Bonneville Dam – Columbia River – Fish Ladder

49 thoughts on “Bonneville Dam – Columbia River – Fish Ladder

  1. Very cool Russ!! The wife and I are really enjoying this travel series!! Some of your best work in my opinion!!

  2. Happy 4th Russ! Thanks for doing all the driving 🙂 save travels.

  3. Very neat piece of working hisory for young and older ppl to check out. Great for a day trip outing, dam, fish, picnic. My kinda day. TY. Happy 4th!😊🇺🇸👍👍

  4. Happy birthday America!
    Be sure to never buy Nikes!
    Happy 4th Everyone! safe travels out there Russ!
    Talk Soooooooon!

  5. Hi Russ!  Cool place to check out!  That Dam was very impressive!  Happy 4th!!!

  6. Very interesting. Thanks for your hard work, Russ! Happy 4th my friend. 🇺🇸🐾🇺🇸🐾🎉❤️

  7. 🎇🎆🇺🇸Happy 4th to my favorite YouTuber! And a 🎇🎆HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on 20,000 subs!🎆🎇 👍😀🤣😆💙👏👏 Impressive facility. I appreciate and envy all the walking you do for us. Thanks for sharing! Have great holiday Russ!🌻

  8. there's another visitor center on the Washington side, Russ. it has a bigger underwater fish observation area – many more windows. you really need to take a week to explore this area! happy travels, enjoy your videos.

  9. Happy 4th of July Russ. Enjoy the day and most of all 'Safe Travels'.

  10. Good morning Russ safe travels sir your friends happy 4th of July your friends Lance and Evelyn

  11. That was me going by you on my motorcycle. Lol. Glock 40. A lot of the stuff was built by the Civilian Conservation Corp. Look up “Herman the Sturgeon” Oregon’s famous sturgeon.

  12. Happy 4th Of July 🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥 Russ enjoy your travels

  13. Pleased you have reached 20,000 subscribers Russ! and what could be better than achieving that on the 4th July!! Well Done!

  14. We went to Grand Coulee Dam to see the Lazer light show.

  15. I hope everyone has a great 4th of July Holiday. Happy Birthday
    America. Thanks for sharing Russ.  Happy trails.

  16. used to camp at eagle creek my friends mom used to drop us off so we would camp right on the shore ate alot of beans

  17. 20K Fireworks ! Nice Chanel . That sound , there running and making power !

  18. Pretty cool…amazing world around us thanks for showin it to us…happy trails to u

  19. Hi Russ.. Old like me too, hahaha! Nice video, thanks for showing all the cool stuff.. Thanks, Lo 🙂

  20. That was different – a fish ladder. Thank you for making my day! 🙋

  21. Is Herman the 100+ year old Sturgeon still there, near the hatchery?

  22. Nice video! Couldn’t see the fish on the ladder 😞. The dam shots at 11:20ish were amazing!

  23. i was just here today on my way to hood river.. wowowwww the sturgeon i got on camera floating by the glass. dannnggg huge…..

  24. This was amazing to watch especially all the shore lunch running in the ladder and viewing area. I've never seen anything like this before. Thank you.

  25. There's also a fish hatchery you can tour free. Great place to take the family. CCC built the dam and hwy 30 above it. It's also a very nice drive.

  26. Maybe a week before filmed this I was hiking on the Washington side at beacon point, it overlooked the dam. It was amazing

  27. Russ I wish you had some way of numbering these streams , Like year and one and so on. I keep thinking I'm in 2019 and boom I'm in 2015 ?

  28. being a drone pilot myself, I think that anywhere they ban flying a drone, they should be required to fly their own drone and post quality aerial footage on their web site for those people who want the aerial view.

  29. We visited here when we visit camped at Cascade Locks Marine Park – super impressive! I could have sat and watched the fish swim up the ladder for hours – not sure why 😂

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