100 thoughts on “Boney M – Rivers of Babylon – 1978 (Audio Original Stereo, Video Editado)

  1. psalm 137 was made into a song by Brent Dowe and Trevor McNaughton. this song is known worldwide today. but i bet the world did not know this song was banned by jamaica radio stations because of it association to Rastafarian and the bible. the ban was the lifted and rest is history.rip brent dowe. check out sweet sensation , you caught me baby

  2. Esto si es musica hermosa que nunca pasara de moda , saludos desde Colombia

  3. Personnellement je suis tres satisfait des reseaux sociaux et on sestiment heureux de ce facteur quand il ya20 annees passees 'je navaispm. Pas tte ces connaissances en geografie chansons animaux informations boxe. Football etc etc encore merci et jen suis tres reconnaissant des cultures generales que sans votre programme je naurais jamais appris ces dernieres .

  4. the lyrics have been written around 1000BC… (Psalm 137: 1,3,4 and Psalm 20:14 – king James translation ) … still hold

  5. the lyrics have been written around 1000BC… (Psalm 137: 1,3,4 and Psalm 20:14 – king James translation ) … still hold

  6. Legend song still alive Generations to generations God bless u all long live


  8. Fantastic rendition; I love it-! Whoever put together the water scenes has never been there

  9. musicas que nao esite mais musicas que dificeis serumanos para novamente em fim; fazer nossos coracoes bater tao forte novamente

  10. Man listening to this song is captivating looking over the sunset holding Budweiser,I didn’t recognize everyone left just me and all the bottles after 4 hours.Hawaii _____

  11. Boney M & ABBA song's reminds me of my best old times when my son used to start dancing even when he was just 5year's old kid. And we all used to enjoy see him dancing.

  12. เพลงรบ้าอะไรวะฟังกี่ครั้งๆก้อไม่เคยบื่อเลย

  13. Si este mundo tiene predilección por la ley del taleón desea el cielo a los demás más continuado.

  14. Viste cuando dicen Dios nos abandona, bueno, nos abandona. Pero el abandono es de Dios. Terminas por razonar jamás nos abandona.

  15. Nesse momento o passado volta, amigos e familiares que já se foram, qts momentos bons.

  16. Música boa pra ouvir pra ver vídeo e pra dançar
    Diferente desses lixo de hoje…

  17. Alguém ouvindo em dezembro de 2019 ? Kkk posso fazer essa pergunta daqui a 30 anos que ainda terá alguns raízes ouvindo, muito boa de ouvir

  18. Há se tivéssemos um quarteto assim hoje, olha que música linda, isso dá prazer de ouvir a gente não cansa de escutar,

  19. Che ricordi che ho quando ascolto qwesti. Brani ora che ho 55 forti m b tutti e anche il modo di vestire un abb ciao siete nei miei Rrrrr ccc. Dd&&ddddd ❤️

  20. Wow wow wow,,the season is back here at 2019,,i wish you all a merry merry merry christmas and a happy happy new year 2020, Everyone here @ 2019, have a blast

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