yeah so okay so that was part one this
is part two okay so what we’re basically doing is simply forms to explain the
shift that is about to come up now if we look this is the deck from the sirius
deck no sirius is a starseed is a it’s a
solar cell solar a planet a planetary system sirius you guys can google it
I think its name is dr. Harold Lee he is dayum I think it’s the founder of the
UFO own investigation or something like that but his very good um so and he
works with series the Sirians which is series okay although it said this there
was a flim that came up about it now so justice with this deck I’m switchin
justice witness thick is karma okay now people should understand that the cards
are just tools okay people channel with the cards and the cards are just tools
now there are many Saints that and I’m just doing I’ll do January February and
March differently now the cards are just tools
I’m having an M&M and what happens for the cards so it’s basically tools
okay the cards are too so what happened and what transfire it’s basically that
um they just spent two this is karma okay and if you see it has to do with
water and there is the Lotus self water and the Lotus is really explaining to
people in simple terms that it has to do with car
the return of karma the returning of the clarification of who we are in this
planet and the changes that is coming and it has to do with water water is
purification okay all elements water fire the storms and that sort of a thing
is purification and just as what happened when the hurt wants to change
we have different sort of purification now this judgment call is a Karma the
judgment called has to do with Karma okay it has whatever to do and it has to
do with Karma okay so be aware of that and be very aligned with these energies
because it has to do with Karma okay so if we go deeper and we think
about how the universe is okay how is the universe oh the universe looks like
something like this okay so we have the different planetary systems okay and
remember that we have Saturn and Saturn has the round circle around it and we
have so many from a solar system now on the 24th of January depends on where you
are in the world you might be able to see on the the other planet never never
– so it’s a myth and IB Neptune not Neptune never do it’s a rock but it’s as
a planetary form okay so look at this this is our solar system and I can
explain it at this and um in simple form this is our solar system and imagine
that there are all these planets but if you notice that’s the energy of the
serpent okay and energy of the serpent the 13 astrological sign which nobody
wanted to talk about um it’s showing up now
okay and that’s it’s the energy of the serpents which is still the oath uses
people that is the people who were born from November 27th
until December 17 so there’s a whole lot that is going on and there’s a whole lot
of information that is going to be coming out now if you were born in
November 29 to December 17th you’re either you are governed by the energy of
the serpent now the serpent is always overall in the world you can see the
serpents by a um wherever you’re going to be buying medicine okay because the
serpents has the thing for medicine so there is so many histories and so many
information and even information that is in plain sight that um we are not aware
of and what is going to be transpiring is that all of these stuff that is in
plain sight is going to be coming out and what it’s going to be doing it’s
going to be offering us as humanity at a chance to make about to make the shit
okay it’s gonna be offering us as humanity a chance to make the ship now
will we make the ship or won’t wait okay it just up to each and every person but
whatever that is about to come on whatever shit cuz trust me there is a
shift commanders there is its this is this is something that is unbelievable
that is happening where we’re having um this opening of the ship that is coming
in and this is why it’s transpired so understand where we are and at what
place we are and why is this going to be taking place because you’re seen all of
these situation that is taking place and you’re going to be understanding how
these situations is going to be transpiring so I want to say to each and
every person be aware of what it’s about to happen okay this is the other card
from the I princess and look at what is happening it is so it says we’re all
going to have a ship of consciousness and what does this say what does this
say it says the iron self the ISL so that’s what I just explained to you
guys that it’s all about the ship in consciousness when I yourself the I
princess hi princess so you can think about the hi prince and the I princess
if you’re a man you’re i Prince if you’re a woman you’re the I princess and
to merge it together it’s the higher self which is the source of all things
and who we are and the connection who we are under splenic so it is very very
very very simplified I simplified and I make it very simplified in a very simple
way okay so the eye itself is what is going to be shifting and alignment and I
want people to also for yourself go research this YouTube has a lot of video
thank God for YouTube Google has a lot of video so if you want and I think
videos are very good because it keeps or it activates always mind cell celebrate
okay like I can concentrate on something for
an hour the normal person will do it like for 10 minutes and then they lose
connection now the eye itself is what is going to be affecting us especially in
January and March because whatever the transition is because you can see here
in March the 21st of March the energy of the world and it says ascension okay so
with whatever the the the Blood Moon brings in the month of January it is
going to be affecting you in March because in March and it’s going to take
in on the form of Ascension okay it’s going to be taking on the form of
