85 thoughts on “BMP Fishing: The Series | Sabine River

  1. Thats the hometown, It’s hard catching big bass in the Sabine, I think it’s because of all the salt in the water, Still did a good job though! Congrats!

  2. I’ve had two river tournaments this year and one I got first place and the second I placed third

  3. Man you must have had four horse shoes in your pocket!!! BADASS brother👊👍👊🎣

  4. Seriously one of the most underrated channels why doesn’t he have more subs? Good luck Brandon!!

  5. Not sure how you don't have 1 million subscribers. You videos are so informative and entertaining. Keep it up BP!

  6. Very cool this place, congratulations, beautiful video.

  7. "Don't even think about it uncle Kevin" I laughed, so dang hard. Congrats on the top 12! I look forward to these videos. Epic. 😀

  8. That tournament looked rougher that a snaggel-toothed queer with hicups!

  9. Y’all fish Sabine, you might as well come to the mobile, tensaw river delta

  10. man i love watching your videos!!! keep up the good work you should have a ton more subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bmp #1 enjoy your videos when I get the notifications I know its going to be a awesome video keep them coming

  12. Sick! Whatta Nail biter . this might be my fav one outta the series so far

  13. What a crazy ending! High 80's and then get to fish the final day. Tough lakes anything can happen!

  14. Professional athletes don't compete in flip flops. Ditch em before they cost you BP!

  15. Awesome way to finish Brandon! Keep pushing out these great videos. Love the edits and tournament content.

  16. Awesome… how did you get your sponsors? And how did you start doing the bassmaster tournaments?

  17. Whoever does your editing desires a raise, a great video. I am a 63 year old man but when I see you young guys fishing on these videos its motivates me to try harder to catch um

  18. You guys have the best tournament recap/follow videos on the web. Stick to your guns BP! It wasn't a fluke you won AOY last year! Keep battling!

  19. 11:24 i was wondering the same thing while fishing on sunday

  20. One of the best fishing vlogs on YouTube hands down. The editing is just awesome. Keep up the great work.

  21. there's a lake close to me that usually takes 6 lbs 9 ounces to win haha great comeback Brandon!

  22. Nice video. It’d be awesome if you could level the spoken word a bit with the music.

  23. Bro you crack me up, definitely becoming my favorite elite pro. I love the little things you say

  24. always awesome to see the tour through your eyes. another amazing video!

  25. You guys need to start selling the bmp fishing hats…. i want one

  26. Kinda felt sorry for the Marshal. Once again another awesome video. Congrats on the awesome finish!

  27. Great Job on the video and your 7th place finish! Good luck in South Dakota this week!

  28. Worried about 'uncle Kevin' getting your spots, when 'grandpa Paul' is already on them 🤣

  29. You have some of my favorite content on YouTube man…keep up the awesome work

  30. "The Series" Another killer addition. Nice Shades too – ZZ Top would be proud ~

  31. 17:35 Welcome to my life! Lots of watching 5 pound smallmouths on Champlain swim right beneath the boat or following in a crankbait and I never have any plastics or drop shots rigged up so that I actually have a chance at catching them. Awesome video though. I would love to be a bass angler for a living, but fisheries biology is calling my name. Also, it's a lot of work to make a living off of Bass tournaments, but you sure do make it look easy.


  33. This is By farm my favourite Video you have done soo far the music and the shots and the editin!!!!!! HOT DAMMM good job again if u ever find yourself in south africa looking for some bass feel free to contact us 😀

  34. I don’t know how this edit hasn’t broke the internet !!!

  35. Texas waters SUCK since the flood. in the bayou that runs into the sabine i have caught small fish. most not even legal.

  36. It took over a year where I live for stores to get those cover pops and I’m a firm believer in those! Sure I could have ordered them online when they first came available but I like buying from stores. Maybe I can be a marshal with you one day.

  37. “We always make me look like a dipshit at least once per video”. Thanks for not editing that stuff out 😂

  38. Dude totally watching for the fishing, but I caught myself dancing not even realizing. Your vids are awesome!

  39. Dude Brandon what song is at the start of this video??? I want it lol I can’t shaaazaaam at the same time as watching it lol

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