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Hey guys, Roger here back with another
video and today I’ve got the best tech under $30 or £20 if you’re in the
UK. I picked up all of these products on Amazon and I will leave links to
everything in the description below. If it’s your first time watching one of my
videos please do hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss my next one and
with that said let’s get started. So first up is the Spigen Essential
Wireless Charger which is very very thin at just 4 millimeters. It’s compatible with
any Qi enabled device which means as well as many Android devices it will
also charge an iPhone 8, 8 plus and of course the iPhone X. There’s a non-slip
material on the bottom of the wireless charger which grips a flat surface and
that means it’s not going to slide around. It comes supplied with a micro
USB cable, but no power adapter however any adapter that has a 2 amp output or
above will work just fine. charging speeds will vary depending on
your device but this charger will only charge at a normal speed meaning
that it doesn’t have the ability to fast charge. Still for the money it’s a really
nice wireless charger. Next is the Soundcore Mini
Bluetooth Speaker by Anker which blew me away the first time I use this. I
seriously cannot believe how powerful this tiny bluetooth speaker is, and also
how much bass it’s able to produce. Anker say that the battery will last
for 15 hours of continuous playback and while I don’t think I managed to get a
full 15 hours, it really wasn’t that far off. The speaker has a 5 watt driver and
a passive subwoofer, micro SD card support and it also has an auxilary
input there’s a non-slip material on the bottom of this speaker which grips a
flat surface well and the front of the speaker has a strip of very easy to
press buttons. This is a really stunning product for such a very small price. Next is the Ravpower 60 watt USB wall charger which comes supplied with a
power cable and it can charge or power up to six devices
all at the same time. It has a built-in overcharging, overheating and also short-circuit protection system and although it doesn’t support Qualcomm quick charge, it can charge 6 2.4 amp devices at the same time, which effectively gives you
the same power as 6 iPad chargers all-in-one. This charger is also smart so
it will adjust the charging current to suit the device you have connected to it. So given all of those features and it’s very small price, I think this is a very
good product. The last item in today’s video is the
Pulesen Fast Wireless Charger which also acts as a stand for your phone. Now
in the US I believe the brand is slightly different and it’s called
Pleson but I will leave links in the description below for you guys.
Now it comes with a micro USB cable but no power adapter so you will need to
connect this to a power adapter that’s powerful enough especially if you want
to use the fast charge feature with a Samsung device. All other devices such as
an iPhone though for example will charge at the normal speed. It’s a simple
charger with a dual coil design which means you can charge your phone in
portrait or landscape modes, in or out of a case as long as the case you’re using
isn’t made of metal. The built-in LED indicator light will turn off about 10
seconds after your phone starts charging and as that LED light is not on all of
the time, it’s really good as a bedside charger. So there you have it guys they
are the best tech products under $30 or £20 if you’re in the UK, I really
hope you enjoyed the video and again please don’t forget to subscribe so that
you don’t miss my next video, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next

12 thoughts on “Best Tech Under $30 / £20 – January 2018 (Inc Anker SoundCore Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review) | 4K

  1. The Anker speaker looks awesome. I’ve only used their charging cables. If the quality is just as good I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Hey man it's a really good video production with great b-rolls?. I also have the SoundCore Mini and it is really a nice little speaker with good bass production.

  3. I actually have the 6 port usb charger already, and its brilliant! Charges everything, my phones, tablet, powerbanks and still has left over ports ready for something else! I use this as a night time charger and id be lost without it!

  4. Come on someone help me

    I have £ 22 to spend No More AND I wanna know what speaker have bass that I can actually F.E.E.L good

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