Beyond the Currents – River Stories with Dave Perrin

There’s a real spiritual quality to the
river that you get to experience if you are open to it. Now I can get emotional
about that. You know it’s magical place. I’d heard
about it for awhile before I actually saw it so it was really built up in my
mind and when I laid eyes on the Chattooga, it just hit me I found what I’m looking for
this is where I want to be. My name’s David Perrin and I’m the river
operations manager for Chattooga Outpost for Nantahala Outdoor Center. I started
off as a guide little did they know they wouldn’t get rid of me when they gave me
this job. I think I’m one of the luckiest people
that I know of. I met my wife in NOC. Her dream was to start a
family and I went along with it. So we had three children, boys and a girl
and they just grew up they learned to swim on the river they learned to
understand currents on the river. That was our playground as they got better
they learned more and more skills until in the end by the time NOC was
done when they were expert paddlers. My greatest joy is watching them grow and
develop watching our staff grow and develop just as I did. It’s pretty hard to imagine the Chattooga
outposts without Dave Perrin. Well we call him Pepaw, treats us like family.
Once you’re part of the family you are in forever.
Dave actively wants us to get better, he sets a really high bar. All the things
that life throws at you the ups and downs you should have confidence you can
overcome them because you were Chattooga River guide at one time. I have transferred that great love for
the river to a love for watching others accomplish what I could accomplish and I guess that’s the natural
progression as a parent because that tend to look at all this staff it’s my
kids worry about them I want them to do well and when they come back and like
any parent sees their child do well then it it makes you feel like your life is
is complete.

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