Best Large 64 Gun Safe Under $1000 / Cannon Wide Body with Upgrades

I challenge any of you to find the safe
of this quality with this size for less how’s it going guys and welcome back to
the pilot Patriot Channel if you’ve ever done any shopping for a gun safe you’ve
probably seen what I’ve seen which is some pretty ridiculous prices most of
the time to get a good quality safe it’s gonna cost you over a thousand dollars
and if you want one with any size to it it’s gonna cost you closer to 2,000
maybe even more but today we’re looking at the Canon 64
gun wide-body this is the safe I chose and not just because of the price but
also because of the amazing quality of this safe this safe is comparable to the
Liberty Fat Boy safes which is going to run you about 2,300 bucks the Canon 64
gun wide-body you can get for under a thousand and if you wait for it to go on
sale like I did you can get it for under 800 that’s a lot of safe for 800 bucks
they also have a super wide body 80 gun version for you big dogs out there and
even that one regular price only runs 1200 bucks
and that one goes on sale a lot too now this safe is great as it comes but if
you stick around to the end of the video I’ll show you some really cool upgrades
you can do to make it even better now let’s go ahead and get into the safe and
the first thing you’re going to notice is that this thing has a whole lot of
room in it this safe is 59 inches tall 40 inches wide and 24 inches deep as you
can see it has a lot of different configurable options the way it comes is
the spot for your rifles on one side and shelves on the other but what you can do
is if you want to you can take those shelves out and have guns on both sides
you can really configure any way you want to you could leave that bottom
shelf spot open take these two out and put some shorter guns right there if
that’s something you want to do it’s got plenty of space up here up top this is a
sixty-four gun safe but just like any safe if you have guns with slings and
scopes and things like that those are going to take up more space so you may
not be able to fit 64 guns which is even more reason to get a big safe like this
one especially if you’re going to use it for other things like documents coins
cash photos anything like that another nice thing about the safe is it does
have cutouts here on both sides for your longer guns I do have one here like this
28 inch barrel Stoeger that wouldn’t fit if it didn’t have those cutouts so
that’s a nice feature this safe to us have mounting holes in all four corners
so you can bolt it to the floor this safe is about 600 pounds or more but
it’s always a good idea to bolt it down also as you can see this safe comes with
a really nice door organizer a lot of spots for handguns it also has this
really cool spot here for a quick access gun if you have something that you want
to set up where you can get to it quickly it has some smaller cutouts up
here for magazines and things like that it also has lots of document pockets and
a large one down here at the bottom so really you can set this up any way you
want to and as you can see this safe does have large locking bolts they’re
thicker than a lot of the competition and one of the main things for security
is that these bolts are 4 inches long most of the competition only has 2 inch
long bolts that are more easily defeated now another thing that’s great for this
safe is it has 10 locking bolts it’s got 5 on the side 2 on the top and three on
the inside here so there’s a lot of security there to help prevent the
prying you can see here listed on the door that it has a full lifetime
warranty that covers free parts free labor free Freight for any repair
replacement of your safe and that’s going to cover a lot of things that will cover
burglary flood fire as well as any functional problems
from the factory and one of the most important things that everybody wants to
see it does have a 60 minute fire rating up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit which is
awesome that’s going to be comparable with all
of your big-name safes and even better than a lot of them one thing you’ve
probably already noticed is this safe does have lights and they’re motion
activated but I’m going to show you how you can take this large seven hundred
and fifty dollar safe and add all the things that those two thousand dollar
models have now as you can see the safe does have an outlet in it that’s a kit
that I installed myself even though the safe doesn’t come with the outlet kit in
it it does have the hole cut out in the metal at the back and all you have to
do to install it is drill through the fire board and run your cable through
one thing that’s important to note about this kit is that since you are drilling
through the fire board to install it it comes with a grommet that goes into the
hole and expands in the case of extreme heat and closes up that hole to keep it
fireproof this is the stack-on gun safe outlet kit I’ll put a link to this in
the description below this will allow you to install the outlet kit into any
gun safe that doesn’t already have one as you can see this has has two outlets
I have one running up here to my dehumidifier any gun safe needs a good
dehumidifier in it this one is actually made by Canon and I’ll put a link to
that in the description as well also as you can see I have the lights wired up
here and that runs to this motion detector right here that’s what turns
the lights on when the when the door opens this is a kit you can get on
Amazon as well and you can run LED lights all the way around the inside of
the safe now you’ve seen the outlet kit the dehumidifier and the lights those
close the safe up I’m going to show you one more upgrade that we did like I
mentioned this safe does have a high quality electronic lock and the lock
does have a light on it but it’s not super bright so what I did was install
this magnetic light that I got from Canon it just sticks right above your
dial there you just hit the button and it gives a nice bright light so you can
see to get into your safe at night if for say the power was out or
something like that alright guys well that’s our look at the canon 64 gun
wide-body I picked this safe up at tractor supply their regular price is
998 bucks but they put them on sale every couple months I picked this up
around Christmas time for under seven hundred bucks if you can believe that I
challenge any of you to find the safe of this quality this size for Less I’ll put
a link to this safe in the description below along with all the upgrades that
we talked about make sure you check out my other videos here at the top of the
screen for how to store your home defense guns keep them a little more
accessible but still locked up y’all have any questions about this safe
please leave them in the comments below please like share and subscribe and I’ll
see you next time

