Bedroom Upgrade – LED Lights! | Whitney Bjerken

Hey guys, it’s Whitney and welcome to my channel today I’m super excited because I’m going to be putting up LED light strips in my room So most of you probably know what these are but if you don’t they’re basically little strips of Colored lights that you can put up in your room or on your desk or anywhere that you want to make it more exciting so Here’s the box that I got. I got two of them because I didn’t know if one would fill it by the whole perimeter of my roof, so I got two Thirty two point eight foot LED lighting strips, so I’m going to open them up Okay, so inside the box It comes with The two strips And it comes with The little box thingy that like connects to the wall and This thingy that connects that thingy to the lights And then I get a remote and Some Other things so I’m gonna read the instructions figure out how to put these up and I’ll see you then Please make sure the surface is smooth Putting it over there. All right well So we figured out well we kind of figured that we think we figured it out how to put them up Hey, that’s nice, so we’re going to try and plug it in and see if it works So we’re Belling behind my TV Cuz this is where the plugins are and I don’t usually watch TV. So I’m going to unplug the TV To plug in these so I’m plugging this into the bowl. Let me take this And plug it into this Oh What Okay. Well, I guess it works, okay Time to put up these lights time lapse starts All right, so we aren’t we figured out how to stick it. So now we’re gonna continue sticking it And I’m gonna follow the stool All right, so now We’ve finished This one strip. So we’re gonna start another strip, but you need to if he’s oh Wow, I like this color does it work over there? Yes the second ones working too you Want to leave it on? Yeah Okay Do any other color? This is perfect He’s so excited. I Really thought these lights are gonna be stupid. Okay All right ready Okay, are you helping Oh Ok, so these are the lights so far I Really like it my me and my mom switched for a while because one my arms were tired in two We got to the part over my bed, and my bed is lower than the stool we were using so I can’t reach it So my mom is doing it and looks like we just finished the second strip So we have two more strips to hopefully make it back over there I totally like predicted that the connection would be right over my bed So my friend on it up Winston surprise, okay So putting the last little bit of this strip on All right So I’m going to open up the next strip Connect it all the way probably to where the diagonal stops on the top And then I’ll cut it because there’s like little safe you can cut it yeah, there’s little safe places where you can where it won’t break it so I’ll just do however long it takes go there then I’ll cut it and We’ll figure out how to take your clothes So we’re gonna grab that you wanna grab it money. Yeah So this is what we have so far So we have light it’s not gonna focus because Lights are bright. But anyways, the light goes starts there plugs in to behind my TV Uh-huh, go across up Wow, there’s a little place where we started a new one around another place where we started a new one and across Here and we’re gonna start a new one. They’re Connected I’m praying that you’re actually supposed because it did you did you research it? You do not die Why is that a different color that’s so weird Okay, our heart credit is done We have little left over strict Okay, so We shut the lights off Yeah, let me get the remote out first and then once I know how to work the remote Once I learn how to work the remote we’re going to shut the lights off and fix it So won’t you stop it for a second? So this is the remote so it has like a bunch of the different colors and then it has Brightness, and then you can make your own so I’m just gonna try and turn the brightness up first Alright first, how do you know it’s oh Okay figured that out Maybe it’s a nice bright write them down These are as bright as they can go Okay, so I’m going to turn them Pink This would be a lot better in the dark my darlin. Why don’t I just go through all of the colors? Okay, so why don’t you just like it? Yes, stay there Oops there goes a ukulele okay Okay, so I’m going to cycle through all of the colors not they can do Whoa, ooh White definitely not close enough to white We did it Okay, let me do an outro yeah review it Okay So this is the finished product. I have all of the lights Set up We turn this off Okay, so this is the finished product we have all the lights set up And right now I have it on the fade mode And I really like it. I’m super proud of our job. Good job. Mommy Thank you, baby. It’s okay, and I hope you guys like this video I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

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