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Hey! Be careful!
The crab might bite you! Catch it! It’s running away! ‘On 26th December 2004..’ ‘..the world’s most deadliest Tsunami
rose in the Indian Ocean.’ ‘This was a sea quake
of 9.3 Richter scale.’ ‘It’s speed was like a jet plane,
which means 800 Kilometer per hour.’ ‘It’s power was equal to 10,000 atom
bombs that devastated Hiroshima.’ ‘It’s dangerous waves killed
thousands in seconds.’ ‘It destroyed parts of Indonesia,
Thailand, South India and Sri Lanka.’ ‘After the first wave, there
was a sudden low tide.’ ‘A lot of people gathered
to see the waves.’ ‘They shouldn’t have done that.’ ‘Because within no time, another
wave came gushing towards them.’ ‘This was the killer wave.’ ‘It destroyed everything and
everyone who came on it’s way.’ ‘It is safer to go to higher areas
when cautioned about a Tsunami.’ ‘2,00,000 people have been declared
dead and thousands are missing.’ ‘It is expected that 1/4th
of the dead are children.’ ‘UNICEF and other NGOs are working
hard to restore normalcy’ ‘in the Nagapattinam
area of South India.’ ‘Even were the tracks from
200 meters from the coast.’ ‘The water pushed the
stations nearly 50 meters.’ ‘This is the area devastated
by the 9.0 scale earthquake..’ ‘ the form of Tsunami on
the day after Christmas.’ ‘The epicentre appears to be
of the coast of Sumatra.’ ‘The Indian Ocean tsunami struck
in India on 26th December 2004.’ ‘It was one of the greatest
disaster in human history.’ ‘More than 10,000 people
dead in South India.’ ‘This is the current
state of crisis.’ Now can I take the custody of the
bodies of my family members? Another family affected by Tsunami.
How sad! Take it. How did you know I was thirsty? I am also from Nagapattinam. We have lost a lot in this tragedy. Our parents, our brothers. But the one thing we haven’t
lost in self-respect. That’s why you didn’t
ask for water. Madam.
– Yes? He says this box belongs to him.
– Yes. Do you have some sort
of identification? – Yes. My name is written behind. You can take it. Keep it with you.
– Thank you. I had given it to my mom last year. “The word mother..” ‘Rajan, when will you spend
time with your mother?’ My mom has kept letters
in this jewellery box. I had written these letters to her. Tea. Letters by her son is like
gold for a mother. – Yes. She has saved each and every
letter I wrote in the entire year. What’s this? One letter is unopened. This is my address. 24th December. She must have forgotten to post it. ‘This time I want you to stay at
home for the entire 2 weeks.’ ‘Mother.
– Hey, write it.’ ‘Write it. Conduct music classes here.
Work here.’ ‘Be closer to your parents.’ ‘We have a new
neighbour this year.’ ‘Aunty!’ ‘They have a kid.’ ‘He is just like you.’ ‘I think of you whenever I see him.’ ‘His name is Velu.’ ‘I am sending his
photograph to you.’ ‘Come soon, Rajan.
I really miss you.’ Even I miss you a lot. I will miss you all the time now. Hello Colonel.
– Hello. What do we do about
this kid, Mr. Mohanty? The NCC company found him in the
middle of some dead bodies. He doesn’t have a name. His FIR has been filed and his medical
check-up is done. What do we do now? Any claim, Colonel Purushottam.
– No claims as of yet. People say he is from Hyderabad. He speaks Telugu if he feels
like else he keeps quite. Son, what’s you name? Tell me, what is your name? Son, what’s you name? Okay, sir.
– Okay. Thank you. He is under shock. He will speak.
But it can take time. How many children have
we rescued as of now? – 80. As of now, record his
name as Tsunami 81. Tsunami 81.
– Yes. Ramya!
– Yes, sir? Write his name as Tsunami 81. Add his name in our records as
one of the rescued children. Okay?
– Okay, sir. Velu. “Oh mother..” “Where are you?” Do you know him?
– Yes. He is the son of our new neighbours. Son, where are your parents? The water took them away. What did he say? He is speaking Telugu. He says
the water took his parents away. Write his name as Velu in the records.
– Okay, sir. Sir, what will you do with him now? We keep such unclaimed
kids in the orphanage. Until someone claims him,
can I keep him with me? Are you married? No. Is that important? It is a condition for adoption.
