Bob Schieffer on his latest book

One of the reasons I wrote this book
somebody said, “Is this a defensive journalism?” I said, “No it’s not but what I
hope it is is an introduction to journalism for a lot of people who are
not journalists.” And, so, you know, I did interviews with the folks at The
Washington Post. I get an interview with you. I tried to present as many different
reports on people who gather and report this news.
-Well let’s be clear this is not a narrative book so much as that as a collection of your reflections on
conversations you had for a podcast that you and Andrew Schwartz do at a
CSIS in Washington about the state of the media, and you did many more
conversations than are reflected in this you have done many more than a reflected
in this book, but this is really a collection of stories and a collection
of news organizations and how they are wrestling with the questions that we’re
talking about today.

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