Bilirakis Introduces Legislation to Improve Flood Insurance Maps

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to discuss important
legislation I will soon be introducing in this Congress, the Flood Insurance Integrity
Act. Flooding and flood insurance are major issues
for Florida and my district. Our community along the coast is prone to
experiencing hurricanes and tropical storms on a regular basis. Flood insurance is a must where we live. But right now, the National Flood Insurance
Program bases its flood insurance rates on maps that can be 50 years or older. Many are completely out of date and often
inaccurate. It’s also one of the reasons that NFIP is
over $23 billion in debt. The Flood Insurance Integrity Act would require
an open and transparent annual review of flood maps. Sounds good! Americans who need flood insurance should
be able to trust that their flood insurance premiums accurately reflect their flood risk. It’s the least we can do. This bill seeks to do that. I yield back, thank you.

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