There are more conditions. Not adoption, I am talking
about temporary custody. Now that people from around the
world are helping the victims, I can do this much for
a kid from my village. Even then, how will
you take care of him? He is very young. You speak
Tamil, he speaks Telugu. Communication and cultural
problem can occur. Sir, the almighty has helped me meet
him. He will teach the rest as well. “How will I live?” Son, do you want to
go with this uncle? This uncle has granny’s photograph. “Oh mother.” I think he was close to your mother. “Where are you?” Mr. Rajan, we officially give you
temporary custody of Tsunami 81. Thank you, ma’am.
Thank you very much. I am coming back, Usha. Alright. Come back soon.
– Yes, I am coming. Everything is destroyed, Usha. If you see the condition… – Come
back and concentrate on your work. I’ll speak to Ajit right now. He will keep you busy in recordings. Usha, I can’t be too busy. I have taken up someone’s
responsibility. Responsibility?
– Yes. He is a kid. The name is Tsunami 81. Tsunami 81. What do you mean? I will explain in
details once I am back. – Bye. Bye. Oh dear God! It is so hot. How will we understand each other? For the first time I am seeing a father
and son speak in different languages. What? Do I look like his father? He speaks your wife’s
language I think. Is he laughing at me? He is laughing at you. Oh! I thought he is laughing at me. What? What did you say? Hey kid! Sit inside. Oh God! Such tall buildings
like coconut trees! What? What are you saying? We will go on top and touch the sky.
– Velu. be careful. Take care of your child. Had I got a kid, I would’ve
tied him up with a rope. If he harms himself, the
police will get hold of me. Velu. Velu. Sit properly.
You might get hurt. Do you also live in
these long buildings? Hey, kid! Sit straight.
– Velu. Roshan Roshan. Hrithik Roshan.
Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, that’s Hrithik Roshan.
– Shah Rukh Khan. How do you know about
the Hindi film actors? My dad has seen a lot of Hindi
films and so have I. Hey, you know to speak in Hindi? A little bit.
– Then why were you quiet until now? You didn’t ask.
– And you didn’t tell. Thank God! You know Hindi. I was going crazy with Tamil
and Telugu. Listen. Stop here. Come, Velu. Hindi films are the ones who have
tied up the whole of India together. Did you come to Mumbai
to become an actor? How did you know of it?
– Just like that. Velu, this bridge is a
shortcut to our house. Had we taken the longer route,
I would have to pay Rs 30 more. From now on talk to me in Hindi. C’mon! Dance and show them.
Do some disco dance. How are you Rajan?
– I am fine. Don’t you live in
the tall buildings? Those are big houses. To live in a big house, you
have to be a rich man. Let’s go. Aren’t you a big man? Oh no! Oh my God! This looks like a hen’s house. When you start paying so many bills,
you too will stay in a Hen’s house. Oh my God! You took at house right in
front of the railway tracks. Velu, this is not Nagapattinam.
This is Mumbai city. To get a house to stay in such
a big city is very difficult. People here live in
the garbage as well. If people live in the garbage
then where do they throw garbage? I am very late today.
Here, have this. Have it. I will cook lunch after sometime.
As of now have this. Where is the smell coming from? Velu. Since how many days
haven’t you taken bath? Since many days. Today you will have to take bath. Apply powder as well. Have this. I will make
arrangements for your bath. Oh God! What are you looking at? Nothing. I am looking for the towel. Crazy man! You have it with you. Yes. ‘Velu! Velu! Run!
The water is coming!’ ‘The water is coming!
The water is coming!’ Uncle Rajan! Uncle Rajan!
The water is coming! The water is coming! The water…
– Velu! What happened, Velu? Velu, what happened? Velu. Uncle Rajan! Water is coming!
Water is coming! Water is coming.
– Relax. Nothing will happen, Velu. Calm down. Only lentils were there. I haven’t
cooked any vegetables. I hope its okay. What do you want? No, Velu. Use the spoon. Use the spoon, Velu. Take it. Oh my God! Are you abusing me? Alright. Eat the way you want to. Don’t grumble like old women. There’s too much
noise of the trains. Velu, weren’t you habituated the
sound of the waves in Nagapattinam? So, slowly you will get used to
the sound of the train as well. Sleep now. Oh my God! Again you are talking. Okay. I’ll try to do something. Better? Usha. Rajan. Where is he? Tsunami 81? Let me see him. He is sleeping. Meet him later. Come. I am sorry. I am really
sorry, Rajan. One wave! Just one wave washed
off the entire village. Everybody! My mom and dad… That small child… His entire family… All of them were washed
off in the tsunami. Don’t cry, Rajan. What happened was bad. Who can fight the nature? Rajan, calm down. Oh God! What about the boy? I have got him here temporarily. If a relative is found then
they will take him back. Don’t think so much. If you think too much,
you will fall ill. Now that you are back,
concentrate on your work. Your Rs 5000. Mom… Dad… – This is the amount
that left to be given. I got it. I took it from Ajit.
