Best Small Off Road Camper NOBO 10.6 Forest River

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information from full time RVers Like the name NoBo implies, this rugged
little trailer has no boundaries and can go wherever you want to take it.
The idea behind the 10.6 was due to its light weight and small size. Most vehicles
you already own can tow it. The NoBo 10.6 is 13 feet 9 inches in length, 7
feet 4 inches wide. Keep in mind that many SUVs are just 6 and a half feet
wide on the exterior. The NoBo is 7 feet 5 inches high. The interior space
dimensions are an impressive 60 by 80 inches, which is larger than a queen-size
bed and has an interior height of 55 inches. And if you remove the cushions,
you can fit a full-size ATV in the interior, making this rig a mini off-road
toy hauler. Hitch weight on the NoBo 10.6 is 236 pounds, while the unloaded vehicle
weight is 1763 pounds. The NoBo’s cargo carrying capacity is 1973 pounds.
The NoBo 10.6 has a 30 gallon freshwater tank but no gray or black
water tanks. On the door side of this rig you’ll find a full exterior pantry as
well as a pull-out kitchen featuring a 12-volt Dometic CFX 12 volt electric
cooler this cooler runs on AC or DC. and temperature ranges from 7 degrees
Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. the pull-out kitchen also has a two burner
propane cooktop. The NoBo 10.6 has an outside shower, an optional rooftop
sleeper tent that will sleep 2 to 3 people, doubling the campers sleeping capacity. The NoBo comes solar prepped and is
equipped with an LP quick-connect. There’s an optional batwing awning
system that provides 270 degrees of coverage and provides 118 square feet of
shade. You’ll find all LED lights both on the interior and the exterior of this
rig. The interior of the noble 10.6 can be set up in multiple options which
includes a dinette option, utilizing two pull down tables on either side of the
interior. You can also set it up as a sleeper cabin arrangement with a
full-size queen mattress that can be used as a sofa too. The NoBo 10.6 comes
with the JBL flip five portable wireless and waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The
NoBo 10.6 has welded aluminum framing around all openings, Azdel sidewalls …Azdel has 3x the insulation factor of wood with half the weight of wood and
block foam insulation cut to the exact size to fit every opening. Frame mounted
walkable steel fenders and a fully walkable extreme-ply PVC roof. The NoBo
10.6 is equipped with a torsion axle with independent suspension and 16-inch
nitrogen-filled all-terrain tires. Thanks for watching this video, if you’re interested in more small trailers, check out my video titled 5
Best Small Sized Campers!

17 thoughts on “Best Small Off Road Camper NOBO 10.6 Forest River

  1. I love these videos! Absolutely No Boundaries. I have one of these next to me here in the campground.

  2. I am starting to like these off road campers more an more every time I see one. I love the idea of a four wheel drive truck an off road trailer that will carry you places that you don't never go to. Like the north rim of grand canyon where there is no camp sites or back side of Moab. Thanks

  3. I’ve always thought a rooftop tent would be cool to camp in. Love the off-road capability with this one. Nice review!

  4. For weekenders this is perfect! Especially for boondocking 😉 Nice little towable 😊

  5. i looked at these in texas before i bought mine, now i really want this for off roading

  6. Saw the NoBo at the Tampa Show. It was impressive what they included into that space.

  7. Nice looking little rig. Not sure I could do it but very cool to thank about the possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Alice loves the extreme off road trailers, when we do Alaska in summer 2021 we will either bring a trailer like this or put a truck camper on our dually. Great review Russ and Kerry, love the clearly spoken voice over., Larry

  9. We love small rvs and this is amazing. Russ these voice-overs are epic. You have the perfect annoucer voice.
    Lou & Angie 💚❤

  10. Almost went with a NOBO before we got woody. Now we might have to reconsider with that additional sleeping space on top. Bye bye Fabian. Lol. Jk

  11. These are so cute and perfect for any solo traveler like myself.👍🏻

  12. Cool little off road camper. Great voice over, Russ. Thanks for showing it to all of us.

  13. This is cool. The industry has really embraced so many with smaller vehicles. Anyone one can own and haul a camper now. As usual, really great review. Thanks Russ.

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