Bowhunting Wild Pigs – Double Kill

There she is. Two for one, two for one. Did you see the blood? That was like… (pig squealing) He was like, three yards. They were like three yards and eight yards. Aw that was sweet. Well here is our two-for. We spotted this herd of pigs, the wind was perfect coming up the mountain off the ocean and we got above them, and they fed right up to us. We got right in the middle actually, we split them up. And the black one came up on our left, and the tan one, spotted one was coming up on our right. Getting ready to shoot the tan one, and we could hear the grinding. You hear that? I looked back at Jordan, you can hear a pig to our left. He said, yeah yeah yeah. So I let down, I am literally getting ready to shoot this pig and I let down and I turn around behind me and down below I can see this black thing coming up. and he fed right up to us, I mean you saw the footage I stuck him at four yards Three, four yards? This one, no idea what happened. Wheeled up behind us, and I grunted stopped and just heart punched her. She went 40 yards. This one went down a little farther, 80 or 100 maybe down in this draw.

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