That’s why I became late. Take it. You will need it. Velu! Velu. Wake up. I have to go to work, Velu. Uncle Rajan! Uncle!
– What is it? There’s no place outside.
Where do I go? I want to pee.
– Oh! Hold! Hold your tsunami for 2 minutes. I can’t stop it.
– Okay. One sec. Come inside. My mistake. I should’ve have
called him after taking bath. Keep your bag on your lap. Bye. Bye. Bye.
– Hey! Stop! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Sorry. Sorry. Strange! People forget
their kids these days. – Velu. Sorry. Let’s go, Velu. Hurry. Don’t leave my hand. Do you want this, son?
– Wait! ‘Velu, dad will sing for you.’ Velu, hurry up.
Else, I will lose my job. I want that.
– Take it, sir. How much is it for? It’s just for Rs 50. Rs 50! Okay.
– Yes. ‘One, two, three…
You are my good boy.” So, he is Tsunami 81.
– Yes. His name is Velu. God puts people in such trouble. Life changes within no time. Rajan, do let me know
if you need anything. Thanks. Padamma. I am unable to
open the ‘ghunghroo’ – What happened? Who is she?
– She is Padamma. She is Shobha. Padamma is the owner
of this dance academy. I work here. How did you like her? Not good.
– What is he saying? He is saying he really liked you. Oh my God! You are lying! Do you like fishes? No, Shobha. Please
talk to him in Hindi.. ..and not Telugu else I
will be in trouble. Do you like fishes? These are small. My dad
used to get big fishes. Here. Give some food to the fishes. Good girl. Good boy. He too is a good boy. Hey, Shobha, both of you are
talking in Telugu again. Rajan. Velu complimented me. He called me a good girl
and you a good boy. That’s what he meant. Oh! Good boy! Good boy. Velu! You are spoiling me. Did you take bath? Or did you just
took a sponge bath and applied powder? “Hail Lord Venkateshay!” “Hail Lord Venkateshay!” Help! Help! What happened? Help! Lizard! Lizard! There’s a
lizard in the bathroom. – Lizard. There is a lizard. Help!
– I will save you. Velu, help. There is a lizard there. Velu, take care. There’s a lizard. Velu, be careful.
It’s a lizard, Velu. Is it dead?
– I am getting it out, uncle. Velu, don’t get it out.
Are you crazy? – Don’t be afraid. Kill it there. Kill it. Kill it. Are you shouting. The
lizard will get scared. I will get it out. Velu, are you trying to
save me or the lizard? Don’t get it out, Velu.
– Lizard is good. It eats off cockroaches.
It cleans our house. You shouldn’t kill it.
It will be a sin. Velu, do you plan to kill me?
– Uncle, the lizard is coming. Stop shouting. The lizard
is getting scared. Why are you scaring me?
– Take it away! Take it away! Take it away! Oh God! Velu, what are you doing?
Velu, the lizard… Kill it. Kill it. Kill it. Uncle, the lizard is jumping on you. The one who is afraid,
is already dead, uncle. I am not afraid.
But I don’t like lizards. One cold coffee and one tea.
– Yes, sir. Why have you brought me here? So that you can have some ice-cream. I mean, will you have it? My language is deteriorating
as I am talking to you. Listen. A friend of mine
will be coming here. Shobha?
– No, someone else. Don’t do any mischief
in front of her. And don’t put your
fingers in your mouth. What if I don’t like her? I like her. That’s enough. Have your ice-cream. And here’s a chocolate as well. You are goody, uncle.
– It’s ‘good’. Say it. ‘Good’.
– Rajan! Sorry, Rajan. I am very late. I am recording a new song. It is very difficult.
– It’s okay, Usha. Usha, he is Velu. Hi, Velu.
