BIG RIVER hold the BIGGEST pike?

Good morning my beloved Freewater friends. Today… we’re on a lake… where we can catch huge pike. Unfortunately… we’ve lost our good friend Oskar on the way here. He’s got a late pregnant wife at home. So he had to go home. It’ll be just me and Johnny now. We’ll try to lure a big one today. We’ve got one and a half day to catch a big one. And we will do whatever it takes! What are you up to Ludde?
Switching hooks? Yeah, I don’t wanna miss one single bite in this lake. One bite might be my dream fish. So i’ll get new ones on. The others were worn out. They were bent too. So two new hooks. You need 3/0 for that bait right? Exactly. 3/0 is good since the bait is quite wide. 2/0 wouldn’t have worked. 3/0 is perfect. Won’t tangle at all. Hopefully it’ll produce some fish. Let’s go! We will, both me and Johnny… Start with a clip on weight. To get it a little bit further down. I’ll attach it to the swivel. On the leader. There. This will get the bait down just a little bit faster. And you can fish this at 3 to 3,5 meters. Bam! Wowowow. What’s the water temp? There!
Pike! Might be big! Nope, not that big! Not that big. It got my heart racing! Yea this is nerv wracking Nice bite! Not a big pike, but a nice bite! We have located them! On the black and purple! First fish of the day! Let’s catch another! Slow start, with one bite, and one fish! And we also saw a big pike in the surface out here! Hopefully it was hunting! We will keep on fishing! It feels like a big pike day?! Yes! It’s kind of cold right now… 7 degres maybe? It’s not a big one. Like the last one! This one bit when I ripped the bait a bit faster! Nice work Ludde! Not huge, but nice! Nice back! Striked when I ripped the bait fast! It’s always nice to catch them! Yea, for the good mojo! What do you fish with? Our new bait! What about the rod and reel? I fish with a Shimano Tranx 301, This is the low gear modell And the rod… We fish with our custom made Freewater rod series! We will be selling these rods in the future! We don’t know how they will look like, but something like this, 8 ft, fast, casting weight up to 140-150 g Look at this color! British racing green! We are trying to build a rod that we love! But it has to be in a price range that fits for almost everyone! That’s why we are trying to build a rod that we like! These rods are a dream to fish with! I have the same rod here, but with burnt cork! Fish on! No, it came off! I lost a nice pike… Hard to tell how big… no monster, but still a nice fish. It wasn’t a tiny one. Maybe a 5-6 kg pike! Too bad.. it was a hard strike! You need some bites for the mojo, you guys know how it is! You cast and cast, and you need some bites to keep up the mojo! That was like a hammer on the backbone! We know that this point is a sweet spot. It creates a eddie where all the baitfish hang around. There’s a lot of baitfish around. Look at the sonar! Here they are! There we have the answer why that pike was here! Here for breakfast! Fish on! Big pike! Yea! In the middle of the stream! Not a huge one, but still 5-6 kg. Wow it’s beautiful! Look at that broad back! Nice looking pike! Nice Johny! You needed that one! Nice bite! In the middle of the stream! This is so cool! Maybe 6 kg? Yeah guaranteed! This pike is healthy! What a nice pike! It’s heavy! It’s time to let her go! She’s angry and want’s to go! Look how broad the back is! So strong! Pike fishing is the best! Finally some revenge for me! I’ve had a hard time! Ludde have designed this lure, And Mangeboy built them with some nice colors! It’s a prototype! The plan is to sell this bait in the future, at, Swedens best fishing store! I’m a bit excited, I’m shaking! It’s a cool bait, everybody can fish it! You can fish this steady retrieve with your eyes closed, you can fish it more aggressive Rip it! It’s a jointed lure! In this case I have attached a small lead, to make it swim deeper! Let’s catch a bigger one! It’s big pike weather today! Smells like.. 120cm pike! That girl was out hunting! As you can see, we are at the boat launch. We have picked up the boat. No monster pike this time.. We did the best we could! Felt like they didn’t want to bite! We didn’t have any bites towards the end of the session. We tried loads of different baits, and methods. Today and yesterday evening… the big pike didn’t want to play with us… yea, and that’s fishing… We break down, and come back! Thanks to everyone watching this! Yes! Keep on following us on youtube! We will release a lot of new videos! And thanks to our sponsors Volkswagen! Without them we wouldn’t be here right now! and Probably the most stocked fishing store out there! Yea they are great! Fantastic staff working there! Thanks again everyone!

11 thoughts on “BIG RIVER hold the BIGGEST pike?

  1. Lätt den bästa kanalen som skapats på denna plattformen. Skitfiske på er 😀

  2. Lika kung som vanligt men när spelades detta in, vart i detta avlånga land går det att fiska gädda med spinn denna tid på året? 😀👍

  3. We’re getting tons of questions about the bait, and we’re thrilled you seem as excited about it as we are. The bait will be available on the sport fishing fair in Stockholm. A limited edition hand carved by Mangeboy. It’ll be expensive and precious. Later this year we will have the official release of the bait and you will be able to buy it from our web shop or at

    Thanks for being so hyped! 🙂

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