Best Lighting For Twitch Streaming – Neewer 660 LED Light Panels

Today we’re taking a deep dive into the
newer 660 LED panel perhaps the best budget panel to get you started for your
live streams and content video creations and we’re getting started right now Hey all Wild4Games here you’re
helping you become a bigger and better with your live streaming and content
creation needs if you need that little extra help you came to the right spot
make sure you hit that big red subscribe button down below and tick that bell so you know in my videos go live for you and hey real quick if you like the product
that’s right over my shoulder which is the newer 660 LED panel I did you all a
favor I put links in the show notes below for the best prices depending on
which kit you need for your lighting situation now let’s dive into the review
the newer 660 LED light panel is a bicolor
light which means it can shift from those golden yellow orange colors all
the way down to neutral White’s which means you can pick the best lighting
situation for your scene and your skin tone essentially you’re in full control
the LED panel comes with 330 white and 330 yellow LED long-lasting bulbs giving
you the option to use these within daylight or tungsten situations
depending again on what your video needs are each color category of bulbs the
white and yellow are fully dimmable and you can mix and match to create a
mixture of different warm or cool tones again depending on the situation that
you’re trying to create the kit includes 2 Bi-LED colored lights with U-brackets and barn doors allowing you to shape the lighting for your scene 2
white defusers to help soften the light that comes out from the panel 2
power adapters 2 cables carrying case and 2 adjustable light stands the LED
panel itself is made from really sturdy aluminum ensuring the fact that it can
take a bump or two and keep going perfect for anyone that’s moving around
their situation or likes to travel with these lights for multitasking for
photography videography and everything like that
due to their lightweight construction and smaller size the lights can be
placed virtually anywhere that has a nipple or
a pin that it will accept on the you bracket so essentially you can put it on
light stands the ground or even mount it to walls with the appropriate mounting
brackets the neewer by panel lights were actually the first pair of panel lights
that I ever bought after doing a bunch of research and I’ve used them for years
and numerous hours for lighting streams and video and you’re probably wondering
well how do they look during a stream or during a video well this whole video is
actually lit by the original pair that I still have I’ve got one key light over
here which is the by panel light and the one that you see over my shoulder and
you can see how this illuminates in my skin is wrapped around and looks very
good for the affordable price that it comes in at but allow me to show you the
different color tones that it can do as well as when it has diffusion on and
diffusion off here is me being illuminated only by the yellow LED bulbs
what gives you that nice golden amber color that comes across your skin tone
now like I said you can mix it up so here’s me at 50% with white and yellow
to get a nice neutral tone with a little warm touch to it
and now here’s me lit with only the white LEDs that gives me that nice
neutral white across the entire scene now each one of those pictures was lit
with the acrylic diffusion sheet that comes with the LED panels that allows it
to soften up the diodes as it pushes through so wrap around your skin but one
accessory that I really love that I recommend you get are these diffusion
boxes that you can put on top of your LED panels and these fit a wide variety
they don’t just fit newer they fit a bunch of different ones that I use
myself but this will help soften the light even more by going through two
layers of diffusion creating even softer light that goes around your skin helping
fill in things like wrinkles pores acne if you’re somebody that’s self-conscious
about lighting it’s something really good to have I’m gonna put those boxes
down in the links below so that way you can check them out but there’s just
something a little extra that you can add on top but as you can see in the
pictures that go across the screen you can see how much it actually improves
the wrapping of quality of light around my skin and makes me look much better
the neewer LED panels don’t have to just be key and fill lights to illuminate you
on your stream content creations the nice thing about
having a pair of these LED panels is you can use one to illuminate you and use
one to illuminate your background if you want to make these different planes to
make you stand out on your stream or content or perhaps you just want to
light up your room even more or even if you want to have just a nice little rim
light that makes you stand out on your stream so that way you pop a little bit
more when people browse across the categories or thumbnails one thing I
forgot to mention is if you stream within a small room or create content
within a small room upgrading to an LED panel is a huge improvement to your life
quality and environment because it’s not gonna be generating any extra heat so
that room which means it’s not gonna get all you know humid and stuffy in there
which a lot of us always forget about until it’s too late
the neewer buy light is pretty much a perfect light but it does have two
issues I want to make you aware of if you’re the type of streamer or content
creators that likes to move your light very high and point the light down
because it’s pleasing to you you actually have to move your barn doors in
a lot so that way you can put it down because the barn doors are actually
blocked by the yoke down here so technically you’re gonna be losing a lot
of light the other big issue has to deal with the back here the power cable cord
and this battery pack aren’t that long which means if you go full stem on your
stick here your stand this thing will be hanging and pulling down on the light a
la which means you kind of have to either zip tie or rubberband this to the
stick and then get an extension cord now it’s a very minor thing especially for
your stream and you’re sitting down because this will be perfectly fine for
your lighting situation I just want to make you aware of it if you plan on
hanging these lights pretty high or even suspending them the newer 660 LED panels
is perhaps the best budget-friendly LED panels I have found out there they work
great for all lighting situations regardless if you’re streaming or
creating content on YouTube in fact they’ve gotten so popular they have
actually designed new style of kits depending if you’re a streamer or
content creator on YouTube which means the prices fluctuate depending on what
kit you want so they usually come in in around 150 USD to 250 USD depending on
what style and defusion you kind of want to have for your
kid now I personally think the cheaper model that comes in around 150 bucks
will work for pretty much everyone starting out on there but if you want to
have that little extra soft light it’s probably worth paying up for the
diffusion boxes that’s gonna help make you look that much better especially
depending on what kind of content you’re trying to pump out okay the one question
I’m sure everybody is wondering about is should I just spend the money on these
newer LED panels or should I save up and spend it on the very expensive Elgato
key light now I personally use both lights for my streams and content
creations and they’re both very good lights in fact I’ll probably even do a
review on the Elgato key light if you’re interested in that leave me a
comment down below if you are but the Elgato key light is very expensive in
fact I think it’s over priced it’s the premium premium prestigious light out
there that’s a little pretentious but it’s still a great light but to be
honest I rather have two LED panel lights like these newer lengths so that
way I can play around with my lighting situation it’s a balance on my key and
fill or to balance on my key and rim or to balance on my key and background
light rather than just have one expensive Elgato key light now the
cool thing about it is you can always upgrade and mix and match your lighting
situations depending on what you want in fact I use my Neewer Bi-lights and I use
my Elgato key lights for a lot of my videos and for my streaming situations
so don’t feel like when you buy one you’re tossing out the other because you
can use all the lighting for whatever you need
having panel lights are awesome because you can use them for so many different
situations but it’s not the only awesome lighting source that you might want to
take a look at I’m gonna put a video over here to the side that shows you how
to beautify your stream with an awesome ring light that’s gonna make you stand
out oh so awesome on your content once again my name is Wild4Games and I
will see all of you beautiful people at my next product review video coming out
real soon take care all and PEACE!

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