– Velu, say ‘hello’ to Usha. Hello. Why didn’t you shave, Rajan? You look like his dad in this look. C’mon, Usha.
– Uncle, your sister is nice. Sister.
– She is my friend, Velu. Friend.
– I don’t like. What is he saying? A poetry in Telugu. Tsunami 81, very smart. He is very naughty, Rajan.
He should be scared of you. Else, he will create
problems for you. It isn’t good, uncle. It is good. At least have it once. Without tasting it, how can you
say whether it is good or not? Have it. Oh my God! Hey, Velu. Don’t have it like that.
Have it with a spoon. Take it like this. Right. Have it. – You are acting like his
father before getting married. I hope you aren’t thinking about
taking care of kids before marriage. Usha, he is here temporarily. I hope I am not temporary. Usha, it’s… Don’t be serious. I am just joking. Concentrate on your work. I have requested Ajit and
put your name on the board.. ..for next week’s recording. Thanks, Usha. Actually, my mom really liked Velu. Some of his habits
are similar to mine. This habit! Velu.
I am sorry. It’s okay. He isn’t aware of these things.
He will learn soon. Velu. Good boy. Velu, tell me something. Why were you adamant on buying
this particular toy that day? You mom had given me a similar toy. She said that my dear son also
plays instruments so nicely. But uncle, the water took her away. Velu. What did you do?
What have you done? This is ‘Ghatam’.
A musical instrument. Why did you break it?
– By mistake. It’s okay. I will buy a new one. But Velu… Come. You are increasing my budget. Good boy. Hey! Why are playing it at night?
Should I come upstairs? I have to repair the ‘tabla’.
– Why? The powder is missing. Can I talk?
– Velu. It’s Usha.
– Give it. Yes, Usha. Tell me. I hope you remember.
Tomorrow is your recording. Yes, of course. I am calling so that you don’t
forget while taking care of the kid. No. I know, Usha. I was checking the ‘tabla’. But there’s a problem.
I will have to repair it. But money…
– Repair it with tomorrow’s payment. Work comes first. Okay. Are you working night-shifts? Yes. I am bored of
this call-center job. If I get a better break…
– No! What no?
– No, I… Just reach on time for the
recording. I’ll call later. Bye. Yes, okay. Bye. What are you doing? You will fall. “As we all keep on walking.” “Worlds of hope we
keep on building.” “Just be by my side and
I’ll take you home.” Thanks.
– Okay? Are you taking him
everywhere you go, Rajan? He looks like a new
assistant of Rajan. Velu, I hope you didn’t disturb them. Absolutely, not. In fact,
we had a great time. He speaks just like you. He speaks about music like you. He has an idea about music.
– Let’s go. Uncle, I want those shoes. No, Velu. Not today.
I am short of money. I have repair the ‘tabla’. C’mon. Velu. Mr. Pandey, please repair it. I won’t be able to
give you an advance. No problem. Okay. During delivery, I will pay you
the entire money. – Okay, sure. Thanks. “One Two Three…
You are a good boy.” “One Two Three…” “You are my good boy.” “I am good boy.” “I am good boy.” Velu, have you taken the bottle?
– Yes. It’s surprising, Mr. Rajan. Within 1 month and half you have
adjusted to each other quite well. Looking at Velu’s physical
and mental condition.. I think you have taken
good care of him. He is the one who takes care of me. How sweet is that! Velu, what do you do for him? I throw the lizard out of the house. Lizard. He jokes a lot. Rajan, hurry up.
– It’s very hot. We are getting late.
– Yes. Hurry up. This recording
has been fixed today. It is very urgent and that’s
why they are paying double. Rs 3000/-. What are you looking for? Where’s the lock?
– You keep it here. Yes. Right.
– Hurry up. Where is…
– Velu! Velu! Velu, have you kept everything.
All the things. – Hurry up! God bless you.
– Oh my God! Wait for a while. Stepping out
immediately will create a problem. Velu, we have to reach the studio
within 20 mins or else. – C’mon, Rajan. Why are you listening to a kid?
Let’s go. Just for a while. Let’s go. – How will
2 minutes make a difference? He’ll feel happy. Okay.
– How dumb, Rajan! How dumb! Only 2 minutes. Let’s go. How are you, Mr. Lahiri? Sorry, Rajan. You are late. Gurunath is already sitting on it. No problem. Do one thing. Come back with the
‘tabla’ in an hour. I will make you sit in
the rhythm section. Let’s go. The ‘tabla’ has gone for repair.
