Boracay Adası Filipinler – Boracay adası gün batımı yelkenli aktivitesi

Boracay Island is one of the most popular islands in the world, not only in the Philippines. Boracay Island, which belongs to the Visayas Archipelago and which I like a lot, is on the top of the list of the best beaches in the world every year. Finally, in 2015, Tripadvisor was named the best beach on earth. Boracay has been one of the best holiday destinations for years, with sunbathing reflections of the sun reflecting a dazzling whiteness, turquoise blue sea, sunbathing in the shade of coconut trees lined side by side along the beach and stretching towards the sea. Although it occupies a tiny place on the map, it is everyone’s dream to visit with its kilometers of sandy beaches. The most famous beach of the island, which has many beaches, is White Beach, which is four kilometers long. White Beach, a paradise in the western part of Boracay Island, is more beautiful than the photo frames with its striking beauty. I think this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Water sports, boat tours, shopping and eating facilities and the beach of the island, which is a piece of paradise, has a fascinating beauty. White Beach, which is divided into three different regions as Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3, is a beach with opportunities and activities for everyone. When you walk along the beach, you can see that a single beach is different in itself. Station 1 is the most lively area in the northern part of the beach. Station 1, which has many resorts, restaurants and entertainment venues, is very lively both day and night. I would recommend this place to young people. Station 2 is located in the central part of White Beach and is a bustling and bustling area during the day with boutique shops, cafés and restaurants in the open-air shopping mall called D-Mall. It is ideal for those who love the crowd, wander around the bazaar and look for places. White Beach Station 3 is also located in the White Beach area, which stretches to the southern tip of Boracay Island. Station 3 is the most peaceful and peaceful area of ​​all of White Beach. Of course, my favorite. Unlike Station 1, where nightclubs are located, Station 3 has more elegant restaurants and bars, and resorts are replaced by boutique hotels. This is my advice to those who come for vacation, honeymoon, rest. There are possibilities for everyone on Boracay Island, where each sunset is beautiful with sailboats and the sea is perfectly clear. Although the common point is the beaches that look more beautiful than postcards, Boracay is able to relax, have fun and do lots of activities. Sailing at Sunset: Watching the famous colorful sunsets of Boracay as well as watching from a sailboat is a wonderful experience. We enjoy watching the sunset which is the activity we do. If you go to Boracay, you must also do it. It will be an experience you will never forget. Even the color of the sun is different in boracay island. To fly to Boracay, you must first fly to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and then to one of the two airports in Panay, a 15-minute ferry ride from Boracay. Kalibo International Airport is 80 km from Boracay, but flying here is more affordable. After flying to Kalibo, you need to make a 1.5-2 hour land cruise and then take the ferry to Boracay. Caticlan Airport is a closer alternative to Boracay and tickets are more expensive. After arriving at the airport, which is a 10-minute walk from Caticlan Pier, where Boracay boats depart, you need to take a ferry to Boracay, just like the first alternative The best time to tour Boracay is between the months of November and May. During this period, the air temperature is between 25-32 ° C. Nevertheless, let me remind you that there may be occasional rainfall until December. Between March and June, the air temperature is around 35 ° C. For lovers of cooler weather, it is also convenient from November to February. for more information, please do not forget to subscribe to my youtube channel

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  1. While only 7km tall and at its bikini line 500m wide, tiny Boracay is the Philippines' top tourist draw, fuelled by explosive growth and a tsunami of hype. The influx of visitors caused the Philippines government to temporarily close Boracay to tourists for six months. This 'rehabilitation' period, was used to restore the island to its former glory and it has since reopened with a limit on the number of daily visitors.The centre of the action is dreamy White Beach, a 4km, postcard-perfect stretch of sand lined from one end to the other with hotels, restaurants, bars and dive shops several blocks deep. The beach path is typically awash with visitors, including large groups of package tourists. The ocean is full of romantic paraws (an outrigger sailboat) giving rides; colourful parasails fill the air. After perfect sunsets, live music breaks out, and fire dancers twirl their batons.

  2. Boracay island philippines. Boracay adasını SİZİN GÖZÜNÜZDEN GÖRMEK HARİKAYDI

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  4. Boracay Island is one of the most popular islands not only in the Philippines, but all over the world. Boracay Island, which is part of the Visayas Archipelago and which I like very much, ranks high on the list of the best beaches in the world every year. Finally, in 2015, it was voted the best beach on earth by Tripadvisor.

    Boracay, with its sands, turquoise blue sea, sunbathing opportunities, entertainment and shopping opportunities, lined up side by side along the beach and stretching towards the sea, is the most leading the list of good vacation destinations. Although it takes up a tiny place on the map, it is everyone's dream to visit it with its miles of sandy beaches.

  5. I was there a few weeks ago but I miss it so much. I wish I can just in the Island everyday.

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  7. Fantastic!!! I liked this kind of 'boat' !! To be very close to the sea without getting in the water !! It is great to enjoy the beauty of the place and the beautiful sunset !!! 🥰⛵🛶

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  9. You can also buy your own fruits and veggies at the market itself. Anytime is the best time to visit. Yet it depends if you like seeing lots of people or few people. Boracay is awesome all year round. Luckily Ph President had it

  10. In each tour called Tour A, B, C, D, beautiful, interesting and exciting places can be visited. For those who do not have time, they will prefer priority boat tours and they can first choose A if there is time and C. I've done all the boat trips except D. Three days in a row when I first went. It's delicious!

    Sometimes, if there are enough applications, consolidated tours can also be arranged for tourists who do not have time. Boat can also be rented privately (2800-3600P). When you take these tours, it is advisable to take sandals, snorkels and pallets with you.

  11. I went for the first time in 2010. It's an incredibly beautiful natural wonder. I recommend you stay at station 2. The magnificent island where you will experience the tide event at sea, where the sea is white and where the sun sets most beautifully. It is slightly more expensive than other parts of the Philippines.

  12. The island has many beaches, the most famous beach is the four-kilometer long White Beach. White Beach, a paradise in the western part of Boracay Island that stretches almost across, is much more beautiful than the photo frames with its stunning beauty. I think this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

  13. Boracay Island is a tropical island that adorns the dreams of the tasters with its long white sandy beaches and deep blue clear sea. Known as one of the best beaches in the world, White Beach is a famous beach that ensures boracay is at the top of the list of the best beaches every year or at the top of the list. The beach stretches from one end of Boracay to the other for 4 kilometres, a tropical paradise corner with a trio of white sand, azure sea, lush coconut trees.

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  15. Merhabalar, Ben oğlum ile birlikte (6 yasinda) Filipinler gezisi planliyorum .Aralik 18 gibi 1 hafta 10 gun kadar. Manilla ile birlikte acaba Boracay mi yoksa El nido mu bizim icin daha iyi olur? Acikcasi karar veremiyorum yardimci olabilrseniz sevinirim. Bir de 2. Tercihim Malezya. Yardimci olabilrseniz sevinirim.

  16. Boracay island philiphines mükemmmeeeeel olmuş müzikle birleşince çok harika

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