Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

(Music Playing) This valley is alive. A world nestled between two mountain ranges,
the Promontory….and the Wasatch. From a distance, large flocks of birds lifting
off the water look like notes lifting off a page of music, all the while perfectly orchestrated. This is the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. Places like this are special because they
help us connect back to nature, take a deep breath, and just experience what it is to
be wild. Open waters, mudflats, wetlands and uplands
are vital habitat for migrating birds with over 250
species moving through this area annually to rest and feed. Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is an oasis
in the middle of a desert. And birds come from tens of thousands of miles
to stop and take advantage of the freshly flooded area as the fall rains return to the
bird refuge. Water plays a vital role here. Without it… life disappears. With it… life is breathed into the
landscape. Bear River is seeing diminished water flows. And so as diminishing returns to the Bear
River, they are also going to affect the people that call the Wasatch front their home. I’m used to a really urban area so for me
to get to come out here and get to work in a place like this where its empty and you
can actually see forever is pretty cool. The refuge is more than just a rest stop for
migrating birds. It is a place for people to stop….rest…
and reconnect with nature. To feel the sunlight on our face and remember
that no matter how busy our urban lives become…we always have a place of refuge.

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