I haven’t got it back. Why? Why didn’t you take it? Well, actually, I needed
some things for home so… Velu. This won’t work, Rajan. Get serious about your work. You are sponsoring him.
You are not his father. If you keep missing out on work
then industry won’t bother. Did you see that? I did what you
asked me to and lost an opportunity. Sneezing wasn’t a problem. We were at home for long,
that was the problem. Velu, in the village it is
okay to wait for a while. People have a lot of time there. Good time, bad time… Do this…
Don’t do that. But in a big city, every
minute is precious. Rajan, you are here.
I was looking for you. Why? – It’s good that you aren’t
playing today’s section. Tomorrow there is a prayer
ceremony at Matunga. They need a good player. Who better than you can do it? I can help you get
Rs 4000 for 2 hours. Really?
– Yes. He is very lucky for me. My little good boy. Why are you laughing? Go.
– Velu. You look like my dad. Do I really look like dad? Velu, I love you a lot. Dad… Sir, it’s time we begin the ceremony.
The singer hasn’t come yet. “Om!” “Hail Lord Venkateshay!” “Hail Lord Venkateshay!” “Hail Lord Venkateshay!” “Hail Lord Venkateshay!” “Hail Lord Venkateshay!
Hail Lord Venkateshay!” “Hail Lord Venkateshay!
Hail Lord Venkateshay!” What happened?
I want to go to that shop. Did you stop me for that? No.
– Come. Velu, why do you want
to make me spend again? Velu! Velu, you won’t get anything.
Get it! This shirt.
– Yes. Velu, this is very adults. You are elder to me. It is for you. Wow! That’s great! You are buying a gift for me!
That too from my own money! – Yes. One ‘kalakhatta’ and one orange. Velu, you made me proud
in the temple today. All the people were
appreciating you. They were thinking that I
taught you the chants. They don’t know that I
am learning from you. Oh no! Usha. I had promised to meet her today. Hello, Rajan.
– Can I talk to her? Where are you?
– Sorry, Usha, I am stuck somewhere. I hope you are coming.
– No, I can’t come now. I am in a meeting. Hold on.
– Which meeting are you in? Hello, Rajan? – He is lying.
Both of us are having ice-candy. What?
– Yes. Ice-candy?
– No. No. No, Usha.
– Rajan, don’t lie. Yes, we are having ice-candy.
– Roadside? No. I am having ice-candy
inside a 5-star hotel. Very smart!
– Okay. Okay. Next weekend… This weekend,
we’ll have dinner together. Don’t forget.
– Bye. You are lying!
– Hey! I was lying. Do you get it? Yes.
– Yes. Stop falling on me
every time like Tsunami. I will fall. I am Tsunami 81.
– No. You are not Tsunami 81. You are my Velu. Right? Velu. How come are you thinking about
selling the property of Nagapattinam? I received a letter from
the collector there. Padamma, no one is there over there. Even if I go, I will keep
thinking about the past. There’s no use. Give the details and papers to him.
– Okay. Look, some people in the
temple will be interested. I will go to Nagapattinam and talk. God bless you.
– Velu. Sir, please take some tea.
– Yes. Wow. It’s beautiful. Isn’t it? Thank you? So, will be settling here now?
– Here? Bombay. That’s what I have thought.
I will put some money in my house. Then I have to think of the future. Now Velu is also at home. Nowadays, you are talking
like a responsible man. All because of this little good boy. What? Shut up! Now even you kid has
started singing! If I come up, I will
beat both of you up! Excellent! If you sing tomorrow like this.. ..then you too can start singing. All the best, Velu. All the best. One, two, three, four. Cut it. Cut it. Rajan, he is singing
something else while.. ..he needs to sing what you are singing.
I need ‘pa’ ‘ni’ and not ‘dha’ ‘sa’. What are you singing, Velu? You ate away two tunes. What
about ‘pa’ ‘ni’? – It’s bad. Velu, this is ‘pa’ ‘ni’
from the music tunes. Even that is bad.
I will sing ‘dha’ ‘sa’. Rajan, will the kid sing? ‘Paani’. (Water) ‘Paani’. (Water) ‘Paani’. (Water) ‘Paani’. (Water) “Water has given life.” “It gave life to trees and people.” “River water, sea water
and waterfalls.” “When the clouds come together,
they pour water on the earth.” “When the rains fall,
it brings greenery.” “The birds chirps and the
peacock dances and happiness.” “Each drop brings life
to human beings.” “Each drop brings life
to human beings.” “Without water life is incomplete and
without water tunes are incomplete.” “What will happen if there’s no water?
