Bionic Spotlight review: as seen on TV solar powered spotlight

so this video takes me further down the
road of my never-ending quest for exterior lighting today we’re looking at
the Bell & Howell Bionic spotlight it’s solar powered
you know is cool about this it’s supposed to mirror or look like a camera
an exterior camera so that’s kind of cool anyway this is Jeff with Jeffery
views for you and my channels dedicated to reviewing mostly as seen on TV items
I look at some consumer gadgets other household items once in a while I do a
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notified every time I release a video just like this one now let’s see what
the Bionic spotlight really has to offer so before we unbox
the Bionic spotlight I want to let you know it cost about 20 bucks at my local
asking on TV retailer which fits right into that price point of other as seen
on TV solar-powered lights this one does not require any batteries and does not
require any wires because well it’s solar powered right that makes sense all
right I just wanted you to know that before we unbox it now let’s unbox this
and see really how cool it is let’s do a quick unboxing all right what do we have
here all right so it looks like this foam
whew I’ve got some directions here which I’ll look at that off-camera I have what
looks like a quick installation guide and maybe an arbitration agreement so
this is kind of cool I have a nice large solar panel I have what looks like eight
LED lights a mount so that’s pretty cool alright so let’s look at this more in
depth so the mounting hardware you undo this real quick alright so it looks like
what I need to do first is I need to use the included screws to screw this into
whatever and then of course I’ll hook up the ball here and then tighten this on
the cool thing about this once I get this tightened let’s see the cool thing
about this is I can angle this with different directions for whatever I need
that’s neat alright so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna read through the directions
and then I’m gonna check this out outside oh I forgot this there’s an
on/off button right here all right so it’s got off when I got on so let’s see
what happens when I turn it on whoa that’s bright it already has a charge
that’s cool alright I want to read directions we’ll be right back
the directions were pretty basic this is not a high high tech device but there’s
one cool thing I want to show you and I’m gonna try to show off the blinking
red light let’s show you what that looks like I wanted to show you what it looked
like to have the security camera blinking red light going on I have a
solar panel actually covered with the directions that it came with but this is
what people will see I much rather show it to you at night as well but just in
case I don’t get a good view and if I move all of a sudden the light kicks on
now it’ll stay on for 30 seconds unless it’s light then it just turns off by by
itself when it’s light out and the Sun is out you notice that the red security
light is no longer lit up it only works at night when it’s covered here we have
installed the Bell & Howell bionics light there’s just three screws real
simple to install now shit you should note that once it’s installed you can’t
take it off without removing the screws I’ve got the solar panel facing the Sun
it’s cool because it’s multi-directional here so I could twist this to bring this
up or down just to face the Sun it is really neat because they say this looks
sort of like a camera and it does and one thing I noticed at night this has
been up for a few days is it actually has a red blinking light
in there so I’m gonna try to capture that on video but it’s supposed to look
like a camera so here it is next to atomic beam Sun blasts can you see that
of the size difference and tonight we’ll check out the actual brightness of it
and the sensitivity of the motion sensor but there it is installed I should note
that you can the way you have this position you can actually twist and turn
this so it’s different directions just depending on what you want if you really
do want to look like a camera and I guess that’s the point of this but that
all goes with this mechanism here so now that we have the Bionic spotlight fully
installed I didn’t show you how to install it goes realistically it’s just
three screws that you screw in I did show you how to work the mechanism
anyway I don’t want to bore you with that so now that we have it installed
we’re actually gonna go now to looking at it at night we’re gonna do from the
front we’re also gonna do it from the side just to see how that motion sensor
works so let’s go to that right here I wanted you to see the Bell & Howell
Bionic spotlight red blinking light this is what people will see at night so as
it looks like it’s a camera so let’s take a few steps closer to it and see
how long it takes to turn on I’m about 20 feet away right now oh there it is 20
feet away there’s my atomic beam pop it on – it’s pretty bright about 20 feet
away from straight on I would love to hear from you what’s
