Boris Johnson calls protesters ‘crusty’ as he cancels bakery visit

 Under-fire PM Boris Johnson has pulled out of a visit to a Glastonbury bakery – because a large group of protesters had gathered outside  The Tory leader was scheduled to put in an appearance at the Somerset town this afternoon  But instead he changed plans and visited another store in nearby Wells, citing security concerns  Dozens of anti-Conservative demonstrators brandishing signs including one saying “greedy fat cat clown” had been waiting for him  However they did not get their chance to make their feelings known to the Prime Minister, who is on the campaign trail today  As it became apparent that Mr Johnson wasn’t coming, the crowd began chanting “he hasn’t got the balls”, Somerset Live reports  Did you see what happened? Email [email protected]  Earlier he was heckled as he visited a primary school in Taunton, with demonstrators shouting “Boris out”  It is the latest instance that Mr Johnson has faced unhappy voters while on the campaign trail  Yesterday he endured a torrid visit to Yorkshire, during which he was criticised for the length of time it took to visit the flood-hit area  This afternoon the blundering PM had been due to visit Burns The Bread bakery in Glastonbury, before diverting to a branch in Wells  Mr Johnson served sausage rolls and pasties to customers, and said about the protest: “There were lots of crusties there – more crusty than your loaves ”    The visit was cancelled because of security concerns, officials claim.  The PM went on a short walkabout of the high street in Wells and was cheered and welcomed by several people although there was some heckling from a handful of locals  Lynnsey Kelly, who runs a flower shop in the city, said: “Right at this very moment in time are there not more important things to be done in this country than the Prime Minister coming to somewhere like Wells and serving pasties to people and having a photo opportunity?  “It is absolutely disgusting ”

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  1. The UK Media Can't Force Boris Johnson To Go A Glastonbury Bakery. In My View Boris Johnson Is A Man Not To Go To A Glastonbury Bakery. Good Man Boris.

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