BEST SOLAR OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTS NIGHT TEST | Litom Solar Lights Outdoor 30 Review Update

– Hey dads, this is an update video to a video that I did titled, The Best Solar Security Outdoor Lights. And I had a Tennessee Traveler here who had a question for
me, so I figured that I would update you guys with
an answer to this question, which is, “Is a nighttime test upcoming “to see how the lights light up the area?” So we’re going to do that today. First of all, hi. Hi to all the new dads out there. This is Dad Reviews. This is where I give you my unedited, hopefully more authentic
look at the products that I like, use, have,
and that light up the area. So if you’re interested in that, you might want to consider
clicking that subscribe button. So I’m going to link these lights up down in the description below. I think that they are
some of the best outdoor security lights that have the
solar power panels on ’em, so you don’t have to do
any wiring or anything. It’s finally nighttime,
and I finally remembered I saw a comment to do the
test, so I figured that since Tennessee Traveler
asked for it, I would do it. So what I have here is,
I’m out in the garage, and underneath this
little area right here, I don’t know what that’s called, and a little up higher is
where the light is sitting. I’m going to go out there, and
I’m just going to walk out there with the camera, so you guys can see, and I’m going to turn
off this light right here that I have on to light my face. So it’s going to get dark. This camera, unfortunately,
does not do that well in low light, so we’ll see
how well this test comes out. I think it should do all right. So let me go ahead and come over here and turn off this light. And like I said, if you guys want to read other people’s reviews about this product, I’m going to link it up down
in the description below, but I bet somebody has left a review about the low light test if you all want to go and check that out. But just in case someone hasn’t,
okay, the lights are off. I’m going to walk out here. Walkin’ out, walkin’ out, walkin’ out. And, boom, there it is. It lights up. It does fairly well. See, look. The light is right up there, right up top where the eave is. That’s where the old
security light used to be, and now I’ve got this one here, and what I like about it is that it also has a few
LEDs over onto the side that light up the side area, as well. So I’m going to walk over this way. Walk probably a good, I
don’t know, what is that, seven feet or so? Then I’m going to walk back this way, and then now I’m right
in front of the light, so this is probably like the most light that I’ll get from it. Again, remember, this camera doesn’t do very well in low light. Then I’m going to just walk
over here, the other way, so you guys can get an idea of
the lighting situation here. Again, for me, it’s great. I can see everything. I can see the ground right here. I can see the plants back there. And I’m just going to walk
away from the light now so you guys can get an
idea for that, as well. Again, lighting up our
entire garden right here, for me. Unfortunately, the camera
does not do it justice, but the fact that you guys can see me and it actually looks fairly decent should let you guys know that, yes, this security light right
there is doing great. And this is the Litom security light, so go check it out, see if
it’s something that you like. There may be other ones
out there on the market that give a little bit brighter. I really don’t know. You can go check the lumens
on it on the website. But if you guys are liking
what we’re doing here on Dad Reviews, and you
have a question for me about these lights, let me know
down in the comments below. I’ll see if I can answer it for ya. I’m always active down
there, talkin’ to you dads. If you all want to watch the
original videos that I did about these lights, I’m going
to link that up right there. You all can go and check that out. If you guys want to
watch more of our videos, make sure to click that subscribe button. I’m going to put some more
videos right there on the screen. I’d love it if you guys
watched more of our videos. Thank you all for watching our videos. Thank you to Tennessee Traveler
for leaving that comment, definitely appreciate that. Oh, that thumbs up is
appreciated, and dad out.

2 thoughts on “BEST SOLAR OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTS NIGHT TEST | Litom Solar Lights Outdoor 30 Review Update

  1. i have the mpow version of this light as it gives a high solar conversion than most solar lights on the market and so far its lasted with out running out of battery power, and as you stated in the vid about your camera that it dont pick it up to well, i can say how bright it is from the use of my one, i have tried it a a couple different locations around my house and in each location t lit up the whole area, and i have mine low down and it also lights the upstairs rooms in the house to, great and very bright light to have and run time is great to, here in the uk we heading to about 8 hrs of day light max and it lasts all night and lights up every time some walks past it, i would say its well worth buying and once placed in the right position it works very well, great review to dad reviews

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