– What?” “Without water there’s no greenery,
everything will be dry.” “Without water neither
flowers nor fruits grow.” “Animals and birds won’t be visible
and there won’t be any rains.” “The clouds won’t thunder.” “There will be heat everywhere and
everything will be destroyed.” “The earth is our mother,
water is our father.” “Thanks to them the
world is surviving.” “Don’t be afraid of
them, love them.” “Don’t disrespect water.” “Welcome each and every
drop that comes your way.” “Welcome each and every
drop that comes your way.” “Water brings life. Without
it there’s no rice or wheat.” “Without it there’s no ice
and neither ice-candy.” “There’s no tea, no ice-cream,
no drinks. Do you understand?” “I understood.
– You understood.” “You aren’t that innocent.
– Yes.” “You said it so truthfully.” “Water is important
and water is good.” “There are no tunes without water.” “There’s no ice-candy
without water.” Did you see that, Velu? The sea is so quiet. Only when it get angry, it
will scold human beings. Hence, it is important for
us to stay like good people. Oh Water God, don’t get angry again. Get my mom, dad and granny back. I will be a good boy. A little good boy. Welcome.
– Hi. Say Hi. Hi.
– You look as if you have got married. And you have come
home with your son. You made me a married
man before my marriage. You look like that.
Anyway. Can you please get some soda and
soft drinks from the grocery shop? I completely forgot.
– Sure. Come, Velu. Come. Ajit, Soni, Dilnaz. He is the kid. Oh yes! Rajan’s child.
– Shut up, Ajit. How are you? Sit here. He is gifting you a
son before marriage. Oh c’mon, Dilnaaz. Child before marriage!
– Have some wafers. You know his name
is also Tsunami 81. The 81st kid who was saved
from that incident. Tsunami 81? That means he must have seen the
entire incident with his own eyes. Of course.
– How interesting! Son, will you tell us
what exactly happened? Speak up. Tell us about it. Velu, tell us what had happened? What were you doing when
the sea quake occurred? First, a strong wind blew. It was the sound of anger. He is talking about the
sound of thundering. It must have been terrible.
– Then? Water started gushing. The wave was huge. It was bigger than
the coconut trees. I saw it. My dad asked my mom to
go inside the house. He asked granny also to go inside. ‘Velu! Go inside the house!’ The water took my dad away. The water took my mom
and granny also away. Even I was in the water. The water was till the skies. The water ate away everyone. Everybody was stuck
inside the water. Some were standing on the trees. They couldn’t survive for long. Who saved you, Velu? I was holding on to a cow.
It saved me. A lot of water went inside my mouth. I slept…
– But what about the cow? That cow… That cow… Did the cow die?
– The cow… Of course, Dilnaaz.
The cow must have died. He must have got scared
looking at all that. Velu, tell me. Did the cow die? How many people died?
– What’s going on? What are you friends doing, Usha? How can you be so insensitive? It’s not like that, Rajan.
– Like what? We were only inquiring, Rajan.
We were just trying to know. What did you say? You were inquiring! Look at him. Inquiry! Tell me something, Dilnaaz. Your dad died in a
car accident, right? He died in front of your eyes, right?
I want to inquire. I want to hear about it from your
mouth. Will you tell me? – Rajan! Tell me, how did he die? I heard his head hit the steering. His neck bone had broken. The glass pieces were
stuck on his face. There was blood everywhere. There was blood in your clothes
as well. Remember it? Tell me! – Stop it, Rajan! Stop it!
Are you out of your mind? Yes! I am out of my… I am out of my mind. I made a mistake by
asking such questions. You are asking him to remember
that dreadful day again. Is that fair?
– Enough, Rajan! We were asking to
understand the situation. No one wanted to make him feel bad. What are you getting emotional for? Yes, I am emotional. Had you lost your parents and
brother in that incident… I lost my entire family on that day. This kid is tolerating
so much pain. Only I can understand that. Sorry, Rajan. Sorry, Velu. Let’s go. Come. Usha, I… – Rajan, you have done
more than required for this kid. Now please send him back. But Usha, we must
find his relatives. How can I just leave him back? They will send him to an orphanage.