your favorite exterior light did you like the atomic beam light did you like
the Bell + Howell bionic spotlight let me know down in the comment section
below which one do you prefer we are from the
side it’s a little different you can still see that red blinking light it’s
very interesting the blinking pattern looks somewhat unnatural alright ooh
that one turned on I’m about 10 feet there so I think the side there it goes
from the side you really have to be lined up with the motion sensor for it
to detect you but it eventually turned out about 10 feet away so even though
this was not a comparison review I did show you two different lights right of
course the review is all about the bionic spotlight but I also showed the
atomic beam son blast in the video and I wanted to show you the difference in
size of the two some of you out there may have the Sun blast because it’s bad
for a year or more so I wanted to show you the LED lights I wanted to show you
the solar panel I want to know if I can get them both to turn on let’s see
seeing you all bright they are next to each other alright so if I put that one
on Oh that’d work anyway I just want to show you those two things because it’s
important to know they have about the same size motion sensor actually you
know what the Sun glass is a little larger but for those of you out there
that love this one you’re probably gonna like this one too and this one may be a
little more versatile I just wanted to show you the head to head even though it
wasn’t a comparison so today we’ve been looking at the Bionic spotlight it’s
Belle Howells newest exterior light that yes is solar paneled um as I said before
it has just an on/off button there is no difference level of brightness I wanted
you to just know that well you saw it outside it was pretty impressive like it
does look like a security camera I think it’s kind of neat and maybe it won’t
fool everyone I think some people may believe that little blinking red light
could be recording no no I like the brightness level of it
I like the solar panel because it seems to be big enough to charge I had it set
up for about four days outside just charging because I want to make sure it
was fully fully charged before I even use it and it did a great job even next
to the atomic beam or the atomic last Sun beam I thought it did a really
really good job it’s pretty sensitive what I do like is that I can move this
left and right and up and down just depending on how I have the base and
that’s kind of neat too so if I were to do a buy or deny with this I would say
you know what for $19.99 or 20 bucks it’s great exterior light now you gotta
also make sure you’re in direct sunlight otherwise it doesn’t really work as long
it’ll probably pick up some charge but then it might not be as much anyway this
was Jeff who just turned on with Jeff reviews for you as always thanks for
stopping by I hope you have a great day I really do appreciate that you stood
around for my entire review of the bell + Howell bionic spotlight it’s another
as seen on tv exterior light that solar panel one thing I did want to bring up
that I didn’t mention during the video is I had different levels of sensitivity
for the solar panel or not solar panel but the motion sensor light sometimes I
was up as close as 15 feet and it didn’t go off all the times I was as far as way
is 40 feet and it went off so I will say it does work it just sort of like
different from time to time um it always turned on but sometimes I was close and
sometimes I was further away um so I just wanted you to know that not that
long ago I did a comparison of two other solar lights then I linked that right up
here and I would love it if you would click on this review video for some
other solar light when one’s an Amazon one one’s an N seen on TV one
so click on this link right up here and I’ll see you at that review it’s safe I
promise also make sure you’re logged in so I’m
not just going to the air and looking crazy right here

5 thoughts on “Bionic Spotlight review: as seen on TV solar powered spotlight

  1. Seemed bright enough and straight on detection was good as in it would be great for the side of the house where one doesn't really want to annoy the neighbors. Would like a little wider side detection though. I have a similar product that sticks in the ground. For the price, no complaints. Thanks for the review.

  2. Kind of need to show how well it lights up the area to have an idea of the light swath(area) it covers.

  3. Off topic Jeff; with all the concern over this new corona virus, have you ever reviewed any products which claim to "kill" viruses?
    I'm especially interested in utilizing UVC light and/or ozone gas……I did take a quick look through your older videos but didn't see anything, I may have missed it however!
    Could well be products that your subscribers would find interesting and helpful at this time?

  4. Good Morning Jeff!! 👍👍👍Almost missed this one didn't show up on my phone again…

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