This is the blood noon
reading for the year 2019 okay if you haven’t seen the year reading please go
back and connect please go back please go back and connect with the channel
okay and look for your sign and listen to the general reading because January
20th January & 21st… between the 20th of January 2019 and a 21st in some
places in the world of 22nd there is going to be a Blood Moon now people it’s gonna be a shift it’s gonna be
powerful if you’re Christian II believe in the Bible and you believe in the
churches you can read it in Revelation Amos Luke what is about to happen
what’s placed in the Bible okay and this is what I’m saying to a lot of people if
you had watch the general Regents of one of the reasons I gave just the what to
expect in 2019 you would have seen that I did say that another disaster it’s
coming out okay so all right hold yourself embrace yourself January 28th
to 21st between genuine January 2019 um 20th to 21st or 22nd there is going
to be a Blood Moon February 19 there’s going to be a Black Moon March 21st
there’s going to be a Blood Moon okay all right if you haven’t wake up
from this you need to wake up now okay you need to understand
that there is a ship that is about to take place on this planet but if we now
between now and and March there is a huge ship that is about to take place on
this planet okay so is that it you’re ready for it or you’re not ready for it
but it’s going to be coming oh this ship and these three blood moons
and has been like a this has not happened that I think maybe the oldest
person who is oven giant or so have seen three blood moons after each other
people what this is saying is that something um expect earthquake
hurricanes flood tsunamis it’s going to be happening okay all right brace
yourself because I’m going to show you something to help you to understand what
exactly is about to happen and I’m going to do it in the simplest simplest form
because sometimes I look back at my reading and my reading was very very um
powerful where um some people first I show you what the tarot card I’m gonna
be showing you guys something with um the theory the Sirian the Sirian SRC
deck this is one of the most beautiful deck Assyrian is also on YouTube you can
watch them um Steven gray gray or something like that he made a movie also
so um you can watch it he has been doing on ufos investigation for a very very
long time okay and we don’t want and I don’t want because I was I know I have
to do it I know I have to do it but um this what I said what I what I saw was
incredible okay it’s just incredible and I’m George I’m gonna I’m gonna try and
explain it in just lane lanes man lanes man on version so that people can
understand okay all right the energy vibration of the year is 2
plus 1 is 3 and 9 is 12 for 1 plus 2 so you have the energy of the hangman so
that is about water that is about going within that is about completely finding
yourself at that sort of a thing okay and I really want to do this video
because I can feel and see the shape what is coming okay it’s like for for me
this month of January it’s just going to be it’s as if my buddies like an antenna
that I’m feeling whatever is going to be coming up I did tell you people about 3
times 1/3 times 2 3 times 3 3 times 4 okay
and I’m seeing a situation where there are some people that is all in on the
333 now I’m going to give another video about 3 3 3 so I want to clear up that
too because you have some people who just seems to um not really connecting
really oh I see they did a video and about Wendy and I’m gonna clear up that
thing with Wendy also ok all of these things are happening for a reason I did
say and go back to the message I gave and the new year and the 2019 messages
because there is just so much information that was in it ok so we have
completed the year 2019 so 2 if the energy of the I princess okay so if you
notice from 2000 the the the the Indians have stopped the man
Kalinda okay and since the stop of the main calendar we begin with two thousand
that when that was when America had to take the two K in Europe we change from
beginningless to Europe and all European countries has the same monetary union
okay so that was a big shit okay this is what we call like shit this is this is
how we explain ship when things huge things that is going to affect a country
place or a continent that’s a shit that’s a shit okay um so um in 2000 man
Kalinda didn’t go any further because they were like we don’t know what’s
coming up to this cuz whatever it’s coming after this we’re not seeing it we
can’t see in the future okay now you have to realize that or a salute to
civilization what’s made of of different different star seeds okay from different
universe you see the pyramid you see the copper in North America South America
all of these structures the Grand Canyon in Europe in Luxembourg you have the hub
in Luxembourg in the middle of the city we have in Germany on all these crystal
you know there is so much things like a Germany comparing to the rest France
each and every country has just something very special but I think the
most beautiful thing is the Hawks in zoo in Luxembourg in the in the center of
Lipson burg there is a phlegm that the light keeps on burning after
the Second World War and that light never goes out and so for people who
have never been to look some burg Luxembourg is one of the richest cities