71 thoughts on “Best Large 64 Gun Safe Under $1000 / Cannon Wide Body with Upgrades

  1. I've had the same safe for a couple of years, excellent value. No problems with it.
    My only complaint would be it sits too low, I raised mine up on blocks.

  2. Goes on sale at academy for $599 on Black Friday and usually one other time each year.

  3. The steel is thin on the door. And the digital locks fail alot. Alot of bad videos about cannon. You get what you pay for

  4. Hay man I got the same one brother…. have you ever thought about putting the EMP lock on it I thank t hats what I'm going to do with mine…. that way you can Can always be able to get in it..

  5. I just got the same safe for 549$ out the door. It was on sale and I used a e-coupon.

  6. Made in China ? Spend a little more and buy American, give other Americans a job.

  7. Do you have any issues putting guns in the front row? Will the door still shut

  8. Great video beautiful safe, don't be bothered with the haters and the its junk or buy better safe idiots people have different budgets and you have a really good safe at a great price.

  9. Tractor Supply has these on sale for $599 right now! (06/23/18) Because they have discontinued that model, for an upgraded model. But it is a great deal, right now! Go get you another one, because you have probably filled up the first one by now…

  10. Good review but I don't see how longer locking bars are better. Being longer won't it take less leverage to bend the bolts? I know the bolts won't bend but the bars they connect too will or where they protrude through the sheet metal door that part will bend.

  11. I picked up a Liberty Fat Boy Jr for $1,600 and change. Unless you have about $15,000 to spend we're all pretty much in the same boat with gun safes. The only thing a safe does is make it harder for the burglar to steal your guns. I have an inside motion alarm that sends a text to my phone ($200 from Liberty). The bad guy better pray that the cops get there before I do.

  12. That's a lot of safe for the money. I wish they'd make one without the electronic lock for that price point.

  13. You get what you pay for.

    Save up and or buy less guns and invest in a quality American made safe, like Liberty, Fort Knox, etc.

  14. you should check out Champion and Superior safes. Better protection, better fire rating, and isn't a box store safe. Do your homework on gun safes, these companies like cannon and pretty much any box store safes are after your$$$$ and don't care what goes inside your safe. check the fire ratings, paper burns at 451 F Even inside a safe.

  15. The difference is, with cannon you get low quality worthless crap, I have a 5 dollar grinder that I'll put to it, I'll get into it in about 20 minutes or less, with a liberty safe, an inch of steel all the way around? Good luck.. pretty big difference, spend the money, ya get what you pay for.! The door doesn't make a fuck of difference, it's the body that matters for a variety of reasons..

  16. How many guns can really go in this? Some with optics others not. Y’all think it’s possible to get 30 or 40 in here?

  17. I just picked this safe up a week ago. Have you had any issues with the electronic lock? Love the space just worried about reliability of keypad

  18. Any idea why type of door storage kit would fit to replace this? Just looking for more storage for mags and better pistol holders

  19. I think cannons are good value as long as you live at a decent neighborhood where rent is not cheap and crime is rare.

