Best Super Glue for Cosplay : Insta Cure

so what is the best superglue to use
with your metal foam and 3d printed cosplays I’ll give you my pick coming up welcome to dishes and stitches I’m your
host Charles Stark and on this channel we bring you cosplay tips and tricks
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consider subscribing so today I want to share with you what I believe is the
best super glue to use in your cosplay builds I was tipped off to this product
and I’ve been using it ever since and it makes a world of difference so today I
want to tell you about it and I even want to show you how it works by gluing
a broken prop back together the product I’m talking about today is Bob Smith
industries insta-cure this stuff is amazing it’s your typical tsiyon I
acrylate glue and the fact that it is a quick-acting
adhesive and this works on metal this works on wood this works on EDA foam and
it even works on 3d prints and to show you how good it works today I am going
to glue back tias god-killer this sword was broken during mega con
and I’m going to use it now to demonstrate just how strong this product
can be so to start off what I did is I took a little bit and I added it to the
middle of this paint palette that way I can apply it to the base of the sword
here with a brush now we added it to the base here and
we’re going to go ahead and attach the handle and make sure that everything is
lined up there we go and then we’re going to hold it for about five to 15
seconds all right well it’s been about 15
seconds let’s give it a test as you can see it is already holding pretty well we
just want to let this set some more we want it to cure and if you’re in a hurry
you can always buy a bottle of setter what you would do is you would put this
on top of the glue and it would help the glue set a little quicker but there you
go guys there is insecure at its best working
hard we’re gonna put this down hopefully it doesn’t break even more I’m just
kidding it’s pretty set we’re just gonna let it cure up there you go so guys it’s
secure get yourself a bottle of this this is a lifesaver we have been using
it on our 3d prints we’ve been using it on our Eevee a foam build and we’ve been
using it we don’t have any metal cosplays but they say it can work for a
metal as well so as you can see this is a great product highly recommend that
you have this in your arsenal of tools you can find a link to this down in the
show notes you can check it out if you want it’s uh get yourself a bottle this
stuff really works and it is really great well guys there you go insecure in
action pick yourself up a bottle thank you for checking this video out if you
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