countries it’s a little bit it’s a little country between France and that
arm Switzerland and the name of its Lipson Burke I’m sure a lot of people
are aware of the thing know what is so beautiful is that in the middle in the
centre of the city there’s a hot okay so you can go up the stairs like turkey
foot down okay now going back and connect in and I star seed we know that
a meteoroid I’d land it and that’s why that hot is in Luxembourg no not a lot
of people know about why that that’s a so what they did was to basically build
steps down into it’s it’s one of the most beautiful things to see cuz you’re
like Tempe in the Scott and it’s like a part down there okay I that’s one of my
um yeah unbelievable places to see in the world because that trust me I’ve I
have seen like most of the world so I’ve traveled expensive but that was a
meteoroid but coming back to what is about to happen in this year is
something that is unbelievable because I’m gonna show you a simple form let me
break it down simple so when we change the ship from the 19th to the 21st
century we have two thousand so it’s the I princess
now what happened in two thousand um we have the the 2ko and people were in
panic because the computers were gonna share from blah blah blah and then we
had the Euro the ship of the euro to change in for all European countries to
have one you it’s one monetary unit okay so that
happened in the year 2000 okay now um – it’s the energy of the I princess and
this is why tarot cards are just tools whatever information that comes and
depends on who the person who is given the information they can read from the
book but it depends on if they’re channeling and that sort of a thing
now I I do channel so that will come up now with the energy of the eye princess
what is happening is that um – is the first number but it’s 20 so it’s two
thousand so it’s judgment what is the ice princess it’s all about intuitions
all about you feeling it’s all about teaching you to feel it it’s all about
hidden secrets now judgment is 20 okay so you have to and you have 20 what
makes up 22 and zero zero is the fool go in on a new journey okay so the whole is
a beginning and I have to do it in simple forms because if I if I explain
this I don’t think a lot of people so I a lot of people learn and feel better
just by using cards and that’s sort of a thing and that’s why I think a lot of
people listen to tarot cards and they like to see the cars because it connects
with their brain then um they can basically understand what is going on
and some people just learn differently and that’s just something if you’re
normal some people just learn differently so that’s why I if you
notice in my wreath and sometimes I show the cards sometime I showed my face and
I am trying to let people understand that sometimes just using the card is
just going to be best okay okay so we have um the energy of the year which was
the Eggman so again 200 plus 1 is 3 plus 9 is 12 which is
energy of the Anglin and the energy of the Eggman is always you trying to find
yourself trying to come find out something trying to understand what is
going on try to connect with yourself and what is going on okay and I’m doing
it in layman’s phrase so let’s say this is the year 2019 because it’s a um two
plus one is three plus nine okay all right so what bills up 2019 okay so
because this is 20 and this is 1919 as the Sun so what is happening is that
there is going to be judgement okay um trying to get the lightning because the
cameras make me look so dark which I am NOT okay so um so 2219 it’s this year so
it’s judgment plus the energy of the Sun okay now this judgement it’s a water
energy to subscribe okay so you have water and you have fire okay so we’re
gonna break this down and I’m going to show you what I’m what I’m getting at
now if you break down this number which is 19 you get 10 because 1 plus 9 is
Stan the wheel of fortune so what this is saying is that it’s a climatic thing
it’s these things that coming from the past it’s returning in the future okay
so these event has to happen okay so the wheel of fortune is it’s the turning of
times it’s as if time is turning it’s moving its going faster but certain
things has to happen before it’s as if you have to go to a bad period before
you get the wheel of fortune okay because the wheel of fortune can comes
up but it can also come into reverse form so in the
and how it comes now how you learned it and how you see what is happening
basically which I was blown away from when I when I was researching it and I
was like okay if nobody understand us then I can’t explain it in layman in
name limbs the looms montage okay so when is when is when is on the full moon
the the Blood Moon the Blood Moon is going to affect most of the world on the
20th of January now what is the 20th of January
it has judgment what is judgment it’s a water element it’s a water sign judgment
is secrets this is hurricanes earthquakes tsunamis
okay all right so wind and water it’s hurricane and storm and earthquake and
tsunamis okay cuz it is wait it aside I’ll wave it is waking up the dead it’s
just awakening the debt so it’s awakening your soul okay so expect
something to happen um whether a week or seven days before the 20th of January
that is going to affect people um either worldwide or in specific countries it
has to do with water um it can be storms hurricane flooding um eruptions whatever
