Boundary Dam Gate Replacement (closed caption)

“Hi, I’m Lonnie Johnson. I’m the Generation
Supervisor here at Boundary Powerhouse. Of course, Boundary is the department’s largest
power producing plant. That equals about 40 per
cent of the portfolio for the department. One of the big projects that we’ve had this
past year has been the refurbishment of our sluice maintenance
gate. It’s a very unique portion to Boundary Dam in that Boundary Dam has seven lower outlet
gates, and to close those gates off for maintenance requires this large moveable gate
that goes along the backside of the dam. The entire process here required us to raise the
gate from its parking garage, a space that allows us to
bring the gate to the surface, float the gate over to our recreational area, put the gate
on blocks and then travel that gate up into a dry area.
We had to put a building overtop of the gate in order
to affective the removal of the surface and then to allow us to spray new finish on. We
had to replace seals, wheels, the timing pins for
the gate. Then after all of that was done, do the whole
thing in reverse: put it back in the water, float it back to the dam, attach it to the
dam and lower it into position.” Reporter: “And that lowering into position,
you’re basically the lake like a big elevator.” Lonnie: “When we’re putting the gate into
position the lake, the reservoir, has to be lowered in
order to put the gate into some guide slots. Once it’s in those guide slots it’s actually
in a horizontal position, and then we have to,
much like a submarine would, flood balance tanks in
order to rotate this gate into the vertical position at which time we can attach it to
a hoist and lower it into its operating position.”

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