– It’s a work light meets
emergency flashlight with SOS mode, fully retractable! My favorite deal, under
thirty bucks coming right up. (xylophone music) (exhale) Aahh yeah. I’m just flexing my
financial muscle today. Great to be with you. I’m The Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I find the hottest deal (baby crying) anywhere on Earth and I have
my baby just chillin nearby I will tell you.
(baby cry) Its an amazing deal, don’t you worry. I am so excited today
because as a new parent (baby crying)
an as someone Oh, you wanna say hi to
everyone, that’s fine We’re not gonna edit this
video because this is me and my natural habitat. Hello, gorgeous girl. This is Mara, almost four months old. Hi! Ya happy to be here? Okay, great to be with all of you. This deal that I found today,
which I created a link for right under the video
screen, is light enough for a baby to hold. Do you wanna hold it? You like it. Its a flashlight that you
can bring with you for any emergency situation. So you have the red that you
can use to signal distress. You got a bright
flashlight right of the top and then its so light, I can
hold a fourteen pound baby in one hand, this in the other. With a work light, you are gonna
wanna have at your disposal Its under thirty bucks. Let me show this to you up close. So again, it’s lighter than
your typical flashlight but it has so many crazy features. This mode is fantastic if
you need to use this as a spot light. Again, this is free standing, right? When can you just have a
flashlight with adjustable angles? It doesn’t happen. The SOS light, fantastic! If you need to signal for distress, but this same flashlight which is very
very powerful also has this work light function
which I showed you Yet, many bright LED which are
low consumption in terms of power. I’ll show you how this
recharges in a moment. But you can also open up the bottom. Now, if you’re wondering just
how bright this happens to be Let have some fun here. Alexa, turn the studio off. (click, light turns off) – OK Spin this around. And you can see very wall all the brick over here with these lights. Now, if you didn’t want stand this up, again, lets use the flashlight part. Its casting a really nice bright
white LED light, if you use this as a work light
in a garage or a shed. Alexa, turn the studio on. (click) – OK. – So the light’s back on. I’m gonna show you the charge port. This recharges through your typical outlet with a included AC adaptor. But its the DC adaptor for your
car slash cigarette lighter that actually has me excited
because for those of us that would carry this as it does condense into something very small that you can put into a glove compartment or in an emergency kit. Its great to have something
that you could recharge in an event that your car gets stalled or if you are an outdoor enthusiast you just keep this in your
vehicle ready for anytime or anything that life throws at you. This is a wonderful accessory
to have included especially at this price. Again, at under thirty bucks,
can find this link by clicking the description box below with
my diaper and formula costs. And eventual, hair styling once this comb-over grows through. I’m gonna tell you right now, the amount of money I can
save on everyday essentials. For me, is what makes my life so excited is the bargain hunter,
but also what excites me so much is saving you money. I know you got so many
different expenditures this time of year and I would like to help you
save as much money as humanly as possible on everything. The only reason I need to hunt down a product this is because of your request. Some of you may know I work
for television for both North and South Carolina and my heart
to out to anyone affected by the hurricanes and the flooding
and the aftermath and its because of people like you that
I knew to hunt down product like this. So hopefully, that next storm won’t hit, but if it does, this is the type of thing
that I wanna have around. Thank you for watching. Feel free to leave me a comment
or if there’s any other deal you want. I love you. Mara says Thank you, right? (imitating baby sound)
yeah Its unspoken, she appreciates you. Okay, if your not yet
subscriber to this channel, this is what you need to do. Click on my head, right here
to subscriber to this channel or you can click on Mara’s. Your beautiful growing head
with those spectacular cheeks. If you need help turning
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big round of a deal did, right over here.

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