okay but it has to do with water um wave met water is tsunami okay so
wait with water is tsunami judgment it’s the element of water okay and this is
January 21st January 20th Blood Moon okay now no never have we had three
blood moons behind each other so ladies and
gentlemen brace yourself okay and I did say in the video before brace yourself
because things is about to happen okay so we had some judgment now every time
there is a Blood Moon okay every time there’s a Blood Moon because it’s there
all the shattering of the hurt and the Sun okay
and there is a Blood Moon now um it could it could happen that we only have
like the moon overshadow the the Sun and that we only have darkness like for
maybe 12 hours it can happen this is one of the time that it can happen people so
awaken yourself okay um December 14 there was a magnetic an out cost of a
magnetic field now what you need to understand is that this hurt there’s a
lot of magnetic field around the hurt but if there’s also magnetic field
within a space okay there are different types of magnetic field within a space
now over the hurt there is a magnetic um I’m addicted shelf over the hurt that
protects the hurt okay now if that magnetic grade goes down the whole
planet or we in North and South America could have like darkness okay so there
is a lot that is happening at this moment this can also say and if you look
closely at the card what it is saying it’s a resurrection of the Dead okay so
this can be your star seeds star seeds coming in what you call UFOs okay it
could be an invasion of stars seeds and this is what we need to brace
ourselves for this year because I did say it and this if you look at it and if
something coming out in and and and this is just going to be so powerful okay
so brace yourself for January 20th to 21st because I’m feeling as if I have my
body is like I can feel okay I I feel I know when people in line like I feel I
know when I step in a place and and I’m like okay I gotta get what I’m doing and
then I’m just gonna walk up very quickly I can feel the energy and like some
people who have arthritis pain before the rain and the Tundra’s you always
feel it well that’s how like my body take up this antenna like before 9/11 I
had that and before the the Paris bombing I had that I seems to be as if
depression takes me over because I know um the shooting in Fort Lauderdale I
never ever want to fly to Fort Lauderdale Airport no matter no matter
how cheap the ticket is from Europe I never I just and I knew something and
2006 when it was 2007 when it happened I was like ok I stop second-guessing
myself so since December deaths is what I have been feeling um 14 December there
was then a magnetic grill because the energy has magnetic pulse okay and there
was a great that went down and there’s a lot that you people have to be awakened
be prepare for this because if this grid goes down that means we don’t have an in
light we can’t we basically can’t do anything
everything is at the still step okay so do like to kay bye bye the 10 things get
yes make sure you have extra gas by food store foods up because three Blood Moon
behind each other ladies and gentlemen wake up okay um this can be catastrophic
okay and I don’t like bringing bad news but I gotta tell you guys three blood
moon behind each other is not one of the most positive energies okay um this
means that the hurt is shifting okay and the solar system that we’re in the
galaxy and once we have these Blood Moon especially three behind each other how
many times and go back just simply simply I don’t want to put an affair in
anyone but just go back and think when was the last time we had to Blood Moon
in a year okay it’s just simpler thing and go back and and read revelation and
if you don’t have a Bible Google that shit okay love Google love YouTube
Google that shit love YouTube love Google the information is there people
go and find it out for yourself okay something is about to happen never ever
is there these three Blood Moon behind each other
revelation okay go and read in the Bible revelation it is there it said it okay
um purification purification comes in different form so the 20th of January it
is judgment okay judgment because this is a water energy it can come as earthquakes and wave is tsunami okay
earthquake anyway and and and storm is an hair is
tsunami okay you have to think about the four elements and this is what I’ve been
trying to explain to people and a lot of people are coming up with with a lot of
sort of a things but there’s four element okay water fire earth and here
okay now when these three or when these two get together a tsunami is made of
offer the ship of a core of the hurt cross and the water and the wave and
wait okay the the the the the wind that pushed away okay that makes tsunami
tsunami is the one of the most devastating floods can be devastated but
tsunami is devastated because you can only from animals will start feeling it
because they will start being very quiet very still because they can hear it
coming so what’s your animals and your pets okay
so January it’s you know whatever it is and wherever in the world is and if you
can go and help these people on you have to do it okay
so expect something as flood water and storm snowstorm and that sort of a thing
and this is a sometime in January so something expects something to happen if
