100 thoughts on “Bob Schieffer Knows U.S. Presidents, Says This One’s ‘Different’

  1. D J Trump is to Lazy doesn't like to work, never had a boss before who held him accountable nose to grind stone. He has golfed more the he worked, he thinks he's a King just show up at cermonies wave and leave.

  2. This is not worth 15 seconds commercial, and i know about complaining better than a libertarian

  3. We dont need u to tell us what is true or false, u need to teach us how to see it. Upgrade or move to ur grave santa closed

  4. If is not fake news is pontless truth n we all know that shit for years, i been hearing the same stupid shit for 15 years

  5. Oh please, America runs on TWO parties, 2 parties?! European nations have at least 4 parties that all can equally win power, but 2? How do you expect to get anything honest when there's two monolithic parties that are so powerful they can affect every single layer of society? Really think ANY American news source is objective? You're living in the dream world.

  6. I feel like he had some great stories and could listen to him talk all day . CoolStoryBob

  7. There is no doubt in my mind that MSM lies to the public and has an agenda. But to discard everything in MSM as fake is a big problem. The main issue is that MSM has lost credibility and the public no longer trusts it as a reliable source. This lack of trust has resulted in the rise of other sources of news (primarily websites) and they normally come from the far left or the far right but there are websites for all political positions. And not everything written or said in these non-MSM sources is fake and people lack the ability to identify fake news from real news.

  8. I've always liked Bob. He really has a way of answering questions in an insightful manner.

  9. Unfortunately the tendency now, is that too many people don't care what's true. They just want to hear what agrees with them.
    That's why I've pretty much given up on the political system. There are too many people on both sides that are totally irrational, and trying to rationalize with irrational people is impossible.

  10. And how exactly do the newscasters confirm if the news from war torn areas, for example, are true? What kind of news confirmation technique is used there or is it just about following the agenda of people in power? I seriously doubt the vetting process he's talking about.

  11. He thinks it's still back in the days when there was a thing called investigative journalism.

  12. Are you so naive that you believe we believe the broadcast networks tell us the news as it is? I don't trust the networks as I did ages ago.

  13. best explanation of why flyover states have been suckered by breitbart and fox news. They lost their independent news and don't know understand propaganda. hugely sad.

  14. Trying to find the "right" source of news usually just results in people watching whatever news outlet they seem to agree to the most. It's better to get as much information as possible from different sources and views, and see what the truth actually is.

  15. There’s a good argument to be made that a lack of information quality control is the greatest threat to democracy today..

  16. What a lovely man. So well spoken and kind. Really wish there were more people today like him in this political climate.

  17. The Media is the unspoken 4th branch of the government. They are the only 'branch' with the sole job of calling other branches out on their shit. With out it we would truly see corruption in the country. The only problem with this statement right now is there is to much 'right now/BREAKING!!' news and not enough journalism.

  18. Bob Schieffer is truly a legend in broadcast journalism & I hope that journalists & up & coming reporters follow his example

  19. Bob Schieffer"s bought and paid for, and full of Schiet, like all of mainstream media. It's not fake news, it's the news they want you to hear. Colbert needs to ask people like this tough questions that put them on the spot.

  20. Bring him back, that interview was great, but too short. I'm sure he so many stories to tell.

  21. A legend. The free press is a Republican pillar and all those opposed to it are hypocrites.

  22. he is describing the stupification of our people. once they make us into sheeple then they can do whatever they want. they're plan is in motion like a juggernaut.

  23. I've been blown away by people who have sided with trump, they literally want to believe that the governments facts are the only true facts, and these people claim to want the opposite of that, trump is a con man and a lot of people fall for it.

  24. "The only source of news is the govt, that's a totalitarian society"….in reality it's all corporate media feeding people what they want said people to hear. The govt is bought and payed for by corporations. Even worse than all the phoney news is the mainstream medias deliberate omission of what's really going on. Yes it's cathartic and funny that Rex Tillerson called trump a moron, but that's all fluff.

  25. colbert's question was about mainstream media and his reply is about totalitarian governments? is he even listening

  26. Of course this one’s different. He’s not a career politician, just a rich businessman. The kind of guy I can’t stay.

  27. That’s a hilarious story! Goes to show you what taking a chance can do and getting away from the Internet.

  28. Yes the kind of vetted news that kissed Obama's ass and by bob's very words was not nearly as critical as he felt they should be… Thats why there is alternative media in the first place cuase you guys dropped the the ball and did not do the job you where supposed to do and report the news unbiasedly… Instead decided to be chear leaders for Obama and the democratic party… So now we need to live in a society where the news is filtered and somehow that's supposed to be patriotic… This has propaganda written all over it

  29. Could just catch a glimpse of Bob’s socks, but on top of everything else he’s done also I wanted to say, “Bob, keep it up, and I love the purple socks”.

