8. Ik this vid was posted a year ago, but if you broke that reel 3 times and you fish a lot so you know how to take care of it it’s probably not that good a reel

  9. You probably takes the best care for you things, what about someone newer who doesn’t know much

  10. shimano have a soft spot for the mexican people their warranty does not work so well for americans

  11. I live in Australia and absolutely love beach fishing especially in the warmer months, I take all my kids and set up for an epic fish.
    The varieties of fish we get off the beach here aren’t as wide as in the US but still enjoy catching a feed.
    I also use the Saragosa I prefer the 10000 as I can also use it for jigging for kingfish.

  12. Bruh wtf im shook!!! I can’t believe how u can make your face mold like that???

  13. Liked and subscribed. Can you tell me how long each part of the Mojo Surf is I want that setup but doesnt it break down into 70 30? Whats the size of that saragosa looks like 6000?

  14. Hey i had a question my friend has a rod like the one you use but he said it broke in his second time casting are the mojo fishing rods strong or what would it to brake? Im a beginner and i want to try beach fishing this weekend please let me know what you thing and any tips also i could download the pdf file

  15. Great video,super informative not to long.I have 2 chunkin rods and have been looking to buy a rod for plugging/lures around the jersey shore, I have been thinking about getting an 8ft what's your opinion on that?

  16. Can I say I just picked up some rods and I don’t like videos much, however, your face at the beginning was so funny it was pretty much the only thing that cheered me up today

  17. Very helpful video. Is there a huge difference in using a 10" rod. Just recently got one. I do a lot of bass fishing from a kick boat so I'm used to smaller rods. Really excited to get something out of the sea though.

  18. When you say invest more in shimanos and also your saying you broke it thrice there is a contradiction…I think its smart to go for cheap stuff… Take a look at locals channels from south East asia they are catching beasts with unbranded cheap stuffs….Angling is purely based on skills not expensive set-ups…

  19. I have been surf fishing since I was a child and it’s in my blood now I will never stop. Born and raised on Long Island and love the south shore open beaches from Montauk to Long Beach. I live in Ocean City MD now and fish the open beach a lot here also. Love the vids you guys do keep em coming I subscribed and like the Anglers hat I shop there often lol Tight Lines!!!

  20. Everybody can't afford that you talking about a $500 outfit that's not practical at all

  21. Do you ever have to electrical tape your reel seat screw? I have found that catfish and sturgeon fishing I have to tape my reel seat tightening screw because they back off during hard fights and some of the vibrations of a heavy river.

  22. I want to ask about reel for saltwater its recomended,,the choice Daiwa BG,,Kastking Kodiak or Bossna.were you like.


  24. I’ve got a Quantum Smoke 40. What size rod do you recommend? I’m looking to use lures for the most part at the beach and jettis.

  25. Very good video for those of us needing to learn before spending our money. Need same for pier fishing.

  26. Your videos are always helpful. Surf fishing is Very relaxing, its like being in another planet.

  27. So actually you are saying the reel breaks really fast. But they replaced it 2 or 3 times? Isn't that a shitty reel after all?

  28. Super helpful video! Any other more budget friendly options out there for the “surf fishes maybe three times a year” angler?

  29. There's nothing like it. I recently rediscovered my love of fishing, did my first surf fishing last month and I'm obsessed. I wade out into the water and feel the waves crash into me while I got a f in gutter on the line, it really makes you become one with nature and appreciate everything around you. I imagine it's what religious people feel like when they hear god talking to them or something.

  30. This is very helpful! I have been subscribed to your channel. I thought medium power rods are not powerful enough for surf fishing.

  31. Idk im more of a penn guy shimanos always break on me on simple stuff a penn would jus shrug off

  32. Says don't waste your money, suggests a $330-440 set up for surf fishing, you're not serious are you? Get you a Penn Squadron II Surf Rod for $50-80 depending on size and then a Penn Battle II 5000-6000 for about $120. You can get two for the price of the one he suggests. And for you once a year beach vacationers, buy an ugly stik setup from Walmart for about $100, and that includes the rod & reel.

