Bengkulu Tsunami Shelter Revisited

This is the tsunami shelter in kota Bengkulu
that we saw six months ago and it’s located on a very flat area
here near the coast in Bengkulu. Lots of
people live here that don’t have anywhere to go, and they’re
subject to tsunami hazard. The evacuation route to this shelter
is marked along the road, and so, when they get a warning they will come to this point and get up as high as they can. compared to six months ago you can see
now that it’s completed and we can get all the way up to the top
floor, and on the top floors there, there are some
toilet facilities for people. as you can see the stairs are wide which allows people to get up very
quickly to the top, and in addition theres an access ramp for disabled and elderly
people. The shelter is an open structure which allows debris and water to pass through underneath, and
you can say from the ammount of trees and houses around that it’s going to be
quite a bit of debris if there is a tsunami here. It’s a focal
point for the community, especially for the kids as you can see around here. This is impressive progress we’ve seen here in Bengkulu City

4 thoughts on “Bengkulu Tsunami Shelter Revisited

  1. I'm not sure I understand the benefits of allowing water and debris to flow under a structure with small 'legs' as apposed to around a structure with a rounded, monolithic base that can withstand epic forces. It seems like each leg might be a liability. If enough of them were compromised, the entire structure could come down. Not making a judgment. Just honestly curious.

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