– Orphanages are made for such kids. Why are you making your
home an orphanage? Lower your voice, Usha.
Velu can hear everything. Good. He will understand
if he is sensible. Rajan, please. Stop
getting closer to him. If you maintain distance,
he will understand. Please maintain distance
with him, Rajan. Usha… You… I am sure you are in a mood
to adopt him. But I am not. Hey! He peed here. Velu…
– Sorry, dad. Dad! He is not your dad. Mrs Modi. I tried my best. But I won’t be able to
take care of him anymore. Actually, my financial
condition is not good. I am facing loss in my work as well. Rajan, have you noticed any
changes in Velu’s behaviour? Yes. He is unable to sleep properly. He seems to be lost sometimes. Since two days, he has been
wetting the bed as well. Rajan, it is possible that something
must have affected his mental state. That’s why he…
Anyway, you don’t worry. These are some important papers.
Sign them. If no relatives some forward
within the next two weeks.. ..we will take Tsunami 81
under our custody. Okay?
– Here. Let’s go. Do we have to go to
the studio tomorrow? You can go and play.
Draw something. Am I doing it right? Why don’t you sleep, Velu? Velu! Take your fingers out of the mouth. I won’t. There is a special
recording today, Velu. I can’t take you along. I will listen to you, dad. Uncle, I will come with you. I will come in the
evening and take him. Rajan, Usha must have asked
you not to get him along. Yes, she is a part of the recording. Her mood will be off if
she finds him with me. No problem. Take care of Velu.
– Don’t worry. Velu. Bye, Velu. Where were you?
Why didn’t you meet him? I was sneezing.
Had I sneezed in front of him.. ..his work would have suffered. Dad left?
– Yes. One day, even I will
leave you and go. “Water!” “Water!” “When water floods the eyes
that’s followed by a smile..” “’s a sign of happiness.” “When water floods the eyes
that’s followed by a cry of pain..” “’s the sign of a broken heart.” “Water!” “Water!” Hi! You are really the best, Usha.
You are the best. Yes!
– Thank you, everybody. Thank you, Mr. Deepak. Excellent!
– Great! Brilliant! Here’s your payment. Why haven’t you brought
Velu here today? Hello, Rajan Pillai! Yes.
– There’s a good news. One of Velu’s relatives
has identified him. Hello? Hello, I hope
you are listening. Yes.
– Okay. So Mr. Prabhakar is from Malaysia. He is Velu’s dad’s brother. He wishes to take him
along immediately. So, tell me. From where
can we pick up Velu? Yes. Shobha! Padamma!
What is Velu’s name? Velu’s name is Velu.
– His name is Tsunami 81 as well. Why are you asking? – A constable is
looking for a boy named Tsunami 81. What? Rajan, how was my song?
– Yes. Very nice. Very nice. Why is your mood off? Excuse me. Hello, Rajan.
– Yes, Shobha? Some people are looking for Velu. Yes, they have found
Velu’s relatives. Yes, but how did they know…
– I gave them the address. Oh! I see.
– Yes, it’s good for Velu. I guess, for you as well. I guess, this is what you wanted. Yes… I have to start living my life. Yes but Velu…
– Don’t worry. I will handle Velu.
– Alright. come soon. Yes, I am coming. Okay. Come, Velu. He is your real uncle. He is your dad’s brother. He has come to take you along.
Go. Meet him. Go on, Velu. Go on, Velu. C’mon. Go. Velu, how are you? You played with me when you were small. Velu, how are you? I will give you some
very nice things. We will stay together, Velu. Rajan, it would be better if
you could delay it a bit. It won’t matter, Shobha. Yes, Shobha. He will adjust himself if he goes. Son, you will go with him, right? Dad, I won’t ask for new shoes. Dad. I will always listen to you. Dad. Dad! Let’s go, son. Hey! Don’t touch him.
– Rajan. No one will take Velu away. No one will take my
Velu away from me. No one will take him anywhere. Enough. Rajan, what are you doing? You have already taken a decision. Rajan, he is Velu’s real uncle. I don’t believe it. Mrs Modi, he isn’t
recognizing him at all. Velu was one year old when I shifted
to Malaysia. How will he recognise me? No. First confirm it. I won’t give him away just like that.