it’s not small tsunami it can be it can be small tsunami or can be deep Salam or
it couldn’t be just snowstorm but expect something that has to do with water okay
now 20 and 2 okay the I princess it’s all about secrets
reveal and of secrets secrets are going to be revealed
okay so information it’s going to be coming out
information that was kept from humanity it’s going to be coming out okay go back
and listen to my reading is the same thing
one was judgment and and the other one February the year region one was
judgment and one was the I princess go back and listen to the reader it’s very
important okay the next Blood Moon the next Blood Moon
is on a February 1919 is the Sun so what is the same fire okay so simply things
there are simply simply things that you can um basically understand because this
is like pichi pichi powell towel for people to understand there’s three blood
moons and what it could happen okay now energy from the Sun what does that give
energies okay so there could be extreme eat on this planet okay
or the Sun could become cold dark okay because they they’re showing you cuz the
it fire okay so you have two waters which is going to
be significant okay two waters because 20 is made up of
two numbers two and zero okay so in other words breaking down the 20th of
January it is the icy the eye the eye cream system the fool okay so secrets
are going to be coming out and you’re going to be walking away okay your intuition it’s going to be pushing
you on a home for what in your life in a very very positive way a some situation
is going to transpire where you’re you’re gonna be realizing that I got
belief I gotta do something I gotta leave I gotta do
something I gotta understand Western spine in my life okay but whenever it
comes to the Blood Moon and it’s the 20th of January 20 is judgment the
second Blood Moon and it’s right behind each other this is what I’m afraid of
because it’s just a couple days between each other this is what I’m really
really afraid for ladies and gentlemen it’s that the blood moons are coming and
I’m um it’s not that I am afraid I’m afraid for humanity for what is great to
be happening and if you’re going to be seeing it and if this is going to be
happening now there’s a lot of things that is happening to us at this moment
February 19 the Sun what is the Sun the Sun has to do with the fire sign to fire
element what disaster comes in fire this is what
I was saying to people there is something about electrical fires so it
could be the grid um that the grid is going to be down and there is no light
ok so there’s different aspects and different things because remember that
we live in a multi dimension earth okay we we are living in a multi dimension
earth and really to understand um what can happen okay the Sun think of the Sun
when you think of the Sun what is this in its energy it is what it is our
source the the force and the source of all things so you need to understand
from that point of view if the Sun doesn’t shine what happened that sort of
the element that sort of a situation and that is good okay now March 21st
March 21st again 21st okay so I always say to people just numbers numbers
numbers numbers numbers have information what is number 21 okay what is number 21
2 plus 1 a 2 plus 1 is 3 3 is the in the Holy Trinity
it is the mind body and soul okay it’s the oneness it is the 8th do you um the
mighty I am present ok but it’s the connection of oneness because is the
Omega the the oneness of who we are okay so it’s unbelievable on what it’s 21 the
end and a new beginning okay I you know I don’t know if you understand that what
is happening so let’s give it as plain mental just in the tarot cards judgment
and this is the Blood Moon on the 28th of January is judgment then we have the
energy of the Sun the full moon the Blood Moon 19 February okay and the
world and that is on the 21st of March the 21st of March the world the world is
the number 21 cards two plus one is three again we are dealing with the mind
body and soul but we’re doing dealing with Omega the oneness of who you are
the source of all things so what they’re saying is judgment there’s gonna be a
judgment call and with this judgment cold in February you have a choice to
make which this energy could be another disaster that is coming in
but it’s coming in in the form of fire element now in the Bible they said that
there will be a chariot that is coming out of the sky now that is the Bible II
you know somebody needs to rewrite that book and just sell people in plain young
and nipa khattala as we say in Dutch exactly what they’re saying because the
Bible is just going but go back to Revelation go back to YouTube tip it in
what is the significance of this tree Blood Moon what effect does it have on
us as humanity because something is about to happen okay and and this is
said I don’t give and I you know um I’m supposed to be a prophecy because um in
the home in the book five plus five is the prophecy on the la carta I fall on
there in the birthday books and I still don’t believe in to predict things I
don’t know why I’ll bet any significance for you people to understand that
whenever three whenever one Blood Moon comes okay you feel the ship on this
planet go back and think of in two towers and was it mm I think so when the
tsunami um cuz I was in New York I remember um we saw it on TV the day was