ascension so um and this is the 21 card so look at the numbers and you can see X
X X X X X 1 X X X 1 and this is from the theory star system okay what I am
aligned to and what I want to do because I want to go a deeper because I can say
things but not a lot of people will on this
and what I’m saying starseed people will understand what I’m
saying as we look at the fire we see the deity
the solar deity that is the Sun that is the source of all thing now if you go
and search research this you’re going to be fine in Revelation and in Revelation
it is going to say that fire is coming out of the sky what do you see here
you see a ball of fire coming out of the sky okay so there are different ways in
different different ways and different things all that is going to be happening
to humanity and – oh that is going to be affecting the world because this is this
is actually the pigment that revelation says is that there is going to be a ball
of fire that is coming out of the sky not as you look there is Pegasus the
Horus or the unicorn that is there with a ball of fire that is coming out so to
break down all of this I decided to use the cards because they’re basically –
I’m basically um tools offer an easier way of explaining things because I’m I’m
sure sometimes people said oh my god I have no idea what she’s talking about
and um you know where is she because you know I’m kind of losing it when I’m
saying something to people so we’re gonna go to the energy of the book and
we’re going to be looking for number 20 which is a um judgment and it’s going to
be telling you what the energy of judgment is and why have used the stick
it’s because I want to explain to people because Sirius is another solar system
Ceres is a planet where all series of the planet where information new
technology and information and they have to say that the black paper comes from
series that is one of the explanation for people of my color
that arm we’re from Ceres but not all of us because I’m a star seed so I’m from a
Christian a spiritual planet where we vibrate only with the energy of love
okay so this is another thing this is mostly for star seed people okay so here
we are and we’re at the the number 20 which is we are at number 20 which is
the energy of karma okay so let’s go back to the card Karma because um this
is very important I done so much researches and I was directed to do the
the Blood Moon reading okay so this is what is gonna be coming up in January so
does this part 2 of January Blood Moon de is going to be coming in and it says
star seed has come full circle step-by-step lesson by lesson he or she
as exposed to the light process and growth into the human experience from
each example the key of life had to teach just as now he or she is out of
growing etta preparing to return to the stars but first is a time of the recon a
time of faith in the Karma creating through the journeys
while religion teaches that this is the moment when the almighty judgmental God
way all good and bad deeds to determine our cosmic fate starseeds known that we
send only before ourselves throughout our lifetimes and beyond answering only
to the Karma we have created cause and effects shown to us in other moments on
part our once our SS static module so as they were in the key so now each and
every one of us has a key okay each and every one of us have a key um your your
your twin flame is out of the lock or the key if you’re a woman you’re the
luck and the man is the key okay so when we meet our twin thing we actually have
the lock and key for who we ask as a true spiritual be as they were in the
key of divine justice no divine justice is the balancing okay this key formerly
called judgment is closely related to this card okay cuz it’s a card of karma
judgment is the court of Carmen and this judgment is going to be coming in and
they’re going to be using the element of water and so as we open up our car Matic
coach which gently rippled back to us from the slow waters of her soul we
determine whether we have truly learned the lesson we came to learn and that’s
what I’ve been explaining to people is that we definitely come each this is a
life lesson your journey on this planet it’s basically a life lesson okay you’re
here learning lessons your hair clean and karma your hair developing so here
we go truly learn in the lesson we came to
learn preparing to ascend from this level of consciousness or whether we
have yet to explore more spin of the wheel offer free carnation in the three
dimensional realm so again I always say to people we were born in the three
dimensional realm and now as we ascend toward a twenty um the card number 21
the Ascension so I’m always speaking about Ascension
so you’re seeing that star seeds are now developing a card deck so we can
understand what it’s Ascension okay so it is bringing us to ascension
and it goes as we the wheel of recore nation in the three dimension grown is
it’s the power of restructure or rebirth so definitely in January um information
situations are going to be happening to awaken us and we’re going to be having a
record a record winner with ourselves but also a reckon with who we are and
what Jeremy we are on and how we are going to be moving forward so everything
in life happens for a purpose when this masterful key appear it speaks
very much to the question of feeling of old karma to clear the muddy waters of
the past preparing the way for the huge leap in the evolution okay so
forgiveness it’s going to be one of the most important thing okay and it is time
to forgive the people forgiving others and oneself is paramount here the
question of the corrent is invited not only to look at Karma’s
borders but also to understand that only he or she will answer for themselves
most likely by heaven to repeat and repeat and repeat a lesson until learned
words associates with karma include judgmental forgiveness honesty faith in