  33. More about the rod, the reel, video lense focus on it. Less of everything else.

  34. Yes! helpful! what about the kinds of hooks and bait? I only tried surf fishing once about 15 years ago on the coast near Indian Harbour beach – so glad I was reminded of this.

  35. YES… Cabo San Lucas is a fishing heaven, I can attest to that

  36. I have only been surf fishing one time I loved it I was in the Carolinas on the outer banks best 4 days of my life

    Love this format look forward to more gonna try to find a spot to go surf fishing again

  37. is this a 9ft mojo surf medium or medium fast? trying to pair with my daiwa BG4000…any advice I would def appreciate!

  38. I just got into surf fishing & I love it cause it’s just in me spiritually I feel like the alpha catching my own food just how mayans used to and it’s a beautiful thing cause I get away mentally you have no care in the world but what’s at the end of that line (:

  39. This was not helpful at all. You didnt show us your actual line setup. Cmon dude.

  40. Should've shown the line you like to use(brands) ,the way you cast, the leader/rig, the bait you like to use,the types of hook to use. Don't really have to be specific just give us a quick glimpse so people can get ideas… Keep them lines tight/ Happy fishing brotha! Shout outs from the gulf??

  41. This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "surf fishing shark bait" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Wenayden Xenaylee Blaster – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my co-worker got excellent success with it.

  42. One of your older vids but I will still comment. I am from the midwest and have fell in love pier fishing in Florida on my many visits and have been wanted to try surf. I have been using my cat fish and carp rigs at the pier and they work ok but the salt really beats them up. I like your set up and price point, time to put a Florida set up together and it will still do the job on the cats a and carp here.

  43. new subscriber. looking for my first set up. Going to buy a daiwa saltist reel but looking for a rod now. What are the advantages of going a little longer than a 9' rod. maybe 10.5 or so? Im on the west coast sf bay area where we get big stripers. havent hit the beach scene since I was little but want to start. thank man. I havent checked out any other vids yet but will! fish on brada

  44. Hey skipper. Would love to see you do a video at ft Macon state park in nc to see how good you do there

  45. I’m late to the show but, it was helpful and I subbed. Thanks !

  46. thanks. I bought one of those penn fierce combos and they put mono on it and hate it. I'd like to step up to shimano and braid etc.

  47. Lots of just being out there………is kinda best part……….if u catch a fish……..BONSES……………thank u sir……great information…….stay safe —— keep fishing never stop…PEACE

  48. My braided line doesn't go 'doonk' so I'm taking it back to get a refund.

  49. Hi Senko ? I’m looking at my second rod. I have a 10ft but I’m short on distance so was thinking 12…maybe 14

  50. Skipper, ty so much for this vid. I appreciate the raw passion you have for this way of life. I can really relate

  51. A bit painful sorry. Video was extremely generic with little useful real-time info.
    Why should I buy a 9ft. Vs. 12ft. Rod. Keep it a simple discussion.
    Why braid vs. mono. Or braid with a short leader.
    Discuss what too expect at the tackle shop. Can be intimidating.

  52. In UK the fish are mainly not useful for eating and are returned . Often you pay more for bait than the fish value . Your beaches look like a dream to fish off . The seas are empty of good fish here for anglers .

  53. Your enthusiasm is contagious. You love what you do and it clearly shows in your videos. You aren't a snob, you're down to earth and passionate and you love to teach. I love your work. Thank you and God bless you.

  54. its been hard, but I've been trying all day not to smile because I busted my lip with a 13mm wrench. its healing. but, in the beginning of your video, I smiled and ripped my scab open haha. you got me

  55. Ok ok, how you break an almost $300 reel 3 times within shimano’s two year warranty?

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