Boris Johnson confronted in Yorkshire: ‘Kids are living on the streets’

Look at what’s going off. So, I’ll just show you …
You’re going to come back to this. This way. So, if we have a look here,
this is … Guys, stay here. – This is a joke, man. – Everyone’s living in poverty.
The whole country’s a joke. – That’s it! That’s it! – Fuck the government.
Fuck the council. – Nah man, it’s a joke.
People are living on the streets. – Kids are living on the streets.
Nobody gives a fuck about nobody, man. – Sort it out.
Biggest thieves in the country, them. –– Excuse me. – They’re trying to bill me for £50,000.
Not getting a bean out of me.

65 thoughts on “Boris Johnson confronted in Yorkshire: ‘Kids are living on the streets’

  1. That guy needs to go to France then get a row boat and row back to Britain get caught half way across then he will get free housing food clothes and free money £££

  2. Corbyn was also heckled today in Scotland, will we be seeing that video? In the interests of electoral broadcasting impartiality…

  3. Why don’t we see any of that with Corbyn Swinson and the other rabble when they are going to different places, you can’t just blame Boris he’s only been in since July what did Labour do when they were in power for the homeless it’s not something new it’s been there all the time. And if we didn’t have all these immigrants they would be plenty of housing they take all the houses up.

  4. Of course the guardian would show the one time he gets a bad response but I’ve seen many people go up to boris praising him

  5. Native Britons are now a second class citizen. The first class is all of the lovely brown friends that our loving government has imported.

  6. Lol, pretty soon the only place Johnson the liar will be able to campaign will be in carries flat in metropolitan elite land

  7. The guy with jacket telling him EXACTLY how it is. He speaks the truth It's disgusting the way our country is. It's all wrong. And it will never change for those who aren't rich.

  8. and these fools think labour will bring us economic stability? hahaha, yes 4 day work week on the same pay which would force all businesses to leave the UK.

  9. Course the Guardian would post this; Boris should tell those citizens that they would be on the streets if Corbyn is in power.

  10. That was a party political broadcast brought to you by the Ranting Alcoholic Druggy Party

  11. He's going on about how the government aren't going to take "a penny off" him… and yet Corbyn is the one increasing the taxes massively ?

  12. Johnson the liar does not very well outside his bubble of worshippers. Reality is no place for the imposter.

  13. They're trying to bill him £50k? So basically, he's never paid his council tax and they're probably trying to recover what he owes. And he wonders why a conservative government might have to impose austerity measures to control the national debt…

  14. Blame Labour mass immigration and blame the eu for moving over twenty major employers to Europe

  15. Dear "The Guardian" and friends,
    Thank you for posting.
    Sadly. ?
    Same thing here.
    My mom and I pleaded with a judge, kindly, and in writing, to forgive my child support.
    The judge wrote back and said it was "inappropriate".
    It's inappropriate to ask to be forgiven for back child support from 20 years ago, in Detroit.
    "We do not show mercy here do we?" ?
    "No sensei!" ?
    Thinking of the movie:
    "The Karate Kid"
    USA ??
    And the truth will set you free.

  16. Then vote for change instead of sleeping in , not botherng to go to the polling station like millions of other Labour voters

  17. Bet he’s a labour supporter moaning all the time not getting on with sorting his family out

  18. Shame , shame to us to have prime minister like him. This is absolute jock – No words ! ………

  19. he's not wrong, atleast in london I've seen a notable rise in homelessness in my area

  20. Excuse me. We're trying to do a P.R stunt here, demonstrating how old Bozzer cares about real people's plights, we don't need your sort scotching it up.

  21. 0:30 50 000 £——Well Heroin is expensive these days…..If We stay in EU it will be cheaper than Evian

  22. This is definitely what we need to do as Citizens in any country and that is to confront the people in power with what they're doing wrong! Or with what they're not doing for the people! Our governments worldwide have been allowed to get away with way way too much! With no consequences! Like my mama used to always say no consequences no change!

  23. I guarantee this 'man' is smoking the spice, hence why he's on the streets. Certainly not ordinary folk.

  24. The leaders can't hide from the truth concerning their self serving policy.

  25. That boy said something very true. The whole country is a joke. Poverty everywhere. We all agree with that.

  26. The Country the biggest ever joke ive ever seen it for the past 40 years been on this Earth for,Sedning people out on the streets,To many Job strikes,More people homeless,Employment levls down very low,Well Universal Credit is a complete waste of space ant it

  27. Living on the streets this time of year,Im glad I keep the Job Center happy,Keep my UC going as well as self Employment work to go with it,As well as keeping the roof over my head and worm bed to sleep in,Some sort of food to survive on

  28. This fella is Correct the County is a Joke ? the rich few get richer ? and the poor people the majority get poorer! The rich don't care about Us! We are all expendable in their eyes young or old! They only Care about Themselves and their Money! ?

  29. I feel sorry for Boris being confronted what some people have described as ‘pond life’

  30. The world is controlled by liars ? and Psychopaths! ?? No Empathy for others! Selfishness and Greed!

  31. Seeing all the people who see Johnson as there Messiah for helping the elite with a no deal Brexit in the comment section getting triggered has put a smile on my face. 😀 :D.

  32. Immigration, free trade and eu have devastated their communities. Now boris has to fix it.

  33. the endless brexit discussions make people in the UK mentally and physically ill.

  34. The pro-EU fundamentalists have a LOT to answer for – deliberately flooding the UK with cheap labour from all over the World to drive down worker's wages and conditions and to overwhelm the social infrastructure.

  35. Tories are the party of the rich…always have been.Johnson is an absolute liar…I don’t trust a word he

    says. I want real change in this country, i want a fairer economy and society….I’m voting Labour

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