Black Buffalo Fish using a Fake Minnow at the Hustisford Dam

I got one. I think this is the Black Buffalo. You ready for some ghost stories and stuff? Hee hee. This is Tiefsa, I’ve got my iPhone with a flashlight because it’s it’s really early and I’m trying to go fishing. Here’s the deal. This is what’s going on. So I went to Hustisford, a while back to try and catch bigmouth buffalo and I did catch one but I went and looked at the tape and I caught a black Buffalo, too. Now I don’t think it’s fair that I made a video and said I caught one species and I really caught two, and then count it as two Every time I have a video, I want to make one video per species of fish to honor the fish so I’m here, in Hustisford by the dam to try and catch a bigmouth buffalo or a black Buffalo, I don’t care i just want to catch a fish one of either or so i can count it let’s go catch some fish I have a secret weapon. No, it’s not my blood it’s molasses. I’m going to cover the minnow in molasses. I don’t know. We’ll see. Are the Buffalo out there? Ooh! I’ve got one. Is he big? No. Hey! Look at you! I got one. I think this is the black Buffalo. Look at how his, when I talk, see his pointy fin? Okay, here I’ll try and do it. Hi! Hi little guy see he’s got a pointier fin on the top that’s a black Buffalo that’s the one I, I caught second, so I already got one. What do you know? Hey! First fish of the day, Weee! Oooh. Eew. Got one. Ahh. Not a big one. Did I snag him? sorry buddy Guess I snagged ya. You guys are out there. Hey, hey, calm down Calm down. So, I’m relaxing a little bit right now I’m just gonna watch my line. How’s that. It’s time to take a break. I got a buffalo already maybe I can catch a carp or something right now Wow I got one What do we got? get out of there. It’s a big carp Ooh. Stop it. Knock it off. Oh, this is going to be hard. Hey look at you you big sob put you on the grass. Look at that carp that is a big fish. So, I caught a carp this might be the biggest fish I’ve ever caught all right i’m gonna weigh you and get you out of here okay. You are six pounds two ounces. Hey! Hey! Calm down. Ahhhh! Hope that looks good.

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