Behind The Tsunami | Season 3 | 9-1-1

26 thoughts on “Behind The Tsunami | Season 3 | 9-1-1

  1. Love the behind the scenes. Most shows don’t regularly show you behind the scenes.

  2. I love this show:) and its so cool how they did behind the scenes! And how they made the tsunami

  3. This show is so incredible from top to bottom. From the acting to the writing to the amazing production. It enrages me that more people don't watch it. I'm constantly telling people about it to try and get more viewers because I never want it to end.

  4. So when they do the Behind The Scenes, when they release the water, is it in Green Screen?

  5. There is an episode based on true events, of those stupid people protesting at a chicken slaughter house.

    When one of their comrades almost dies from the machinery. The preview of the episode is even funnier, because the supposedly leader of the group, is the one to get stuck.

  6. Asen demaciado bien su trabajo como me gustaría ser parte de la serie como me encantaría

  7. God it was terrorfiying I watershed it tonight just to see if Christoper was okay , terrorfiying but amazing

  8. They put the tsunami is the green screan and they put it on green screen on tsunami

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