  30. I grew up in the era of the big news networks. It was a great privilege to grow up in the 1970s in the era of great journalism. There is a crop of young people who want to go digging for & writing about the truth. Unfortunately, it is hard to make a living as a journalist today. Our democracy & our communities are in peril as a result. Group think by alt-right manipulation is like a virus spreading across red-state America with the internet as the vehicle for transmission.

  31. The president has every right to have his Twitter account to express his ideas, but at the same time we cannot take his unfiltered words as fact just because he said it.

  32. Yeah, sure… If "Different" means "could potentially bring about World War III over something as inane as a bruised ego."

  33. You know that lots of newspapers have opted to be online instead of on paper right? Like the Los Angeles Times exists well online

  34. We are drifting dangerously close to fascism. People like Bob are now the only line of defense for our democracy.

  35. OMG!  When Bob Schieffer walked out and jumped up on the stage like he was a 35 year old I said WOW! did he really look good.  He has to be working out in the gym.

  36. Stories leading up to the Iraq war were "vetted" by the mainstream media. Still were fake news. No guarantees there either. Reader beware and verify.

  37. This asshole had his nose up every god damn republican for decades, promoting their agenda no matter how savage it is to set up the stage for someone like Trump to get elected. Fuck this turd!

  38. The thing about news is that it''s just like anything else you hear. You need to take it with a grain of salt. Don't just read one news story. Read several stories about a topic and compare what each covers. Do your own research then form your opinion. Be a free thinker. I realize this might take a bit of effort and time which many people would rather not invest, but it's worth it.

  39. Wow that was kind of sad you had one of the greatest commentators about today's events on your show and you didn't talk about hardly anything with them what the fuc Colbert this was her worst interview ever

  40. News sources like Fox News makes it impossible for me to go with the assumption that the Media have only good in their heart. I mean, if one spread propaganda, paranoida and lies free of consequences, what is stopping the other's from taking that path as well?

  41. Hey? I'd like to know how Mrs. Trump's online bullying issue is going? And when will she be speaking to her husband about fucking over the entire globe while he is acting like an online bully?

  42. Bob Schieffer said the mainstream media is more reliable news. Haha. That's a blatant lie. The mainstream media is based on partial truths mixed with lies.

  43. What Mr Schieffer misses is that conservative media, beginning with Limbaugh over 20 years ago, began feeding its listeners cynicism and mistrust. After 2 decades of this diet, they no longer believe objective facts exist. Studies have shown that one can present actual facts to these uniformed citizens, and rather than change their mind or even be persuaded, they become more entrenched in their own beliefs. It's brainwashing on a scale that hasn't been seen since Stalinist and Nazi years.

  44. Bob Schieffer you a LIAR! You can thank the clintons and obama for giving nuclear weapons to Iran and NK and the deep state for egging NK into becoming aggressive.

  45. Why are they asking a random white old dude from the days of newspapers and radio. No disrespect but he knows little of how social media platforms and companies work. Get a historian of media to talk about how things have changed. This is torture

  46. that is some white male privilege at its finest. He just walked in, taking someone else's appointment, and everyone was totally cool with it

  47. What Bob Schieffer doesn't know could fill volumes. This is the man who predicted Clinton's landslide victory. Where else could an idiot like this show up on late night TV but Stephen Colbert on the slimey dirtbag show.

  48. 3:01 says the man from cabs 4 words weapons of mass destruction you set off a war

  49. In other words, he’s saying it was going to happen via propaganda by a hostile nation by web news feed. Psychological warfare is real. True real investigation requires fact of the simple 5 w’s. Different I understand as new power as mass information exchange by tech means just that? Power, all power has a rule, a simple rule or law. It can be used for evil or for humanity. The earlier was inevitable to happen, different.

  50. trump is the first Nazi president of the United States of America.

  51. Trumpet is spooky and I am sick and tired of all of his lies!!! If he can get away without paying taxes then No one should have to pay Taxes!

  52. this man is a reality star and his reality is to make himself look important even though he doesn't do a damn thing ..but for the rich and himself . he's gonna start a war and he's making us Americans look weak . trump needs to teek.

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