Best Budget RGB LED Light | Andycine AL-360RGB

let’s see how bright is this.. hey everybody today I’m going to review
the AL 360 RGB Light from Andycine they send it over to me for review and
this is actually the first RGB light that I ever got to play around with
especially on this size and price for those of you who are watching me for
your first time I’m Emilio Takas and I post videos here every week on tutorials
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a new video in the Box you will receive a light stand mode which allows you to
till the light and also put it on top of your camera it is made by plastic just
like the rest of the light one downside of this light is that it doesn’t come
with a battery or a DC cable at least in Europe where I’m located so consider
this to be an extra expense that you’ll need to make there is a little screen on
the back of the light which has a battery indicator and all of the setting
information it’s a nice feature to have on such a small and inexpensive light
the AL 360 RGB light has a max output of 16 watts you can psych it from 30 200k
all the way up to 50 700 K when using the RGB mode of the light most of the
360 colors look like they use the full 16 watt power which is super impressive
for a light of this size and price you can change the brightness of the light
from 100% all the way down to 10% the only downside here is that you can’t get
the brightness lower than 10% the light comes with a plastic cover in front of
the LED lights which acts as a softbox to access the RGB mode you simply press
the hue button and use the dial to go through 360 colors the light can be
powered by npf batteries or by 8.4 volt DC cable if you are using one of the npf
770 batteries you will get a time of around an hour with consistent
brightness with this new light we have the ability
to choose between 360 colors at the turn of a wheel no need to mess around with
different gels anymore each color has its reference number on the screen this
will allow you to know the number of colors you are using
for future reference or to set the exact same color if you are using more than
one lights if you are using this light in a dark situation or you have full
control of the lighting in your scene you can use this light as a key light
most of the time though this light will be used as AIDS or a highlight for a
subject but also is a great light if you want to use it as a beginner youtuber
for talking heads I really like this light it gives you the flexibility to
switch between color temperatures but also the best feature is the RGB color
mode having that feature in such a small light gives you the Creator feed on with
ease so if you’re looking for a cheap LED panel that also acts as an RGB panel
then I strongly recommend that you check out the Andy seeming al 360 arts B there
is a linear description down below if you’re interested in getting one of
these it’s an affiliate link which means a percentage will go to me without
costing any more to you which is awesome and I really appreciate it if you use it
if you’re planning to buy one of these I hope you like this video and if you did
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them as soon as I can thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the
next one

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  1. Emilio! You're in Europe? Where are you? I'm in Ireland! Great stuff as always! ☮️🤘🏽🤠👍🏽☮️

  2. This looks like an awesome light! I need to check it out. Thank you for sharing!👍🙂

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