– Rajan! Pathetic! It’s over, Rajan. Good bye. Rajan, after this DNA test
things will be clear. You are creating complications
unnecessarily. I understand you feelings. But you will have to give him
away to his real relatives. It’s alright. Let the court settle the matter. I can wait. Are you alright? Mrs Modi, if Mr. Prabhakar’s
DNA doesn’t match then… Can I adopt Velu legally? No. Rajan, you are unmarried and
hence it will be difficult. Another important point. The application you gave last week. The fact that financially you
cannot take care of Velu. This point will go against you. Rajan, what did you play? Sorry, Padamma. Dear God, please don’t
separate Velu and Rajan. Mrs Iyer, you want to adopt Velu! Yes, any problem? Of course not. We will send your
application for processing. If Mr. Prabhakar’s blood and DNA
test doesn’t match with Velu.. ..then you can surely adopt him. In that case, Velu will
always be with you. ‘With respect to police investigation
and medical tests, it is proved that..’ ‘..Mr. Prabhakar Shekhar and
Velu Chari are blood relatives.’ ‘The Court orders Rajan Pillai to
hand over Velu to Mr. Prabhakar.’ Dad, say something.
Dad, what happened? Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.
– It’s my pleasure. What happened, dad? I thought that both of us
will be together forever. But our tracks have changed. Now both our lives are different. I hope you remember
what I had taught you. Don’t mess around with my teachings. Your uncle Prabhakar
has a lot of money. He has a lot more than me. He will take you to another country. You will get a good life. You will go to school.
You will wear good clothes. You will get a lot of toys.
– Will I get ice-candy there? There you get better ice-creams. Chocolates as well. You will be a big man. And then one day,
you will have a big house. Will you call me in
you big house or not? I will.
– Okay. Velu has become very sensible.
Right, Rajan? Greetings, Padamma. Velu, you will remember us. Right? Take a look, Velu. See this. We have got a gift for you. A fish! Say thank you, Velu.
– Thank you. Shobha.
– Yes? Please lock the door. We’ll leave. Velu, take blessings
from Padamma and Shobha. “I will listen to you.” “I will eat food.” “I will go to school.” No. “I am a good boy.” “I am a good boy.” Shall we? Velu.
– Yes. Have you taken everything? I hope you have kept your doll. Alright. Let’s go. “I am don! I am don.
I am… I am…” Did you recognise me, sir? Can I tell you something, sir? Today, both of you are
speaking the same language. A language of silence. You are on time, Rajan. Come.
– Hello, Velu. Sign the documents. Mr. Mhatre, please check
all the formalities. Come here, boy. Come fast. Take it. I will give you chocolates. Velu, did you like it? Have it.
– Mr. Prabhakar. Sir, love Velu as much as you can. He is naughty but very
adorable as well. I am sorry to have bothered you. No, Rajan. I know. You haven’t just taken
care of him but loved him as well. I really respect you. These are Velu’s things. Thank you for everything.
It was very kind of you. Velu. Listen to everything
your uncle says. He has given you so
many chocolates. I am leaving, son. You like chocolates.
– Bye, Velu. Thank you, Mrs Modi.
– Don’t mention. He deserves to be with you. Dad. Dad! Wait! Dad. Velu! Velu!
– Dad! Velu! Velu!
– Dad, I am coming! Dad! Dad, don’t leave me and go. I will listen to everything you say. Velu. Don’t worry, Mr. Prabhakar.
Kids react like this. But as per court’s decision,
he will go with you. Please, dad. I will obey
everything you say, dad. Velu. Blood relations don’t matter.. ..if there are no feelings
for each other. Love is important. And only Rajan can love Velu so much.
– Mr. Prabhakar. Yes, Mrs Modi. Rajan. I give you the custody of Velu. He will stay with you. Thank you. Thank you. You… Thanks. Velu. The Tsunami destroyed
both their families. It made both of them orphans. Two orphans became a family. Good job! From now on no one will
call him Tsunami 81. His name is Velu Pillai. Velu, don’t call me ‘dad’
in front of girls. Then you call me ‘Tsunami 81’
in front of girls. Good idea. Rajan. Dad, lizard! Naughty boy! Dad isn’t scared of lizards anymore. Hello. Hi.
– Your son is really cute. He isn’t my son.
He is my close friend. Yes.
– What’s your name? Tsunami 81.
– Tsunami 81? He is my uncle. His name is Rajan Pillai. Let’s go. Naughty! Velu, I think that girl likes you. She is looking here.
– But I was talking about you, uncle. Now we are home. You too should go home now.

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