Billion Trees Tsunami Plantation Project Documentary: “Time To Safe Trees”

I am mate here in this Nursery . I am Guarding plants here. Watering Weeding and removing Grass is my responsibility . I am doing my Job with responsibility since 3 years when this project was started and it is a great project. We give these plants for free and plant them on mountains where there are no plants. We take these plants in Cars there . In this Area we planted plants on the base of Billion Trees Plantation Project. We Planted Trees with the support of the owners of the land In 2016 we started planting trees here after doing agreement with the owners. To plant trees, To Bring Plants , instruments and material here is my responsibility . To motivate people is my responsibility . We are planting here since January 2016 and working here. I am guarding plants here. We are are guards here and we work here together. When a plant dies we plant new plant and we plant seeds and when Dry Grass catches fire we extinguish fire and inform the Office , Most of people dont have knowledge of this . Those who have knowledge , they help us . Few people cause trouble but they are Getting better. We bring these from mountains and take seeds out of these . Watershed have started a great project. First we faced (Public) trouble . And we didnt had knowledge about this thing but now we are learning about it . and we know that this is benefit for us and our new generation This wood will be useful for us to burn in future and it will help us allot in future and we thank this team for starting such a great for us . Babu Sdaquat gave us this nursery. When we got to know about these nurseries we asked him. We started working here and hired some girls from village to fill the tubes and to plant Seeds . And we did some work by our self. We started this work so that we can earn some money and the poor girls of village.

38 thoughts on “Billion Trees Tsunami Plantation Project Documentary: “Time To Safe Trees”

  1. Mashaa Allah great man off world my Pakistani leader imran Khan sahab

  2. A very positive move for environment, global warming and Pakistan in general and KP province in particular. Hope other provinces follow it too especially Sindh.

  3. Hadis e Nabi ahar tum TREE laga rhy hu aur Qayamat ka sur phunk dia jai tum phir bi darakht lagana mat rokna .

  4. Thanks for Billion Trees, Wish for Trillion Trees next time. inshallah

  5. Well done KP Government.
    other provinces should also take such kind of initiative.
    very well documented as well. GOOD JOB

  6. You could have planted fruit trees like Olive, Peach, Almond and Walnut so that it increase income.

  7. This all credit goes to Imran khan. Ye zardari aur nawaz ki soch se ooper ki baat hai. Nation ki taraqi aise hote hai

  8. sadiooon ke baad ese insaan paida hote hein pakistanio ,,qadr kro imran khan ki

  9. Even you get odds in your path plzz don't give up Imran khan you are our inspiration God bless you

  10. Ya Allah …Ajar day in sabko jo jo dil se iss mansoobay ko kamyab bana rha ha!

  11. Now another billion in sindh , two billion in punjab , and 5 billion in balochistan

  12. Lesson comes at a cost. Its never too late. We as humans can recover our planet. Great step taken by pakistan. The trees will bring back ecosystem , beautiful climate.

  13. Australian plans to plant 20 million trees. But are removing many more as they clear faster than planting trees. Disgusting Australia. Shame on the government who allows mining to strip the land without consideration of the air,water or wildlife.

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