  20. Hi ! Do you have a link for the dehumidifier ? I can’t seem to find a slim one – great video thanks

  21. Nice, but what is steel gauge used? Most cheaper aces are defeated by using a grinder to cut the sides open.

  22. im thinking of getting this one.
    can you tell me how wide the opening is for the sides with the long guns? inner diameter. thanks

  23. Great safe for the money. I just bought one at TSC, an upgraded 75-5940 which replaced the 60-5940, providing 75 minutes of fire protection versus 60. It has a beveled edge with charcoal gray metallic paint and darker interior with revamped door pouches. I can't agree with you more regarding value/protection for the money.

    I see a lot of negative comments below, regarding Chinese vs. American manufacturing. Its neither, rather it is built in Tijuana Mexico. I am all for USA manufacturing when and where I can buy it. At the same time, you have to stay within a realistic budget, so I am grateful this safe is available with such features to protect my firearms and other valuables.

    Thanks for the tip on installing electric power.

  24. You spent $1000 for what is thin sheet metal and some drywall. But hey, you can show it off to your fellow friends and the thieves know exactly where to go to steal your stuff.

  25. You get what you pay for. I’d spend the extra couple hundred bucks and buy a liberty safe instead

  26. You realize that it is little better than a cardboard box. The outside steel you can cut with a hand held axe. The fire rating doesn't even raise to the level of a common house fire which is 1 hour at 1380 degrees. It has no inner steel liner so if there is a fire the fire will steam and rust everything you have in it. You should have saved your money until you could afford something that would actually protect a valuable.

  27. Why do these people keep calling it a safe, it’s a residential security container, you want to save up then buy a Graffunder mine was a little over $15,000 and worth every penny!

  28. I have one. Less that 5 minutes with a 7" angle grinder, and you will be in. About 30 seconds with a drill and you will be in.The whole thing is just sheet metal. The safe ONLY has a lifetime warranty for burglary, flood, and fire. Other wise, it is only a year, if I remember correctly.

  29. Emp gonna keep u from all it tho!They need sell the duel access emp lock separately !!!!

  30. You can cut them open in like 10 minutes with a Harbor Freight battery powered hand saw 🙁

  31. I have that exact safe. Got mine about 2 yrs ago at acadamy for 630 out the door tax and all. Great deal and a excellent option for the price.

  32. Looks great. IMO it's enough safe for anyone. Add a RING or Blink system to the room and an audible alarm for an extra $150.00 and you're good. … like 2 or 3 factor security

  33. The only problem I’ve had with cannon is their warranty, they say lifetime on parts and labor, and fire and floods. This is not entirely true
    A close friend of mine , who is in law-enforcement has a Canon safe with the lifetime parts and labor warranty. The key keypad gone out on his cannon safe , and he had all his duty weapons stowed away in the safe. he went through the process of making a warranty claim with Cannon
    He then found out that they do not, repeat do not cover labor for replacing or removing a faulty keypad. he ultimately had to pay over $350 to a private locksmith in order to have the safe drilled and opened so that he could remove and replace they keypad , and then he found out that the replacement keypad was not the exact one as the one that was used in his safe
    so once again he had to pay more labor cost so the new modified keypad would fit and work
    I do love cannons products I’ve owned quite a few their safes , but they are very misleading on the warrantee information , I repeat they do not cover any labor cost unless you bring the safe or ship it to them. that’s very expensive to ship a 600 pound safe that is completely loaded up with firearms and then there’s a lot of legal ramifications for the logistics of that shipping a safe full of firearms

  34. I got this safe about 4 months ago for $400 cash from a tractor supply.ot has two dents and a palm size piece of paint chipped off.i couldn't pass up the deal

  35. Nice safe. Is door removable to lighten it up for moving? Does it have a key back up?

  36. This thing is junk… 12 gauge steel? cmon now. This is a 1-2 minute pry job at most.

  37. People knock cannon safes, but I have this exact safe and I love it. People say it can be pried into or cut open and this and that, well most safes can but this safe will prevent a smash and grab type burglary. We also have a home security system so with that added your typical smash and grab robber isn't trying to crack into a safe and your home security system will not allow them enough time to do so. It also keeps nosey people and children from getting access to your valuables and guns. It's a great safe for the money. As for fire protection.. who REALLY knows the truth behind a safes fire protection claims. There will always be what ifs or this and that is better. For $700ish it's a great safe.

