Benchmade Mini Crooked River vs full size Knife Review. Their best EDC blade yet?

A few days ago when I got my new mini crooked
river- I, like any good social media knife bro who buys knives primarily for internet
points instead of cutting things, I uploaded some half assed pictures to Instagram, Reddit,
and Imugur and waited for the likes to come in. I thought about blade forums, but I decided
not to because that would be spamming. Anyway Instagram bro embrace_the_suck said
and I quote: If an animal isn’t processed during the review I’ll leave a very Mediocre
comment. Very mediocre. Alright you got your wish! However I can promise him without any caveats
I’ll make an extremely mediocre review. Also Emanuel B added to the discussion with
#puremichigan. Sorry say hello to your daughter… So before everyone falls asleep or can’t
finish one of my videos for the 9th time (is it?), let’s go over the dimensions like
the overall length and weight. In parenthesis you’ll see the dimensions
of the man sized Crooked river. Blade length and cutting edge. Still about 3 1/4 inch cutting edge. Oh I mean 3 1/4 inch ish. Handle size and grip area. You know if I didn’t say ish someone would
complain it was 3.18 and not 3.25. Spine thickness and handle thickness. Plus I do occasionally screw these up. And tallness closed. Oh shit I forgot. Oh shit I forgot again. Let’s see uhh review. The Benchmade Crooked river mini, is not a
mini version of the Crooked River in the classical sense. Like say the Mini Griptilian vs the standard
griptilian is. The Benchmade Crooked River Mini is more like
a normal size knife for the rare people who don’t hunt large game as their day job. Both knives feature the same clip point blade
style, the mini of course being a smaller proportioned version. Clip points are identified by the appearance
of having the forward section of the blade clipped down by a third. This blade style lends itself to piercing
things like the stomach cavity of an elk or the plastic wrapper on some grass fed beef
from a machine killed cow. The clip point blade is made from S30V that
features a flat grind just like the full size. The finish looks like it has somewhere between
a satin and stone washed look depending on how the light hits it or how much you’ve
drank. S30V is a good stainless steel known for it’s
wear resistance, corrosion resistance, but not a resistance to people bitching about
it in a knife much more than $100. The lockup is handled by an Axis lock that
holds up well to whacking it. You deploy the knife by the thumb studs up
top or by pulling back the axis lock, and flicking your wrist. As per my demonstration here. As far as all my knives with axis locks, this
one was a little muddy out of the box. I added some 3-in-1 to get it ready, but if
you saw my spam on r/Knifeclub you knew that already. Tovarishworks did! Then a light twist of the pivot, and it made
it much nicer. The blade doesn’t fall quite as nicely when
open as my full size crooked river, but that may have more to do with that having a heavier
blade. It still isn’t quite as nice as my Griptilian
deployment or my 940-1, but those are both broken in more from fidgeting and some beatings. Also if you bounce the knife and fling it
downward just right you can get it to deploy… it’s hard to do but you can do it. I mean if you can’t you’re a weak failure,
but you should probably be able to. Blade rentention when closed is pretty good,
I reckon. The handle… the ergonomics on the original
crooked river were nice… great for big hands… and this one is pretty good too. If you’ve ever held the 940-1 before it
has about the same amount of hand room as that, but with a pronounced curve. I like the grip on it a lot and my hand fits
it well. There’s a little recessed jimping above
the axis lock, but it doesn’t do a whole lot for me as my thumbs sits further up the
blade spine. The handle is comprised of stabilized diamond
wood handle scales and aluminum bolsters over skeletonized stainless steel liners. The wood scales on this are slightly darker
than on the full size and the bolsters also look slightly different. The full size had aluminum bolsters, but although
the product description on blade hq and knife center say aluminum, it looks titanium ish. The mini saves about 2 full ounces over the
full size, and a lot of this has to do with a lot of consideration taken to weight saving
everywhere. Thinner liners thinner blade stock, thinner
bolsters, thinner handle. This doesn’t mean the knife is flimsy, as
it feels sturdy. but if you know anything about my opinions
on knife trends in general is that I think many many knives are overbuilt for no real
structural reason, also and everything needs to be more tactical. That said the original crooked river is still
a pretty lightweight knife given it’s size too. Since the handle is smooth and refined…
