Best Catfish Bait Ever for River Fishing Spring Channel Blue. Thunder turns them on.

Hello, Today I would like to show you how
to prepare night crawlers for fishing Catfish. Especially in the Spring they are going to
be right up on the river bank. Anywhere there is a lot of brush. Out of the current. If
you can find a 90 degree bend, just around the corner from that in the slack water, perfect
place for early spring. I mean as soon as the ice is out and you can get out there.
These Catfish are on the feed and we have had some thunder and lightning here and these
catfish are ready to go. Thunder and lightning will just start them feeding for the year.
So what we’re going to do here is, take some of these night crawlers and put them into
a jar with a little bit of water and add a little milk. Put on the lid and give them
a bath in it. Leave that sit over night and those night crawlers will be just scented
perfect. The catfish will just go crazy over those. Take two or three night crawlers and
put them on your hook
wacky worm style. That way if you lose one you still have more bait. That is an excellent
rig for Catfishing in the Spring. A tip for picking up your night crawlers. People scare
more night crawlers away than what they catch. You can get a huge percentage of you crawlers
by putting a plastic bag with red over the light lense. Turn it on and you have a nice
pink glow instead of a bright light on them. You’ll pick up probably 3 out of 4 will not
go down. You can see that glow on them. They don’t feel the heat. Sometimes I put a real
small hole to get a little more light on one side. It just depends on the night and the
amount of light around. Street lights, park lights or what area you are in. That’s my
Tip for the Day and “Good Fishing”

46 thoughts on “Best Catfish Bait Ever for River Fishing Spring Channel Blue. Thunder turns them on.

  1. Ok some questions, what hook you got there? Circle? and where would be an ideal place to find nightcrawlers? I've heard of golf courses, or just any patch of ground that has been soaked with a hose for 10 min. 30 min ago. I've also heard of looking on roads just after a heavy rain

  2. City parks after a rain. Stock up in the spring and put them in bedding, They get harder to find mid summer.18 to a soup cup container. Poke tiny air holes in the plastic lid. I'll do a vid on it this spring.

  3. so your using plastic ones, but thats what you would do to actual worms correct?

  4. i dont get it are you supposed to do this to live nightcrawlers or plastic like this or does it work for both?

  5. hey everyone i figured out a great bait ok so u will need a chad or 10 hahahaha but anyway they have a gizzerd when u gut them just stick your knife below gills and cut to tail dig around at the stomach untill u find a heart shaped thing and feal it if its hard thats it warning these things stink

  6. Hi,
    I am not familiar with the salt worms so don't know. With the crawlers they have to be used the next day because they'll be too mushy the second day.

  7. Works great. Thanks for the information on scenting crawlers.

  8. You can order flats of 12 dozen crawlers from Cabela's pretty reasonable and keep them in a refrigerator. I like to seperate a lot into styrofoam cups with lids, about 15 per container. Punch little slits in the top for air with the tip of a knife and refrigerate.

  9. If you leave them more than overnight they will get mushy. They need to be used right away.

  10. the best bait to catch the big cat fish is a small blue gill head hooked between the eyes on average i catch between 20 an 25 inch catfish i realease at around 16inches not worth the effort on cleaning them i have tryed every other bait including chicken livers and what has given me the best results is cut bait but ill try some of u all's ideas and see what happens

  11. take a bass fishing worm put it in a jar full of dirt and worms and then wait it make the real worms die and they wioll get thne scent of the worm and u dont have rto waste bait

  12. Thanks Dylan, Let them sit and the Catfish will follow the scent trail.

  13. Real worms. It was freezing out so I had to use artifical to show.

  14. Just drop them in up stream or up current from a log jamb. Let the catfish come out to you.

  15. Real worms. These are just to show the process because it was so cold outside.

  16. Sorry mrhigaligga. Use them right away or they do go bad.

  17. Great idea Caleb. I'll have to give that a try.

  18. will fake worms work anyway though cause I want to try that with fake ones

  19. You can sure try them. If you get enough scent in them I would think they would bite on it. Add some Anise Oil or Garlic as well. Let me know how you do.

  20. So your saying go out catch however many LIVE nightcrawlers needed for the next day rinse them then put them in this water milk bath over night?And guess this work for artificial baits?

  21. I'm assuming that the plastic worms were only used for demonstration, but would plastic worms and milk work too?

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