  38. Is this one made in China or Mexico? That’s a leg up Liberty definitely has, Made in America.

  39. I wonder if you change the lock for this safe like mechanical lock etc.?

  40. What happens if the battery on the electronic lock dies? Does it have a key back up?

  41. If you are reading this and have a cheap safe and think it is enough to protect your investment, then good for you. This post is for those who are considering purchasing a cheap safe, particularly those made in China. (The box-store Cannons I have looked at are Chinese).

    I have done hundreds of hours of research on gun safes both online and in person. Some comments on here have valid points, which I will expand on.
    1) If you have a large investment of guns or whatever and you think you can't afford a good safe, think again. Anyone who has the means to buy tens of thousands of dollars of guns and ammo, has the means to SAVE UP for adequate protection. Would you buy a $80,000 sports car and park it under a canvas and aluminum frame carport? Of course not.

    2) Most fire ratings of foreign made safes don't actually exist, because no testing is done. They just slap a sticker on it with a rating according to how much fireboard is in it. Though most American safes are not UL tested, at least a decent attempt by most manufacturers is made for an accurate rating with in-house or independent testing. And the gypsum board from China has incredibly high levels of corrosive content. That's what you are smelling when you open that door.

    3) Gypsum/sheetrock/fireboard is not acceptable as adequate protection in a fire. Add that to thin steel, and your investment (no matter how close the fire department) is almost certainly doomed in a fire. Only ceramic fire blanket coupled with fire liners and an inner steel shell with thick exterior steel will provide adequate protection. I have a Champion Triumph. And although it is an incredibly high quality safe for the money, and it's label says 90 minutes at 1650 degrees, I am dubious of its contents survival if my house went up in flames. Because it is lined with gypsum.

    3) Take your time when shopping. Inspect everything. Paint. Weld quality. Fit and finish. Gaps. Lock brand. If you can torque or twist the door even slightly when open, its junk. Stay away from composite doors. If there is play in the bolts when extended, it is crap. What most people fail to do is remove the inside door panel. It will reveal plenty about the manufacturing quality or lack of it. Cannon safes are notorious for thin hinge mounts and pathetic tack-welds on them. Remove the panel and look. It's your money you are about to spend, so it's your right to do so.

    4) Don't be fooled by bolt size. What matters is how strong the bolt connection is to the lockworks behind the door. And the thickness of the jamb/door casement (which the bolts sit behind when extended). A company may brag about twelve 3 inch bolts. But if the casement is only 10 or 12 gauge steel, you can pop that door open with a crowbar. That steel WILL bend and those bolts will do nothing. Anything is only as strong as its weakest link. My Triumph's 10 gauge sides are vulnerable if accessible. But the door is double-step 1/4 inch on 10 gauge with a 3/8 inch reinforced casement. That door and its bolts aren't going to budge.

    5) Cheap safe manufacturers like to use "Lifetime Warranties" as a selling point. Don't believe the bull. Read the fine print. Call the company for details. These warranties are seldom honored or if they are, it is at great expense and great inconvenience to the customer. The best warranty you can get is a HIGH QUALITY safe that won't need repair, and will actually protect what you put inside of it.

    These are just points off of the top of my head, and I hope they are helpful to anyone considering a safe purchase.

    I have been studying safes from the Sturdy Safe company for sometime, and I like what I have been reading. Does anyone reading this, have a Sturdy? Expensive? Yes. Am I wealthy? Far from it. But I have stopped buying firearms and am putting that money towards a better safe. If I can do that, so can you!

    Thanks for reading!

  42. Academy has the Cannon Valley Forge Series 64 Gun in their Black Friday Ad for $599

  43. A Cannon safe is a wast of money. You get what you pay for. Spend the $$ and get you a better safe.

  44. People knocking certain safes just don't understand. It's more of a deterrent than anything. The average crook roaming around is looking for things they can carry away quickly and easily. A large safe, especially bolted to the floor will save you from 99% of thefts. Anyone with the time and tools to break into a large safe will probably get it no matter what brand it is.

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