100 thoughts on “BLOWING UP THE DAM!!! Max saves FUNnel Vision family! || Kids Animation! Max & Midnight Episode 7

  1. Can we see her age I want to do everything like you please pick me to be your son please send a portal for me through this phone so I had to go and be your son

  2. I virilie Love your vidyo
    and there osum from Trisha
    and you max your osum

  3. LOL he was in his underwear LOL AGain it’s so funny LOL LOL LOL LOL,,,,,,,!!!!!”

  4. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. I hate you midnight and you are disgusting I never would be your girl friend yuck ew

  6. Oh my gosh that was so funny don't get it why why was it so funny oh my gosh with the pants thing that was freaking hilarious!!!

  7. This should be on tv! It’s super good for kids my little sister only watches this and she puts it on our tv and she loves it!

  8. Why don’t you make Shawn bigger in real life he’s bigger

  9. to more episodes of max and midnight its amazing l want it to be a TV show.
    its also unite

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