it may be a hard hard to hold in slick conditions, like elk entrails, or KY jelly. It has a very nice comfortable handle although
I wouldn’t call it the grippiest knife out there. The Para Military 2 still has an overall gripper
feel if you need it. And if you don’t good for you. The clip. The clip, without taking it off and measuring
it with calipers looks to be a complete carryover from the full size. It seems to be the only carry over other than
maybe some of the screws. The clip is a split phallus style that’s
not deep carry. Expect about 3/4 an inch to stick out of your
pocket, while sitting at your computer desk. It’s reversible to the right or left in
a tip up configuration, which is ideal. It has a good amount of springiness and slides
into the pocket easy, but also grips it. Because it’s a clip! I like it. Alright how about some size comparisons. I personally think this is probably my new
favorite benchmade, maybe even more than the 940-1. It’s a great every day carry size. But let’s look at a few knives to give it
context. First the mini crooked river. It feels like a lifelong companion or student
loans of a knife. Not too big, not too small, under 4 ounces
so its just right- especially since Benchmade has paid me large sums of money to say this. So let’s see the full size. The full size is also a beautiful knife, something
I don’t even say about most people… but maybe should. Is it ok to like a knife more than people? Discuss. However, as smiling gator put it on instagram…
if you’re a hunter it might be too small a folding knife. Unless it’s just tree rats. That said… everyone prefers different sizes of knife
depending on what sort of alternative life styles we live. I don’t hunt much as an adult, because the
store. And work. And I make stupid youtube videos… but I
do like a good knife for daily things like opening packages of knives, and breaking down
amazon boxes. And cutting my meat into small pieces. This The mini does all of these very well. The full size is too big a knife to carry
at work for me, so it doesn’t see much pocket time. How about the Para Military 2. Also a great knife one of my top 5, depending
on what emoji I’m feeling… It is a grippier knife… mostly the poop
one… the G10 scales and handle shape, and blade jimping add points of friction for theoretical
wet conditions and supposed harder cutting. I for one do mostly boring things with my
knives so both work fine for me. I know I review knives but is $180 too much
for an every day carry? Benchmade doesn’t seem to think so, but
most people outside of the knife community think a $180 is insane. Who’s wrong, the knife community or the
rest of the world. Discuss. Now the 940-1. This is a very nice knife… it’s more expensive-
maybe even more so now that they raised some MSRPs. It’s about an ounce lighter, which admittedly
isn’t a big deal when the knives have a similar footprint. I mean it’s noticeable, but at some point
a knife is just lighter. I tend to equally carry knives that are 4
ounces or less. ISH. I like to think the clip point of the mini
crooked river is more versatile because it’s more pokier. Let’s compare it to the mini griptilian
now. A smaller knife with a smaller handle and
a blade. Had the mini crooked river come out before
the full size it might not be called the mini, but also Benchmade couldn’t have sold two
crooked rivers to us suckers. I like the crooked river mini better and may
not have bought the full size. The mini grip is about a $100 knife however. I feel like the price of the crooked river
mini should be about $120-$140. Any others? maybe the 765? the crooked river has a better
hand feel and slightly larger proportions although over $100 less. What about
the Bugout. Yeah what about it? Maybe my 4th favorite bench made… and 6th
if you count gold classes I don’t own. Alright we’re done. I think the crooked river mini might be my
favorite bench made knife now. If you are still subscribed in 6 months, I
wouldn’t be, but if you are maybe ask me again. It has a very useful blade style for every
day carry, it’s light, the handle is the right size, it looks good like me when I’ve
had a few drinks. I dunno- I don’t know what else to tell
you? If I have to point out one or two nitpicks,
it’d be that it’s a bit too expensive for me to tell everyone they need it, and
maybe a deep carry clip would have been an improvement… then a few people who hate
deep carry would have complained, and it wouldn’t be the damn internet if everyone agreed about
everything. If you like this video subscribe to my channel,
give the video a thumbs up, follow me on instagram, and write bench made a love letter about how
you like this video and they should give me a whole bunch of free knives. Believe it or not they must have felt a disturbance
because they are sending me the fact to review. Anyway… now if I could get spyderco to even
acknowledge my emails then we’d be set. Thanks for watching!

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