that to go after Christmas and we flew from Florida to New York and I mean
remember try and remember was it a huge full moon that happens on
that day everything that happens to the moon and the Sun on this planet
as an effect of us on us as humanity but on the planet itself and the magnetic
magnetic magnetic the connection of thus planets is a shape so okay
think about um okay you have a little balloon and you’re going to be fooling
it up with water of course it’s going to get big big big but the more it expand
it has the property of um Burson okay so think of the Blood Moon like this you
get one Blood Moon in every two three five years and now you’re getting three
Blood Moon behind each other and on the days that they’re coming up that is what
we need to understand because these Blood Moon is going to be affecting each
and every one of us okay so this is like Yip and Jana qatal simple this is this
is like a simpler way to explain what is what these blood moons is about which is
the is the smallest form that I can break it down in for you guys to
understand but and but a ship is going to be coming okay in Revelations because
I was doing the research and all of this and in Revelation they’re saying um ton
lightning of fire is gonna be falling from the sky now you know please write
rewrite that book I mean you know it can only be bombs and that sort of a thing
but if there’s not going to be war it could be as I said star seeds or coming
in and that sort of a thing because um a lot of people do not on
stand the whole aspect of werewolf okay and people think and and and think that
is a myth but in old European countries um there was um well they’re still
unexpected animals on this planet that we can’t explain
they don’t come out okay there is also this family that walk on
all fours and they’re humans just like you and I and their feets are long and
they’re walk on their ends and they’re in Turkey so there are there are
different um and and there are different species
and that sort of a thing and if people are just like you and I but they walk on
all four and and this is on YouTube to see so I always say to people research
things that I’ve seen because whenever you research you’re not only getting the
information for myself but you’re researching it and you’re finding it out
and you are seeing it also for yourself okay so in the olden days in some
European countries um the existence of alpha and wolves so who
has the effect from the moon does exist but it’s out and this is what I say to
people that a lot of mistress a lot of Universal mistress or written in the
form of nursery rhyme or things that we say or that sort of a thing okay as if
like when we say oh you H graceful like like a young wine our young you know you
ain’t so graceful like a ten year old wine or something like that but it’s the
way you say so what you’re basically saying to the
person is that they age gracefully okay like a nice good 10 years 10 yo
worldwide you know and and and it’s the way you say it but there are we’re in
each in each word and each sentence is there the mystery what you need to as if
okay there is two people and they come from the comfort 30u know whatever
therapy Oh marriage session and as a therapy your thing you’re listening to
both of them because both of them are there and I think that is the worst
thing that a therapy and a consultant can do is just the worst thing to put
two people who are not getting along together in a room to put them together
you can’t do that because they’re still going to clash with each other not
because you’re there but then when they go home they’re going to say yeah you
didn’t say this thing you say this one it wasn’t it’s always the best way to do
partners turkey it’s to see both together and then one and the other one
and the other and then you can at the end of the therapy session you bring
them back together so that they can face and see what they wrote but having two
people who are not connecting at home or wherever there is no way that this
relationship is going to work it’s always to do therapy with one person
different and two hours therapy is just so much because a lot of people can’t
take it people have ten minutes if you notice my videos I always keep my videos
very short and they have ten minutes tied span of thinking okay so I was
reading something in the label said I have to watch a video via over and over
again and I think oh okay she’s a star see because um
she watch it once and then the second time she’s gonna pick out the point in
time the third time she’s gonna pick up and then the fourth time so and this is
why I start to do video regions because when you’re doing readings for people
they’re there their time span is only ten minutes okay and normal person time
to spend it’s only ten minutes okay so if you find out that your time span
it’s less than ten minutes then yeah you know that’s that’s how the cookie rolls
it can and can’t so don’t don’t feel bad about that so what I want to say is that
I’m trying to do it in a easiest thing to let people understand that I’m
something and the Bible is just like that the Bible is written in parables
but the information that I’m saying to you guys now can be can be it can be
found okay and I will show you this I will
show I will show the best Aemon not a video so um
be prepared be ready it’s going to be something okay now let’s see