oneself and reckoning with oneself the question the seeker might consider or
the following ok so these are questions that in the month of January at the time
of the Blood Moon or after the Blood Moon you could be asking yourself doing
what do I walk my talk have I learned how I have created
everything in my world what were the Carmel take a lesson to be
learned I’ve I learned them am i truly ready for a transformation of epiphany
where is my next situation in the greater scheme of things up I yield old
car Matic patterns and forgiving myself as I ever forgiving others so this is
what the Blood Moon is going to be offering you ladies and gentlemen and it
is up to you to make the ship and thus change it’s all about you pain
Karma’s or repaying Karma’s okay it’s all about you learning the Karma because
it says this the Karma includes judgment for forgiveness honesty faith in oneself
and reckoning okay so ladies and gentlemen um you are really in for em
and and surprise for this Blood Moon okay you’re really in for a surprise for
this Blood Moon and we are going to be accent the universal angels or serious
the star seed of series um what can we expect for the Blood Moon what can we
expect for the buds moon out are we going to be dealing with this and how
can we expect uh what can we expect for it the Blood Moon so that let’s see what
is going to be coming out the age of crystal now the eight of crystal is work
okay whatever the city way whatever that is transpiring it’s going
to be affecting a lot of people and it has to do but work so people will be
decided to change their careers with this Blood Moon it’s going to be
affecting a lot of people that is going to shape your consciousness and people
are going to be looking to work with um people are going to be basically looking
to change their career and find your spiritual divine part okay so karma is
where you release and then you’re going to be finding your divine part master
off and this is so beautiful this is the master of the chalice and of course we
hear chalice so it’s as the master of the cups so it’s all about love okay
it’s all about now whoever this person is it’s all about now it’s all about
this person connecting with you for your work or you’re gonna be um helped um by
someone it’s all about work and it’s all about not with this person okay
I love these decks because it’s all about water so it’s all about the
emotion and for this blood moon it’s all about water there is the sea expect um
tsunamis earthquake on the de sea and in tsunamis okay what are the message
desirous star seed will give what are the messages the series star seeds well
again for um abundancy abundancy okay so this is beautiful this is beautiful this
is beautiful um these are new segments that I was
guided to do for you guys because um whatever the situation is the atom of
the flap whatever this that whatever the situation is what is happening
what is transpiring is that whatever especially for you Pisces Pisces cancer
and scorpion um the spirit is going to be affecting the Pisces cancer and
scorpion but it’s gonna affect you where abundance is going to be coming in your
life and a lot of abundance is going to be coming in your life so whatever is
happening will work for you Pisces um it’s going to be good the effect of
water but at the end of the day um if you’re looking how beautiful it’s as if
the the structure of hurt is going to be changing and as you look and all that is
happening is as therefore the veil of illusion is lifting and this is the
Empress so some of you Pisces that there’s a hidden message for some of you
Pisces if you are I’m saying Pisces I don’t know why but I’m Pisces but this
energy is the master of cups now the master of cups can be a Pisces cancer or
a scorpion and I guess why I’m saying Pisces is because the hangman is the
energy of the Pisces so for you Pisces so what this message is basically saying
is that some of you Pisces are going to be connecting in a work situation so
wait a Capricorn and you’re going to be making a lot of money okay um this um is
showing you that you guys are going to be connecting wet I Capricorn and this
Capricorn because the the empress is the energy of the Capricorn but it’s also
the energy of abundance II always the Empress whenever the energy of the
Empress comes up and I love how the Syrians did the step to let
you know that this Empress is about so you talk Pisces is going to be
connecting with a Capricorn and you’re going to be working together with this
Capricorn and you’re going to be a financial it’s the bill money is going
to you guys are going to be making money so this blood moon because the energy of
the hangman has to do with the Pisces especially for the Pisces you working
with a Capricorn is going to bring you a lot of money money is going to be just
um pouring out of the skies okay basically pouring out of the sky so it’s
also if you Pisces or written relationship with a Capricorn men de as
you meant this relationship this relationship is going to bring you a lot
of financial stability you Pisces okay for the rest of the water signed the
cancer and the scorpion and is going to be readjustment of work your career you
might be thinking about changing your career for whatever the reason is you
might be just thinking about changing your career so it is basically and
realignment for your career okay so um this it’s just basically powerful I’m
gonna be taking a picture and then I’m going to be leaving it to show what it’s
going to be the images for this quarter okay
for this first blood moon okay so everything is changing there it’s just
basically changes that it’s coming up and this is how are we going to be
dealing with the changes okay so I’m wishing you a wonderful Blood Moon
whatever is going on um I’m hoping the best for
you guys namaste

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