Big Salmon Caught By 2 People At The Salmon River Please leave me a comment below Let me know if you liked this Video Visit my Facebook page Give me a like….post a comment… some pictures of your catches….I would LOVE to hear from you Hope you enjoyed this video….Thanks for watching!! Bye Yes that’s right they can bite!!!

3 thoughts on “Big Salmon Caught By 2 People At The Salmon River

  1. That fish is black. was this the end of your season ?? or is that how they come in your neck of the woods..????
     I will have to google earth where abouts you are, but that many people in that skinny river and black salmon , I would have stayed in bed…. did you find out what flies they were using. maybe get some video of there fly patterns in the future…

  2. Oh yes Maurice this wasn't exactly the end of season but it was narrowing down, as far as the fly patterns pretty much everybody was using egg patterns, The Blue colors seem to work the best here in the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. As far as that many people yes, when it comes to the Salmon Running it is combat fishing and I don't get into that but I do like to watch how stupid people can get! Thanks

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