  1. I believe you Kathye Kaan I have been following this thanks for enlightened ♥️??

  2. The moons on 19th February and 21st of March are not Blood Moons! Only the one on 21st January is a total lunar eclipse which is a Blood Moon. All three are Super Moons! A Super Moon is a new or full moon closely coinciding with perigee, the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. Nevertheless I believe that all three are important but the one on 21st of January ends a 10 Blood Moon cycle from 2010 to 2019 which is as a 10 a completion of a warning period given by GOD. We will enter into a new period of Revelation, the unveiling of all truth.

    Triple Grace

  3. The event will happen alot of people will be awaken chaos is coming alot of people are going to be attacked and going crazy ask for protection to god

  4. I’m terrified. I wish I never brought kids into this world. I don’t want to watch my babies die

  5. Very interesting reading thankyou you gave me much to think about. I knew something bad was going to happen because of this Blood Moon, but I had no idea there was going to be three in a row. Wow that means something very very bad is going to happen. There have been several psychic dreamers here on You Tube who have had numbers in their dreams. One had seen 333 which equals 9. As I am sure you probably know that 9 means completion. I told that person something bad was going to happen. Another young woman had a dream of people shouting a series of numbers at her. No one had given her any answers to her questions about what these meant so I volunteered and added up the different sets of numbers. Then I added up those numbers which came out to nine. I told her it meant completion and something bad was going to happen. You showed a card which you interpreted as meaning star seeds coming to Earth. You then said that could maybe it could mean aliens. That is very scary. There have been a lot of psychic dreamers here on You Tube who have seen aliens coming to Earth in various forms; and various things happening to us, from the possible different alien species that could come here. That is terrifying. A bible scholar named T. Chase here on You Tube, has said the Bible says aliens could come to the Earth sometime this year or next year. They will gradually wipe us out in small groups after they change us into zombies. Then they will repopulate the Earth with alien Human hybrids, that will be ant like slave workers very easy to control. The reason why they want to do this is because they are afraid we will go out into space carrying our barbaric violent warlike ways with us. Unfortunately we already have our secret space force out there, so I figure their timetable may have been moved up. There is another group of aliens that just want to wipe us out for this reason and just be done with us. Whoever wins this war will determine our future we will have no choice in the matter. Another psychic said that an alien space ship the size of a planet that will be called Wormwood, will take up orbit around our planet. The aliens aboard it will completely take over the Earth. As for the days of darkness, I think there could be giant solar flares from the Sun that will destroy our electrical grid system. This will plunge the whole world in darkness for a long time, not just three days. The other alternative I have thought about is that if the aliens come they will turn off all of the electricity on Earth; in order to conquer us that much easier. Also the Christian psychic dreamers keep saying God has told them, "Time is up", and that he can no longer prevent what is supposed to happen or something like that. Don't you think that that statement means completion like the numbers people keep getting in their dreams? Just some crazy thoughts of mine to think over.

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