Board To Death Ep. 14: Spotlights’ Sarah Quintero | EarthQuaker Devices

38 thoughts on “Board To Death Ep. 14: Spotlights’ Sarah Quintero | EarthQuaker Devices

  1. I'm not sure how to feel about pedalboards with 3 rows of pedals. Its just aesthetically weird to me. 2 rows is like the golden ratio of pedal board layouts, where a single row is like a perfect circle.. but 3 rows is kind of like a melting cube or something.

  2. Monarch so underrated. Terminal into Monarch also incredible. It's like they're fighting each other for air, but v musical and bloomy

  3. "Woah, what was that? It was so huge."

    "My Swollen Pickle."

    I couldn't think of more awkwardly perfect innuendo.

  4. awesome band. epic rock. Modern to MBV to Melvins to Smashing Pumpkins vibes.

  5. Regretting selling my swollen pickle more and more… this is a dope board though, and now I found a new band to listen to.

  6. I like this discussion of layering effects and stacking – great interview.

  7. "and then next here we have my swollen pickle" hahahaha…. I get it, i'm immature. I'll see myself out.

  8. Holy shit I used to live across the street from mahalls…is bored to death a Cleveland based YouTube thing? Badass

  9. Boss odb 3 sounds killer with a dying 9v or some power sag. Good to see a bass player having some pedal fun!

  10. What song is playing in the intro of this video?

  11. 4:25 "I use it when I think it sounds cool." That's all the reason anyone should ever need for using whatever they want. Definitely checking out her band.

  12. Good band, I understand how this pedalboard works for her but geez i have never seen so much distortion on one board.

  13. I'd love to ask her some questions about her choices. Mainly why have the OB1-500 when Darkglass has the 900 out and she has two darkglass pedals.

  14. Hell yeah! The OCD and ODB3 stack beautifully together. Throw those into a DG preamp, amazing.

  15. She would really like the Red Witch Zeus Bass Fuzz Suboctave. I bought one six months ago and it's still amazing me.

  16. I’ve been using the Swollen pickle stacked with the Monarch for years now. Glad to see someone else do the same. Underapreciated overdrive pedal

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